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  1. I feel like they might be walking backwards now after seeing the backlash. They'll say something like "the C stands for CREW!" although that's not what they initially intended. As for the leaked logo, I say this as someone who loves our pennant shaped flag and the hockey team who uses it in the logo - the state flag has become this crutch for facebook marketplace caliber design and pinterest bullcrap and if you're going to incorporate the flag's elements into your logo, do it better than this.
  2. Changing the Crew's name is one of the dumbest branding decisions I've ever seen. You have brand equity that you simply cannot buy - 2 cups, original franchise, and the story of a grassroots effort led by fans who fought tooth and nail to save the crew. Every franchise in MLS would love to have something like that associated with their name and they're just going to toss it and for why? No amount of market research would've indicated that this was the right move, which leads me to believe that they didn't do any and this is just classic hot shot execs thinking they're smarter than the commoners. And now they've needlessly alienated fans who are forced to #SavetheCrew all over again. I can't believe I'm out here while numbskulls get paid a killing to be that f****** stupid.
  3. Even John Scott thought it crossed a line. If they had suspended Wilson for the rest of the season and said "you do it again next year and you're done for good" then I think everyone except dumb Caps fans would've been pleased. Parros listed "it was just two guys wrestling" in his decision not to suspend him, which is insane. Yeah, George, just a couple of knuckleheads' roughhousin', boys will be boys indeed. Nobody was nearly murdered by a player out there or anything. The guy who did it isn't the example of a repeat offender or anything.
  4. Those Royals ultimately proved they were pretty good, though. I'm old enough to remember Cardinals fans behavior towards him was the same way Cleveland fans reacted the first time Lebron left Cleveland. The difference being that Pujols' departure was literally minutes after Pujols had helped them win a second World Series. It still doesn't make sense to me.
  5. That's what's so insane is they fixed their mistakes of the 90's and went back to their correct uniforms only do whatever they're doing now. I do not understand what the strategy or thought process is with their recent uniform decisions. It'd be like if the Blue Jays started wearing black and graphite again.
  6. It's my favorite jersey they've ever worn which is why when they played their first home game ever in the second round of the playoffs I elected to wear that jersey. I disagree about losing black. That gave it some extra bite that the jersey just lacks without it.
  7. In 1997 Deion Sanders had his sleeves cut on the road uniforms to resemble Jackie Robinson's sleeves for the 50th anniversary of the integration of baseball and then the rest of the team did it too. In 1998 the sleeves were back to normal
  8. I'm not going to get into why the Browns orange-brown-orange stripes are correct again because I've done that too many times. The real issue with their pants is the stripe is too thick. They need to go back to what they had in the 80's, which was a thinner stripe, similar to what the Chiefs use. Fits the old school look better and because the size differs from the helmet it doesn't need to be consistent. What the Pats should do Single outlined numbers, the stripe mimics the stripe on the American flag (and the logo) and is consistent on every background, and you don't have that ugly red-blue-red stripe anywhere. Also replaces the useless repeating logo on the sleeves with numbers.
  9. So the Nick Castellanos suspension was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. This is a whole lot dumber. Baez jumps the dugout railing and walks towards Garrett, which like Molina's behavior in the first series of the year was the real reason the benches cleared. It makes zero sense. By MLB's logic the Reds should start running out of the dugout any time an opponent gets exuberant and then that guy will get suspended. Something tells me justice wouldn't be applied consistently.
  10. It's wonderful and peaceful. It happened when they lost to the Steelers in the playoffs in 2015. I said after that I will never let the team negatively affect my mood ever again. It took some work, but now I've reached this zen state that I don't even need to work at anymore. They lost to the Browns last year on a last minute TD pass by Baker Mayfield and 20 year old me would've been grouchy for 3 days. 33 year old me just said "welp that sucks what's for dinner?". I think Wally Wallpunchers everywhere needs to do some inward looking themselves.
  11. Yeah that's gross and those people don't appear to have a healthy relationship. I used to break things after tough sports losses, but then I turned 20. I definitely haven't gotten physically angry about a sports result since some things happened in my life that framed all these silly games in their proper perspective. It's just sports*. The most baffling Bengals fans to me are the ones who still behave like Wally Wallpuncher up there. Like how have you guys not learned by now how to not let this team affect your mood? That guy's like 42 and has a family, though. If he hasn't learned to chill TFO by now then he's probably just stupid and pampered. I'd suggest he and his wife seek counseling. *also I've gotten to meet and work with some professional athletes and people who work in sports and it is incredible how Just A Job it is. I still have my preferred teams, but mostly I just watch the games for the pure entertainment of the games themselves now and care less about winning and losing.
  12. They play-in tournament is really dumb. Is that a Bill Simmons idea? Or was his idea that the lottery teams would play a tournament for the #1 pick?
  13. Emil Bemstrom didn't have a goal in 16 games with the Blue Jackets this season and then scored a hat trick in the third period to come back from a 3-0 deficit. Nashville won in OT. Hockey is weird. Unrelated to anything - I'm very bored of the other 7 teams in the Central Division presented by Discover Card and I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the league again next year. I'd be more than okay to never play the two Florida teams ever again. Can't believe this is how the O6 was for like 30 years.
  14. In a not even winking parody of The Ringer's frequent "TEAM X Week" thing that they've done (they had a Browns Week once WTF), Defector is having Senators Week and it's delighted me endlessly. https://defector.com/ Just a bunch of self-serious in-depth articles about the Ottawa Senators and not serious articles about US Senators.
  15. It's worse than that. The Capitals official twitter account decided to tweet whatever TF this was just minutes after he tried to murder Panarin. I don't get what they were even trying to do. That's like six memes on top of each other to the point that it's nonsensical and in context was incredibly tonedeaf. They got some well deserved backlash, deleted the tweet, and then got more well-deserved backlash. Tom Wilson needs to sit for the rest of the season and playoffs and then a council needs to review his case to play next year. If he does anything again he gets to finish his career in the KHL. So sick of his bulls***.
  16. 10-15 years of straight SUCK, nothing going right, players demanding trades, coaches fistfighting, unwatchable, hopeless football would be the bare minimum punishment for the horrific atrocities the Patriots perpetrated over the last 20 years. See the 49ers as an example. Their fans had it better than anyone for about 15 years and then got knocked down a few pegs and now they can wrestle around in the muck with the rest of us. Cowboys fans too, I suppose. Truthfully, though, if you guys went the rest of your lives and never saw a Boston team win another championship you'd still have more than your fair share. To add to your point - punching down is lame in any situation. It's ULTRA F****** LAME when you're doing it from some high horse you didn't even earn, which is what being a fan of a good team is. None of us have anything to do with anything these teams do win or lose so don't be snotty when a usually bad team gets a piece of good fortune. I can make fun of the Bears because my team is similarly low status (even lower status, I'd argue). Patriots fans cannot make fun of the Bears unless you wanna look like a dick and get called out by people.
  17. You are right. When I was coming up it was kind of an unofficial/unwritten rule that your pants and socks should always contrast. The handful of teams who used a color road pant all had white striped socks they'd pair with them (off the top of my dome those teams were: Dolphins, Bears, Patriots, Oilers, Chargers, Ravens, Cardinals, Bills, Jets, Skins and probably a few others I'm forgetting). Prior to the Great Sock Standard Loosening of the early 2000's the only team I can think of that violated that "rule" was the Bucs with their orange pants and orange socks, which looked stupid as hell and we can all pretty much agree would've looked a lot better with some white striped socks that matched their helmet stripes. Why they didn't do that was a matter of great consternation to young me. But now I must say that I'm not as firmly opposed to the leotard look as I once was. Maybe I'm getting soft, but I've gotten use to it and I actually think it looks okay in some cases (a stripe MUST be present on the pants to get my approval.)
  18. Agreed. They always looked their worst when they played at Detroit or at Carolina. Blue pants against Carolina provides ample contrast. I also always felt a little sheepish that they were essentially using the Rangers uni structure, but with navy blue. If they go to blue pants on the road full time the only team they'll really need to worry about stepping on the toes of is Washington and I think their jerseys and socks are striped differently enough to avoid confusion. The original uniforms had larger red stripes on the hem and socks so the pants didn't feel so out of place. When they went to their current uniforms in 2007 the shoulder patches were a red backgrounded oval and they had a thicker red stripe on the socks so the pants still worked. But when they redesigned the socks to match the sleeves a couple years ago when Adidas took over is when the red pants started to feel incongruent with the rest of the uniform. I like this development, but that was their last road game of the season so we won't know if this is a permanent change until next fall. Remains to be seen if they'll try the blue pants at home with the blue jerseys. If you want an aid in imagining what that might look like you can kind of see with the Tri City Americans who use their jersey templates with blue pants.
  19. I just saw this. They do have hem stripes on the blue jerseys. Am I misunderstanding?
  20. I've wanted the Blue Jackets to wear blue pants on the road for forever and when I saw the reverse retros were going to use blue pants I thought it might be possible. Three things: 1. I think they look as good, if not better, than I always pictured. 2. It's going to take some getting used to because the red pants have been with us since day one, but I can't argue the red pants look better. 3. I wouldn't mind if this was their permanent road look. I think the blue pants with the blue jerseys and socks would be too much blue and too little red and they wouldn't look like the Blue Jackets so I'd rather stick with the red pants at home and use home and road pants like the Hockey Rockies used to.
  21. That's easy to say, but they cut the statistically worst guard in the league who caused the injury, Jonah Williams looked good in his first season at left tackle, signed Reilly Reiff, brought back Frank Pollack whose lines and running backs had solid numbers when he was here a couple years ago, and they'll draft oline in the second round of what's supposedly a deep lineman class. Booger McFarland called it "football malpractice" last night. This idea that they did nothing about the offensive line, even held by many Bengals fans, is just not true. Penei Sewell would've helped for sure, but he can't play all five positions and they determined the dropoff between OL Second Round Guy X and Sewell was smaller than the dropoff between WR Second Round Guy X and Chase. There's also the argument that a guy like Chase unlocks the offense's potential and gives them way more options. Last year they didn't have a deep threat with AJ Green being old and John Ross being doggy ass so defenses could stack the box and make them one-dimensional. Shane Falco.
  22. I’d only keep Nash and Bobrovsky on the CBJ mt rushmore (Cam Atkinson and Nick Foligno are the two others). Columbus the city’s are Jack Nicklaus, Archie Griffin, Buster Douglas, and Jesse Owens.
  23. Cincinnati's is easy. It's Oscar Robertson, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Anthony Munoz. Some people will say Pete Rose should be on there and to that I say, who's Pete Rose? I have no idea who you're talking about. Oscar Robertson - was on the NBA's 50 Greatest Players list when the league did it for the 50th anniversary of the NBA. Played for both UC and the Cincinnati Royals. Johnny Bench - some say greatest catcher in baseball history. Joe Morgan - some say greatest second baseman in baseball history. Anthony Munoz - some say greatest offensive lineman in NFL history. Only Bengals player in the Hall of Fame.
  24. Get this - the exact same thing just happened less than a week ago with the Cardinals. Jonathan India got drilled in the helmet by a different Cardinals pitcher, umpires warned both teams, and David Bell got tossed because he was like "We didn't do anything. They're throwing at our guys' heads. Talk to them!". So that's two of these incidents plus the previously discussed bench clearing brawl that the Cardinals started with the Reds and somehow only Nick Castellanos got suspended. I'll never understand MLB bending over backwards to protect them. I've thought for a while that if you hit a guy in the head you should get tossed automatically. If you can't control yourself out there you shouldn't be out there.
  25. I was shocked too because when I put the order in it said I'd get it in sometime in late May. When I ordered my Burrow jersey on draft night last year it took a couple months to receive so I didn't think the May shipping date was unusual with a brand new jersey. When it showed up at my door 5 days later I was pleasantly surprised.
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