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  1. I'm a patreon! edit: not having to deal with the ads when I’m in phone is worth every penny.
  2. Exactly. I swear some people would trade a cup for first round picks. Like, "yeah they won it all, but with these guys maybe they could win 2 or 3"? They won a cup. Mission very accomplished. Period. "yeah but"PERIOD! Should this era of Caps hockey have more than one? Probably. Probably should have Pittsburgh's 2017 cup, but they eventually did take care of business. If they hadn't won in 2018 the way the team operates would've changed so it's hard to say how they would've handled the roster in pursuit of that ring, but I don't think the Caps at their best the last 3 years get out of the East anyways even if they weren't "fat and complacent" from the cup win.
  3. gave me flashbacks to this from the bubble. The Blue Jackets lost this game in overtime.
  4. If there's one thing I know about Columbus Crew fans it's their ability to mobilize and spread the word. If they tell their fans not to buy anything with the new logo on it and the fans stick to that for years then I can't believe the team would stand there and suffer those losses for ten more years. I mean, the Haslams changed the Browns uniforms the second they were allowed to by rule after the fans got in their ears about it. They may have terrible branding/uniform taste on initial rebrands, but it appears they'll listen to fans and make the correct moves on the second try.
  5. We went through this last year with the Rangers and Fernando Tatis Jr. This is even dumber because it's the Twins fault they were using a position player on the mound. That guy doesn't get paid to pitch so his stats aren't important, but Mercedes gets paid to hit and when you know his story and road to the majors it's even more like "yes, dude, swing". Even if it was a normal pitcher I don't get that unwritten rule anyways. If the Twins were up 10-0 and the pitcher has an 0-2 count is he expected to throw a ball? IT'S SO DUMB. And what a needlessly stupid way for a manager to lose his clubhouse. I hope we have a full on sign-ignoring mutiny from the White Sox players.
  6. I feel like we're talking about Ohtani a lot and simultaneously not enough. I always figured that a good hitting pitcher would be just kind of good at both hitting and pitching, or really good at pitching and just good enough to get use at the plate sometimes (and there's been a few NL guys who fit that description), but I never imagined the guy would be Babe Ruth.
  7. I question the quality of their focus-grouping because if they'd talked to a single Crew fan any one of them would tell them the one thing they wanted was just remove SC from the name. Instead they left SC and removed Crew, which is almost comical in its defiance of the fanbase's wishes. Now that the name is saved they need to do something about the rest of the logo because I don't see anything worth saving there. And now they'll be forced to cram elements into spaces they weren't designed to fit into, which will only make things worse. Best to just start over because after goofing around with some Crew/Ohio burgee ideas I have come to the conclusion that the entire concept simply does not work. Knowing the people who worked on this and what they're capable of, I get the impression that they were given a directive from above and forced to do their best with that direction. The fonts, patterns, and general art direction excluding the logo suggests a modicum of competence in that regard. First, here's my main issues I have with the logo from a design standpoint: 1. Too different from the actual state flag to read as the state flag. The colors create an instant disconnect and it's missing the 3 stripes and circle so the only connection to the actual flag is the vague shape, but with it being positioned vertically, a way we here in Ohio rarely glimpse the flag, it creates another visual leap. 2. The flag shape and the letter C aren't natural partners. To cram it into that shape requires a lopped off random triangle be created and a C shaped in a way that isn't visually pleasing. 3. The choice to leave the top corners open is also curious as it leaves two negative space areas inside of the pennant. The C's already distorted to meet the shape on the bottom, why angle it on the top in such a way rather than having it follow the pennant edges? 4. Their new neighbors in the Arena District already employ the Ohio flag in their primary logo, have used the logo in some capacity since 2003, and do it a lot better. Again, the logo wasn't anybody's big gripe with Anthony Precourt. What they should've done is nothing.
  8. You're right and it's probably that they have so much internal attention focused on the NFL and NBA that there's too many big shot decision makers while the NHL and MLB teams get to be more loose. It's like how Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip got all the network notes while 30 Rock was this dumb little show that got to do whatever they wanted.
  9. I got to go! I had no plans to go to this game and no plans as of yet to go to another game. Was going to play it by ear and my wife and I would maybe try to get to the third or fourth game when things are more open. 45 minutes before the game a friend I met when we were both living in Seattle, who I didn't even know was in town, texted me and asked if I wanted to use his extra ticket. I said "hell yeah" and less than a half hour later I was standing in The Bailey. Guys, this stadium is gorgeous, the location is perfect, the Bailey is super loud, and I can't wait to see this place at full capacity. I think they've nailed almost everything. I think this place is going to become a destination for visiting fans. It's right in the Cincinnati experience, walkable from OTR's bars and restaurants, right off the streetcar line, and the atmosphere even with reduced capacity was electric. The whole time I was standing there I couldn't believe it was real or that I got to be there. Classic Cincinnati loss, though. They had all the momentum and tied it in the 83rd minute and I thought "they have a lot of time left to go win this thing", which was dumb on my part. Cincinnati kid Nick Hagglund comes in and ties it and the place is rocking and with everybody still patting each other on the back for the comeback, Miami strolls down the field and scores their third cheapie of the day. At least we got two goals and got to see the place cheer for something because it would've been ultra lame to leave without experiencing that. 10/10 would go again.
  10. You joke, but I think that’s literally the chief reason they made this decision. They wanted people to say “Columbus” when they talk about the team, not “the Crew”. It’s dumb as hell.
  11. https://www.thisweeknews.com/story/sports/2021/05/12/crew-gm-others-were-warned-supporters-would-challenge-rebrand-efforts/5053138001/ The feedback they got before embarking on this rebrand was overwhelmingly "Don't do it" and "that's a bad idea" and "you will needlessly anger the fans if you do this" and the super smart big brain execs did it anyways.
  12. I'm amazed I was able to find this.
  13. It's remarkable, isn't it? Normally I think backlash against a new look is kind of over the top and people will usually settle down, but in this case I think all the heat the team is getting is fully justified. If all they had done was change the logo to that thing it'd be awful just from a fundamental design standpoint, but on top of that they made the unnecessary step of changing the name, which is a total slap in the face to the fans who just killed themselves to save the team. It's almost impressive how quickly the owners, who've done everything else right so far, could light all their goodwill on fire. There's a story in the Athletic about them bringing members of the supporters group into see it and they expected the fans to be thrilled and were puzzled when instead it was met with anger and confusion. It's hard to be that incredibly tonedeaf. I think I know the guys who worked on it and they're usually good, which means some bad decision makers wrestled too much creative control. These are the same owners who thought this was a good idea:
  14. Sometimes Most of the time the best move is not making a move. What they should've done is nothing. Clearly trying to rebrand because the roundel was a Precourt creation, but the logo wasn't anybody's big gripe with Precourt. I always clocked that the Precourt badge was rather popular with fans, EXCEPT for the SC they insisted on adding to the name. So the new ownership group throws out everything except they keep the SC, which is the one part of the old brand that nobody liked. It's like they didn't talk to any of the fans. It's like they made a bad choice at every possible decision. It's such a masterclass in how to not to rebrand, I can't even believe it's real.
  15. I feel like they might be walking backwards now after seeing the backlash. They'll say something like "the C stands for CREW!" although that's not what they initially intended. As for the leaked logo, I say this as someone who loves our pennant shaped flag and the hockey team who uses it in the logo - the state flag has become this crutch for facebook marketplace caliber design and pinterest bullcrap and if you're going to incorporate the flag's elements into your logo, do it better than this.
  16. Changing the Crew's name is one of the dumbest branding decisions I've ever seen. You have brand equity that you simply cannot buy - 2 cups, original franchise, and the story of a grassroots effort led by fans who fought tooth and nail to save the crew. Every franchise in MLS would love to have something like that associated with their name and they're just going to toss it and for why? No amount of market research would've indicated that this was the right move, which leads me to believe that they didn't do any and this is just classic hot shot execs thinking they're smarter than the commoners. And now they've needlessly alienated fans who are forced to #SavetheCrew all over again. I can't believe I'm out here while numbskulls get paid a killing to be that f****** stupid.
  17. Even John Scott thought it crossed a line. If they had suspended Wilson for the rest of the season and said "you do it again next year and you're done for good" then I think everyone except dumb Caps fans would've been pleased. Parros listed "it was just two guys wrestling" in his decision not to suspend him, which is insane. Yeah, George, just a couple of knuckleheads' roughhousin', boys will be boys indeed. Nobody was nearly murdered by a player out there or anything. The guy who did it isn't the example of a repeat offender or anything.
  18. Those Royals ultimately proved they were pretty good, though. I'm old enough to remember Cardinals fans behavior towards him was the same way Cleveland fans reacted the first time Lebron left Cleveland. The difference being that Pujols' departure was literally minutes after Pujols had helped them win a second World Series. It still doesn't make sense to me.
  19. That's what's so insane is they fixed their mistakes of the 90's and went back to their correct uniforms only do whatever they're doing now. I do not understand what the strategy or thought process is with their recent uniform decisions. It'd be like if the Blue Jays started wearing black and graphite again.
  20. It's my favorite jersey they've ever worn which is why when they played their first home game ever in the second round of the playoffs I elected to wear that jersey. I disagree about losing black. That gave it some extra bite that the jersey just lacks without it.
  21. In 1997 Deion Sanders had his sleeves cut on the road uniforms to resemble Jackie Robinson's sleeves for the 50th anniversary of the integration of baseball and then the rest of the team did it too. In 1998 the sleeves were back to normal
  22. I'm not going to get into why the Browns orange-brown-orange stripes are correct again because I've done that too many times. The real issue with their pants is the stripe is too thick. They need to go back to what they had in the 80's, which was a thinner stripe, similar to what the Chiefs use. Fits the old school look better and because the size differs from the helmet it doesn't need to be consistent. What the Pats should do Single outlined numbers, the stripe mimics the stripe on the American flag (and the logo) and is consistent on every background, and you don't have that ugly red-blue-red stripe anywhere. Also replaces the useless repeating logo on the sleeves with numbers.
  23. So the Nick Castellanos suspension was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. This is a whole lot dumber. Baez jumps the dugout railing and walks towards Garrett, which like Molina's behavior in the first series of the year was the real reason the benches cleared. It makes zero sense. By MLB's logic the Reds should start running out of the dugout any time an opponent gets exuberant and then that guy will get suspended. Something tells me justice wouldn't be applied consistently.
  24. It's wonderful and peaceful. It happened when they lost to the Steelers in the playoffs in 2015. I said after that I will never let the team negatively affect my mood ever again. It took some work, but now I've reached this zen state that I don't even need to work at anymore. They lost to the Browns last year on a last minute TD pass by Baker Mayfield and 20 year old me would've been grouchy for 3 days. 33 year old me just said "welp that sucks what's for dinner?". I think Wally Wallpunchers everywhere needs to do some inward looking themselves.
  25. Yeah that's gross and those people don't appear to have a healthy relationship. I used to break things after tough sports losses, but then I turned 20. I definitely haven't gotten physically angry about a sports result since some things happened in my life that framed all these silly games in their proper perspective. It's just sports*. The most baffling Bengals fans to me are the ones who still behave like Wally Wallpuncher up there. Like how have you guys not learned by now how to not let this team affect your mood? That guy's like 42 and has a family, though. If he hasn't learned to chill TFO by now then he's probably just stupid and pampered. I'd suggest he and his wife seek counseling. *also I've gotten to meet and work with some professional athletes and people who work in sports and it is incredible how Just A Job it is. I still have my preferred teams, but mostly I just watch the games for the pure entertainment of the games themselves now and care less about winning and losing.
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