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  1. Agreed 8000%. When they went from stirrups to solid socks/long pants, I didn't shed a tear. I emphatically agree. They serve absolutely no purpose and they look silly. They're a relic from the past and once we figured out how not to use poisonous dyes, stirrups should've been discontinued forever. They looked especially dumb in the 70's and 80's when they kept getting taller and taller and all you'd see was a skinny stripe of color on otherwise white socks. Here's another unpopular opinion: I hate the knickered baseball pants look. Wear your pants to your shoes like an adult male. I don't like the dumb baggy pants look either, but this looks better than this
  2. Really? Haha, that's funny to me. To me, a world champion would be a team or group that beat the best in the world. Like the World Cup in soccer. Not winning a Super Bowl or NBA Title. Just because the NFL and NBA are the most popular sports. with easily the best players in their sports. That's why they say World Champions. I've seen it used for MLB and NHL teams too. Actually, I think I remember seeing in this very thread a Chicago Rush Arena Bowl champions ring that said World Champions. I guess they technically are the best in the world at indoor American football.
  3. In what way? In the assymetry and missing sections? I'd say because of the way both stadiums have sloped seating sections, (right field bleachers in GABP, and the endzone sections at PBS) that Paul Brown Stadium right there in Cincinnati is the football equivalent to Great American Ballpark.
  4. It's a shame. Their current home uniforms are so uninspired.
  5. Last night I came home from trivia at the bar a little headsure and decided to get in an argument with a friend of mine on twitter which, with only 140 characters, is the most annoying place to have an argument). He's the staff writer for Blue Jackets.com Here's the exchange: This, folks, is a hockey story. Except it's one that you cannot write. Congratulations to the Phoenix Coyotes. -Every Coyotes win is bad for the NHL. They need to lose (and move) ASAP. It's not a good story. Another U.S. market losing its team is not good for the NHL. New ownership needs to stabilize what is a terrific organization. -but Winnipeg was great for the NHL. QC will be great too. The Coyotes are bleeding Glendale dry. -Plus, I'm worried that like Atlanta last year, our CBJ will be sacrificed to keep Bettman's Coyotes in the desert. It's not good. That's a rather large conspiracy theory, and not one I agree with. Sorry man. -Fair, but a league-owned team winning a championship still looks bad on many levels for the NHL. Not league-owned for much longer. -Hardly. The new ownership is basically being given the team and Glendale is giving money they don't have. It's not true ownership. It's a league with competitive balance no other sport has. Great to see a team that was counted out doing well. -Parity is not my contention. I love that about the NHL. It's this franchise that I have the problem with. It's easy to say "move them to Quebec City." But that city failed to support its team and lost it, too. -Because Phoenix's support of a playoff team is so wonderful....Winnipeg heard the same talking points last year. "Giving a damn" is certainly not an issue in the Coyotes organization. They've proven that. -Trying to separate the on-ice play from the finances here. New ownership doesnt solve the city's financial burden to this team. -it's the same deal with Hulsizer last year. The city will essentially pay him $92 million to buy the team. I'm just thrilled to see an organization with great people, and a loyal group of fans, be shown some hope after two tenuous years. -well I'll be pulling for the Kings in the WCF. Their fans, like the CBJ faithful, showed up to regular season games. So even league employees from other teams are for some reason supporting this. I agree with most of what this guy usually writes and he's good on BlueJackets.com, but I had to say something. Am I wrong?
  6. This is idiotic. And another team, maybe mine, will get sacrificed to a Canadian city to perpetuate this dumbassery. OTGDNHL
  7. Clearly Shaq's "correct" uniform is one of his icy hot generic basketball unis.
  8. Really cool site that is right up my alley. In my teenage years I'd spend hours drawing stadium concepts in MS Paint. Yes, MS Paint. I had one for almost every team. They were lost when that old desktop crashed. I wish I still had those because I drew one for a Marlins retractable roof stadium that is so close to what they ended up going with it's scary (except my roof had 8 triangular panels that rose from the sides of the octagonal stadium and met in the middle above the playing surface.) If only I wasn't so terrible at math I'd have gone into architecture.
  9. We traded him for Edinson Volquez. Drives me nuts. Even at the time I knew that was a bad trade.
  10. For all that was made of this technological acheivement that was still being applauded in the early Super Bowl years, it's interesting to me that the Astrodome never actually hosted a Super Bowl. They had the Super Bowl in Houston at Rice Stadium, but not in the Astrodome? Weird.
  11. It's like one of those Life After People shows. Creepy almost. They shot the last game of the Friday Night Lights movie there in 04 or 05. I don't know if it's been in use since then, but that could honestly be the reason for the football field. Wait, didn't they house some people there during Katrina?
  12. Tickets for the Islanders-Devils exhibition game went on sale today - here's the seating map on the ticket page: I still can't believe they built an arena in New York City metro too small to accommodate every type of event that utilizes arenas. I don't just mean hockey either. Now you have fewer seats for concerts, you don't have room for motocross or monster trucks or the circus. Not that monster trucks are a big draw in New York, but why not leave open the possibility? It seems so stupidly shortsighted. Three words: Madison. Square. Garden. Between the Knicks, Rangers, and the other events held at MSG, there would be no open dates for another team to play. Also, I doubt the Isles would want to play on Rangers logo'd ice, and the Rangers certainly wouldn't change it. But it doesn't matter anyway, because of the first thing. Also, would the Islanders crowd (what's left of it) go into Manhattan for games? *facepalm* I was attempting to explain why the Barclays Center was built the way it was, not advocating for the Islanders to move to MSG. I think we all know that would never happen as long as the Dolans still run things over there. MSG's existence doesn't mean you have to build a tennis stadium with a roof. Hell, Columbus Ohio has two full-size arenas. There's no reason not to open yourself to the possibility that maybe one day down the road you'd like to host something other than basketball.
  13. Tickets for the Islanders-Devils exhibition game went on sale today - here's the seating map on the ticket page: I still can't believe they built an arena in New York City metro too small to accommodate every type of event that utilizes arenas. I don't just mean hockey either. Now you have fewer seats for concerts, you don't have room for motocross or monster trucks or the circus. Not that monster trucks are a big draw in New York, but why not leave open the possibility? It seems so stupidly shortsighted.
  14. Awesome ring! But why are the logo and letters inverted? The ring is upside down. Hard to tell but with intricate detail, but the OSU is facing outward. Thanks for noticing that. I see the O and U correctly now. Never in the last 11 years of that logo did I notice it looks the same upside down at a distance. almost like the old Phoenix Suns wordmark.
  15. I remember when I first saw these however many years ago I freaking loved them. Now I look at them and feel like we really dodged a bullet. These things are soaked in 90's and don't fit in with the regal feel of Quebec City. A stylized FDL as the main crest logo, ala the New Orleans Hornets, and their lighter blue with red would look great. Hockey needs brighter colors.
  16. How about Manny Legace with the Springfield Falcons? notice the blue pants or stint #1 with the falcons
  17. Most probably won't know who this is, but this looks really goofy to me Rusty Klesla, the original Blue Jacket who was traded at the deadline last year in a Coyotes uniform.
  18. "If they can get the thing approved" in this case meaning if they can get public financing, which the city's elders have said isn't going to happen anytime soon, given the relative youth of the Georgia Dome. Pretty much. I'm not holding my breath at all for the Falcons to move out of the Dome any time soon. They're in that one for the long haul. It's weird considering the fact that it's a young stadium, but it's already outdated since it was built after the cookie cutter era but before the new crop of stadiums showed up. As long as they keep making renovations, it'll be okay, but it's far behind when it comes to other stadiums' quality. Maybe this is a dumb question, but what's wrong with the Georgia Dome as it is right now? Also, another potentially dumb question: what's stopping them from ripping off the roof if they want an open air stadium?
  19. Looks worse than Boston's record in the finals... Curious, do the refs of the SCF get one too? Last year their record in the finals was 4-3, which is good enough for a ring. Did the officials hold the Canucks to 8 goals in 7 games?
  20. Now there's a rumor going around now that the Second Mile pimped out the little boys to a network of rich pervert donors. If true, HOLY F*****G S**T!
  21. If you let him run, what's to say he won't run right into Paterno's arms, tell him you went crazy and attacked him in a shower? Even if you then called the cops and it went to a trial, it would be your word vs. Paterno's. It might as well be your word vs. God's. Then you'd be the one who's screwed while Sandusky gets off scot-free again. As the saying goes, dead men tell no tales. Keep in mind that Paterno knew about Sandusky's inappropriate behavior with boys 4 years earlier. It's very possible that Sandusky's "retirement" in 99 was more like a "get the hell off my staff or I'll take this public". If McQueary calls the cops right then and there it's not far-fetched for anyone who knew about the 98 incident to believe that it happened again. It's also possible that McQueary blackmailed himself a paid assistant job on the coaching staff for the 2002 season. If that's the case then it's even more disgusting that he didn't do anything, and instead used this to further himself. If McQueary stops the act, holds Sandusky up, and dials 911, then the law is on his side. Instead he described to an oldman what he saw and the old man, as old people tend to do, edited out the graphic nature when explaining it to the AD. It became a game of phone tag. It's very likely that what the AD heard was a story far less severe and graphic than what McQueary actually saw and so the seriousness of what happened was removed. Lesson that shouldn't need to be taught, if you see an adult raping a little boy, you stop them and call the cops, regardless of your previous relationship with said adult. What I can't believe is that nobody ever followed up? McQueary never said, "hey what ever happened to Jerry Sandusky? I mean, I did see him inside a little boy." That's not something you just forget about, unless there's something else going on and the cover-up has taken over.
  22. Fair enough, but it's hard to imagine that all 40 counts were either "misunderstandings" or "money grabs." I read the 23 page grand jury report. There were 7 victims in it. If 7 different people have similar stories over a several year period, you did something rapey. People who don't rape little boys don't get accused by 7 different people that they raped them.
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