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  1. Yes. 1000 times yes. I'm old enough to remember 2008. (and 2005, which wasn't Tomlin, but it was recent enough for any Steelers fan older than 25 to have enjoyed, which is why they all need to STFU and go away until I say they can return (likely never)). You're the only person more spoiled than Steelers fans.
  2. Back to the question, "why do Steelers fans hate this guy?". I'd gladly take Tomlin's last 14 years for my team and I'd probably retire from NFL fanhood with a run like that. They've had it better than any team not named the New England Patriots. Steelers fans hate him because they are the worst people alive. My best friend is a steelers fan and when it comes to football he is the worst person I know. They are, without exaggeration, the biggest babies in sports. "WAHHH he only won one super bowl and it was in 2008 wahhh we should have 3 more super bowls." What're you, 13? Grow up, you spoiled children.
  3. TQL wanted to partner with a team whose turnover is worse than their own. FOLKS! The horror stories I've heard at TQL. I've known at least 10 people who worked there out of college and none of them were there longer than a year. One of my friends worked there for 11 days. It's hell on earth. Recruiters kept telling me "I have an exciting entry level job in sales" and I'd be like "if it's TQL I'd rather stuff burritos at Chipotle." They're advertising not to sell their services, but to recruit new suckers to work there because they've nearly exhausted the local market and recent college grads are getting wise.
  4. That's incredibly wishful thinking. I hope you're right, but crossing the jersey ad threshold is not a matter of if. It's when and it makes sense that this time when teams who will still be hurting from Covid fallout would take that step. Once businesses find an extra revenue source they generally don't ignore it because they're cool with making the same amount of money they were making 3 years ago (and that's fully hypothetical. It'll take years to refill these buildings to capacity). They didn't do the blue ice thing because it looked dumb and it wasn't helpful in winning back fans - Read: it didn't make them extra money. They did, however, put more ads phsyically on the ice and chroma-keyed them onto the glass on TV broadcasts. I suspect that will continue long after fans return. I'd like to see the figures on this. I think the reason you don't see more ads on NBA jerseys is a real estate issue more than an issue with it not being a solid money maker. There's not a lot of space on a basketball uniform.
  5. Clearly they weren't afraid of using two pairs of white pants so I'd say the solution to the "white tiger" white jersey is to stipulate that you only use either the "white tiger" set of white pants with that shirt or the black pants and then have black stripes on an orange block for use with the black and orange jerseys. That's a better solution than what they ended up doing. The orange striped pants really smell of "we can't make the pants look too close to the last set" so they did whatever this is. Otherwise it's an inexplicable choice and that's why I gave these a 92/100, instead of a ~97 out of 100. What I don't get was touting that they could have 9 different combinations in the lead up to the unveiling. I suppose that's mathematically true, but what's the point of having two different sets of white pants to pair with your black and orange jerseys? One of those pairs will always look worse than the other white pant option. In my eyes the orange-striped pants look worse in every combination than "white tiger" counterparts. Just use those. 9 different combinations to me means pants that can effectively work with every jersey and that's not the case here.
  6. I'd still put the 04 uniforms last. They were that dreadful. These uniforms are not what I would've done if I were King of the Bengals*, but they're close enough. They'll look like themselves again, which is all I ever asked for. I'm so glad we're done with the Arena league super hero costumes and they weren't replaced by something outrageously Nike like the 2013 Bucs, which was my greatest fear. They could've so easily given us the Rams/Falcons treatment and we got something closer to what the Vikings did - a modernized update of their past uniform history. I'll gladly take that result. *I would've done the stripes from the 97 uniforms with numbers on the sleeves in place of the leaping tiger logo like the 81 uniforms. Black socks. Also the Bengal head logo would be the primary.
  7. To continue Major League Baseball's "Lets F*** With the Reds This Season" theme - they were tied with Arizona last night going into the 8th and umpires decided to start the inning even though it was driving rain, HAILING, and sleeting. I could hear the rain pounding my house, which is about 6 miles from Great American Ballpark as the crow flies. Pitchers couldn't locate anything, Lucas Sims came in to relieve Amir Garrett, hit a guy, and then walked a guy to give the Dbacks the lead. Umpires finally suspended the game when Lucas Sims basically refused to throw any more pitches. It looked like this
  8. LOL this is hilarious. Never underestimate the power of complaining en masse. As an OSU fan I would hate an NCAA Super League. Now, if a collection of rich dicks banded together and created a 14 team Junior NFL outside of the NCAA for kids who don't want to go to college and want to make 100 grand as 18 year olds then I might watch that.
  9. That is incredibly lame. It's like when the cool kids in my high school had a party one Friday night, but were very purposely vocal about the guest list the week before so everyone really knew where they stood. (I was not invited to the Cool Kids party). At this point supporting any of the teams in the Super League feels gross so I'm out on supporting Tottenham anyway. I want to be one of those guys who chooses a European team to support and then gets angry at them as if I'd been raised to be a fan since birth. That seems like a fun thing American soccer fans do.
  10. Is this a season long tournament, but these teams remain in the Premier League (or whatever) otherwise or a new league that these clubs will play every game inside of? I watched the Amazon Prime series on Tottenham last year and was considering offering them my support, but if Simmons is a fan then I just can't.
  11. I don't expect the common folk to pay attention to every little detail, but "they look the same" requires non-functioning eyes. Look at that picture and how Nike handled the old uniforms on fan replicas. That's barely a resemblance to what the players on the field wear. A big reason why I'm excited about these is the fan cut jerseys are a bigger improvement even than the on-field jerseys. I know how you feel and I don't think I would've felt this way 5 years ago, but I really like the cleanliness of the open shoulders on the Bengals and Chargers. The original Tiger striped uniforms of the 80's had those nice open shoulders and I think that's one reason why it's such a sharp look. Not having a TV number makes for a really clean look. I even like it on the Patriots even though the logo on the sleeves probably should be a number instead.
  12. Update: The man receiving the Vulcan Nerve Pinch in this picture had his two game suspension upheld. The man grabbing an opponent by the neck remains unpunished. It defies logic, the MLB's "Let the kids play" marketing campaigns, and the video evidence of the incident. The only lesson is: DISRESPECTING THE GAME WHEN THE ST LOUIS CARDINALS ARE INVOLVED IS A SERIOUS CRIME.
  13. Lots of "what did they even change it looks the same" and "they're 80's throwbacks" on Bengals Twitter. Never read the comments.
  14. Every Nike uniform has at least one WTF choice. The orange striped pants are this uniform's Not only are they unnecessary, but I think they'll look worse than the other pant choices in any combination. Something that may take these down a notch for some - hearing the primary home set will be all black and the primary away set will be all-white. Also, the single color names are an upgrade in my opinion.
  15. https://www.bengals.com/photos/photo-gallery-new-stripes-new-uniforms#f16827ec-89b3-46bf-aaef-3f6e8a358c54 Big photo gallery
  16. They're :censored:ing rad and I'll hear nothing else. I'm very happy. If all they did was remove the white side panels these would've been a win. The only thing that I don't LOVE is the white pants with the orange stripes. I feel like that kills the "9 possible combinations" because that will look dumb with the white jerseys.
  17. This is the reason I want the NHL to increase net size by a couple inches. Goalies are on average something like 6 inches bigger without equipment than they were 50 years ago. With better, bigger, lighter equipment, along with better training by better athletes the amount of available net space is tiny compared to what the Original 6 guys were dealing with. It's basically twice as hard to score now than it was in the 80's, and that's before you factor in that every other player on the ice is also bigger, but the ice surface is the same size. We're at the point where a change is necessary. A small change, though. Hockey has tried everything else to solve the problem including equipment limitations before going to changing the size of something that's been constant for over a century. With baseball I'd prefer trying some other things first before we mess with the rubber distance. What's the average pitcher's height and arm length compared to 50 years ago? It's not a literal foot bigger, is it?12 whole inches is a drastic overcorrection. I was thinking more like 2 inches. To answer your question about basketball, yeah I do think eventually we'll see the NBA go to a bigger courts and taller baskets. Eventually all these sports will have to adapt their playing surfaces and equipment to account for the physical changes of the players, but they should do it incrementally.
  18. TO's may have been because he was using an old helmet model so they couldn't get him a painted helmet and had to make him one. That was also in 2010. IDK, but they definitely look painted in all close-up shots The orange top layer looks higher than the black stripes here, which would support the idea that stripes are masked off and the helmet is sprayed orange.
  19. Yeah they don't use orange shells like you'd think. Not sure when they switched from decals to painted stripes, but during the throwback bonanza In 1994 they were using decals on orange helmets at the time. They ripped off all the stripes and replaced them with the wordmarks (and chose to keep the black facemasks). But they've been getting helmets painted for a long time now because they're more durable and equipment managers don't have to spend as much time replacing damaged decals. So just paint them orange? No can do. Every team is a simple paint job away from having the correct color to necessitate a proper throwback, but painting shells is not allowed under the one helmet rule. If they're wearing throwbacks in the future that would mean a few different possibilities 1. If the one helmet rule is still in effect and if the Bengals are still painting their helmets then that means the only throwbacks they could pull off would be the 80's or 90's looks. (Unless they wanna be anachronistic and annoy the pants off of me and wear the 70's throwback uniforms with tiger striped helmets.) 2. The NFL relaxes the one helmet rule, allows the Bengals to use a second set of all orange shell helmets, which would allow them do the 70's look. 3. The Bengals go back to using decals on orange helmets like they did in 94 and that gives them the flexibility to wear any throwback uniform throughout their history.
  20. I'm picturing that with a white number, tiger stripes, and a not chromified helmet and I think that would look really good.
  21. I tried and couldn't come up with an example of a team in orange helmets, black jerseys, orange pants, black socks, but I actually think that would look good. That's the same light color - dark color - light color - dark color construction we're so used to in football. I don't think I'll like all-orange, but I understand it'll happen probably once a season. They'll definitely wear orange tops over black pants, which YUCK.
  22. Legislating where players can and can't stand happens all the time in sports too. There's illegal defenses in basketball and football and in hockey you can't just skate where ever you want all the time. If we're going to do the "But in Other Sports" thing we can do that with banning the shift too. I used to be pro-shift, but in the last few years I'm tired of watching left handed batters either strikeout attempting to hit opposite field, hit home runs, or hit it into a wall of fielders. I'm the guy who thinks the NHL needs to grow the nets by 1 inch on all sides so I'm not opposed to changing dimensions. I'm saying if the problem is that there's too many walks, too many strikeouts, and too few balls in play (and I do think this is one of game's biggest problems) then there's better solutions than moving the rubber that far. I'm curious, what's your suggestion for moving the goalposts further in the NFL? Narrower goalposts or further back?
  23. That probably confirms orange pants will be part of the new set.
  24. New rule 1 is a terrible idea that I predict will not only not solve the problem, it'll make it worse. A foot is a massive distance when it comes to pitching. When I heard they were going to move the rubber back I thought they meant like 1-2 inches to account for the growth in the size of pitchers over the decades. One foot might as well be five feet. There will be more walks, more strikeouts, more pitcher injuries, and with more time to react probably more home runs. There's like 8 things you should do first before altering the fundamental shape of the playing surface. I've come around on banning the shift. Just do that so left handed batters can play the game again. New Rule 2 - Not sure why that wasn't always the rule in the AL, but at this point I think it's overthinking it. Just use the AL's DH system in the NL. Don't make it hard.
  25. True. but tweets are free and they followed the video with a tweet containing the pertinent information so *SHRUG*.
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