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  1. Quick google about what they contributed to the NBA: They beat the all-white Minneapolis Lakers twice, proving black basketball players had talent and led to the integration of the NBA in 1950. They also helped keep the league afloat in the 50's when the teams were struggling to attract fans so they scheduled doubleheaders against the Globetrotters because they were the bigger draw. Two pretty significant contributions, I'd say.
  2. I'm quite happy for Montreal*. The league is just more fun when Canadian teams do well and are cup contenders, which hasn't been the case for a long time. It would also be kind of funny if the team to end the Canadian cup drought is the one with the most cups and the most recent cup. It won't be some salve for hockey fans in the rest of the country the way it would be if, like, Winnipeg won it all. I don't think they'll beat either the Islanders or Lightning, but they've proven me wrong 3 times and they just did me a huge favor by knocking out the Knights so I'm gonna stop assuming they'll lose. Let's go Habs! *Corey Perry excluded
  3. NOT THE WORST! Only got to watch the game after the goal had been scored, but it seemed like Chicago had possession for ~80% from that point. Was that just Stamball trying to protect the lead? Both teams badly missed easy chances, but the on target shots were 12-2 in favor of FCC. Chicago's goal in stoppage time getting overturned was a pleasant surprise.
  4. In this case it's a matter of ownership's taste and how much they care about fan input. Bob Castellini bought the team in 2006 and they changed to the current brand as soon as they were able to. For a while these uniforms were fine because they were an improvement over the 99-06 uniforms (*waits for some lunatic to disagree with this*). If you squinted they kind of resembled the Reds again and we were cool with that. But after a while the small issues that I initially brushed aside became larger and more visible. The over-designed font (that looks ridiculous when used with a long name like CASTELLANOS, for instance), the drop shadows, the unnecessary black-billed road cap - it all just got kind of...stale. It's worse now when we know how good they could easily look if they wanted to. The uniforms are kind of a glimpse into ownership's approach to roster management. Like how they've spent a lot of money to build one of the best offenses in baseball, but didn't want to spend just a little more to invest in a functional bullpen so they have this shiny, flashy looking team that loses games by blowing 5 run leads. These current uniforms are the 78-84 of baseball uniforms. They work fine enough to keep people watching and coming to the ballpark, but they'll never win anything.
  5. That's a tricky question because he's 28 years old and was cut once before. He's not a pro-bowler, but he'd be a reliable contributor for any defensive line unit in the NFL. The Browns cut him before 2019, but I think that was a crowded dline room situation, and then he had a decent season with the 2019 Bucs. Raiders gave him 16 million guaranteed because they're the Raiders, but I feel like he's in a good spot to stay with the team. He's 6'7" and thick and should stick around for a while just based on that alone.
  6. Every single Reds fan that I know wants them to go back to their strictly red and white color scheme. I hoped the throwback bonanza they held in 2019 would serve as a test to gauge how new uniforms would be received, especially the late 60's look that received rave reviews on social media, but so far there's no indication that any changes are coming. I'm still waiting. A realization that broke my little brain the other day - the home and road uniforms have gone unchanged since they went to them at the start of the 2007 season, which means they're now in year 15 of these uniforms, which is one year longer than the 1993 pinstriped hats/vests (6 years) and 1999 BFBS vests (8 years) lasted COMBINED. That does not compute.
  7. It hurts to report that they were back in the black-billed caps again last night. The worst part is the batting helmets are all red and have been since 2007. Just wear the hat that matches them!
  8. I've been waiting for this for a long time and I'm happy it's a guy like Carl Nassib. He's not a super star player, but he's a known name who's been around the league, he's proven he can play in the NFL, and he has a pretty secure spot on an NFL roster. This isn't Michael Sam who did his best, but perhaps wasn't mature enough to carry that torch as a gay man and wasn't a gifted enough football player to be that guy either. I hope this sets the example so that more athletes can feel comfortable being themselves without worrying about it damaging their careers or their treatment on the fields. We know there's a lot more out there than just Carl Nassib.
  9. Consider me underwhelmed, disappointed, and unimpressed by the Fire logo fix. Is it better than the Doubleday and Cartwright thing from a couple years ago? Yes. It would be very difficult to go though this process and come up with something worse. This is still just not "it", though. Here's my main issue - the formula structure of a soccer badge is you take type, one or two graphic elements, and then house it all neatly into a containing shape. With the Chicago Fire brand they were told through their massive focus grouping effort, "You need the Florian cross or else". That's a huge gift - with the Florian cross you can knock out both your containing shape and graphic element with the same piece. That gives you your badge shape, it's unique to your club within the sport, instantly recognizable to club history, and it says "fire" with no words needed to spell it out. They also don't need to use a cheesy flame or fire axes or fire helmets or anything like that. I do not understand then taking that uniquely shaped object all yours and yours alone and mashing it to fit inside of a roundel to the point that it's barely intelligible as the Florian cross. This brand should not be this hard and now twice they've spent a lot of money and made a big show, for two different reasons, on two badges that come up short and came up really really short of hitting the mark. I'm not a fan of this team, but I'd be extra bummed if I was.
  10. yesterday the Reds wore all red hats on the road for the first time since, IDK, 1998 (other than throwback games)? I think they were special Father's Day hats because they had a red undervisor, but I've wanted them to lose the black-billed road hats since going to their current uniforms in 2007 so it was a welcome sight.
  11. I don't know why I totally forgot about them. That's probably the least likely franchise to win a championship that I've ever seen. Because it's unlikely that injuries will wipe out the Nets and Lakers again next year?
  12. I see a lot of NBA twitter is doing the "actually this is bad for the league" thing that seems to happen in the NHL whenever a big market team gets eliminated. A. it'll be fun to have new franchises in the mix instead of Lakers-Heat B. Other than Milwaukee you have Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Phoenix in the final four. Those are the 2nd, 7th, and 11th largest media markets in the US. Calm down. C. It's like when the Royals won the World Series - If the dang ass Suns, Clippers, Hawks, or Bucks can win an NBA title then literally anybody can. The hope will get extended to perennial sadsacks like the Grizzlies or Pacers or Twolves or Nuggets or Wizards, etc. That's good for the league for the fans of every team to feel like they do have a shot. That hasn't really ever been the case in the NBA.
  13. Update: the Reds are wearing their red jerseys today at Milwuakee. They wore the road grays for the first two games of the series. Bolded: I generally agree. How good would the Cardinals look with the St Louis script (that they use on their cream alternates) on the road grays? However, I will make an exception to this rule for the Phillies because the name of the team also functions as a city identifier and Philadelphia is a lot of letters to use in that bubbly font.
  14. Well after some googling a lot of places are saying he actually is vaccinated and has been for a while. That is just more wildly bad luck for Chris Paul in the playoffs. I stand corrected and shouldn't have assumed he was an Anthony Rizzo Sam Darnold type.
  15. Chris Paul might've just blown his (and the Suns) best shot at a ring by being galaxy brain stupid. That's a shame.
  16. If the Phillies are anything like the Reds then the dam just broke and they're about to wear their red tops way more often than "sporadically". The Reds used to strictly wear the red alternates only on Sunday home day games. They held to that rule for a while, but then expanded the usage to weekend home day games, which then grew to all home day games, which then grew to occasional road games, which then grew to wearing it whenever they feel like it. Now it feels like they wear it on the road as much as they wear the road grays.
  17. Their lease is up in 2026, but they and the county just worked together on a new music venue that is directly next to the stadium, which was part of a revised agreement in 2018. That doesn't sound like much, but I never thought I'd see those two parties ever work on anything together in an amicable way and a good sign the relationship is less contentious than it once was. They'll renegotiate in 2024 so no sense in worrying about it until then, but I know that Mike Brown won't be a big part of them, which is probably for the best for everyone. If I could bet money on this I'd bet the county and the team work together and sign the pair of 5 year lease extensions that takes them to 2036. Lots of reasons I feel that way, but I don't feel like getting into it.
  18. This is the most tuned into baseball that I've been in years and I know nobody pays attention to teams other than their own because I also don't pay attention teams other my own so here's a REDS REPORT The Reds have quietly put together a formidable lineup who've been knocking the ball around the yard as of late. Jesse Winker and Nick Castellanos are both MVP candidates who should be starting in the All-Star game. Jonathan India is having a great rookie year and is proving to be useful in the leadoff spot. Eugenio Suarez is starting to come out of his usual cold start, and Joey Votto still bangs since coming off IR. Aristedes Aquino just came off of IR and Tyler Naquin is having a much better than expected year in centerfield. And that's without mentioning that Mike Moustakas is going to be healthy very soon. Plus they have Shogo Akiyama on the bench who was critical in their run to the playoffs last year. Easily the best 1-8 lineup they've rolled out there since 2013. The starting pitching staff is nothing to sneeze at either with Tyler Mahle having a breakout year, Wade Miley being a healthy quality start machine, Luis Castillo is starting to get back to his usual self, Sonny Gray should be healthy shortly, and this newcomer Vlad Gutierrrez has looked really comfortable in every one of his big league starts since coming up. The team's Achilles heel is their bullpen who have been league worst terrible this season and it's all because ownership cried poor and refused to add reliable major league arms in the offseason. They make you feel like no lead is safe and a couple guys like Amir Garrett seem like they've forgotten how to pitch over the last couple years. If Garrett can figure his out and they get TJ Antone back they're still a couple arms short, which is nothing that can't be fixed with a trade and Michael Lorenzen coming of IR, but I still don't trust management to actually address this glaring problem. It'll be tough to stay in a race when they're dropping winnable games because the bullpen can't get 9 outs. This has been your REDS REPORT
  19. I would argue they choked the 2018 conference finals when they lost Game 6 3-0 and then Game 7 at home 4-0. Getting outscored 7-0 in two straight games when they could've clinched is bad. And the CBJ series, widely believed by historians to be the greatest thing that's ever happened, was such a disaster that I'm kind of amazed Cooper wasn't fired. That Jackets team was a lot better than their record and seed would indicate, but that series was sort of like a double choke.
  20. It's gotta sting even more now for Leafs fans knowing they could've strolled to the Conference finals if they'd found one more goal in either games 5 or 6.
  21. Everybody bitched about ESPN's Witten and Booger MNF broadcasting crew, but nobody will ever be as bad as the team of Mike Patrick (what if Joe Tessitore had a more annoying voice?), Paul Maguire (what if a straight ahead kicker never updated his football knowledge after 1972?) and Joe Theismann (what if an already dumb guy got progressively dumber thanks to the many shots to the head he sustained playing football?)
  22. 2019 was awesome. The Penguins got swept by the Islanders who got swept by the Hurricanes who got swept by the Bruins. We were so close to having an "Ultimate Loser" in 2019 and I was grumpy when the Blues lost game one of the Finals.
  23. I can’t believe any of that happened because winning in St Louis has always been impossible for this franchise. Jesse Winker had three home runs and we needed every one of them because the bullpen is ASS. Blew a 7-0 lead in one inning. The Cardinals had guys on second and third with no outs in the ninth and Lucas Sims managed to sneak out and I almost died. This team has a thousand outfielders. Make a trade and get some actual arms that can get actual outs in the pen. They can’t go on like this.
  24. Lol I was so annoyed while watching it last night that the mob of players were seemingly more concerned about revenge/defending Scheifele than about stepping on the already injured Evans. Thank goodness for Ehlers for having a little common sense.
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