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  1. People who are not from Minnesota, and who are just unbiased logo critiques may think the TC logo is touchable. But it is in my mind the representation of professional sports return to Minnesota. It's a classic logo that's never been changed and always been a favorite in the state. It's one of those special logos that needs an explanation so people know what it means, and when they know that it requires another story about how the team was originally to be named the Twin Cities Twins. It's simply a classic here and will not be changed. The Norseman was never seen as a classic, but the TC is Minnesota sports history embodied in a logo. Minnesotans are overly sentimental about their state
  2. They've always had them on all maroon numbers, which can be seen here if ya look closely
  3. Minnesota Twins Target Field Minnesota Twins Metrodome Opening Day (1982) Williams Arena Gophers Basketball Mariucci Arena Gophers Hockey
  4. I've only been to a few parks but I'll throw my rankings out there. 1. Kauffman - Classic but perfect. No other stadium is designed like it. And I went before renovation, I can't imagine how nice it is now. Fans are friendly and everytbing about the park give you an awesome baseball experience. One downside, worst hot dogs I've had at any park at any level. 2. Target Field - My new hometown park. Beautiful stadium with not a bad seat in the house. Best food out of any park I've been to. No tailgating is made up for with the Target Plaza outside the park and great pregame bars surrounding the stadium. 3. Wrigley Field - Classic stadium, great atmosphere and a lot of fun. But we're talking stadiums and history only can do so much. The stadium appeared to be crumbling everywhere I turned. Fix things up a bit and keep this stadium around another 100 years please. 3. Comerica Park - The ballpark appeared to be in the ghetto. I parked 2 blocks from the stadium and was next to 2 abandoned high rise buildings. So no good pregame atmosphere. Once you are in the game the stadium is classic and beautiful. Nothing makes the stadium really stand out but for some reason I really loved it there. 4. Angel Stadium - I wasn't overly impressed. Basic stadium with beautiful people everywhere. Food was decent, atmosphere wasn't great. The fans didn't seem into the game. The Twins weren't playing so the atmosphere made me lose interest in the game. 5. Progressive Field - Nice park, very cookie cutter. They have some fun on field activities that are different than the rest of the league, but the park seems the same as Comerica and Target, but with less amenities and less character. 6. US Cellular - Big venue. Everything about this place feels big, but not like baseball. It feels like a football atmosphere. Wasn't my cup of tea. 7. Miller Park - Great tailgaiting. Roof, even when open, made the place seem closed off. They closed the roof on a sunday day game with 70 degree weather because Prince Fielder didn't like the shaddows. Which was bull. I go to PNC and Great American Ballpark this year. Not a lot list so far, but I'll get there.
  5. I liked EMU's old uniforms, didn't see the need for a change
  6. To be honest I just hate the shiny striping on the collar. I hate that style of accenting that Nike does. But this look of the uniform, probably because of his hand placement, is fantastic.
  7. I don't like the shiny crap on the collar. Reminds me of Purdue's new uniforms, which I'm not a fan of. This is just Nike's most recent generic uniform design they make for everyone, but with slight tweaks to make it "unique" for minnesota, which is disappointing. I'm glad we have the TV numbers back on the shoulder. Minnesota on the back of the Yellow jersey is a little gimmicky.. Leave that Stuff for the Army Academy. I'm a fan of classic uniforms. Uniforms that don't have to be changed with the current trend. This uniform is one that will be tweaked and changed within 5 years. It would have been nice to get something with lasting appeal. But that's something we've never had and probably never will at Minnesota
  8. The Bricks are a nod to old Memorial Stadium
  9. Another twins correction: Road hats should have a red brim
  10. It won't be Minnesota, they are poised to release the uniforms and a pro combat is coming.
  11. Minnesota is getting new uniforms this year. When Jerry Kill was hired he said he can't change uniforms until 2012 because of Nike contract. But it has been leaked the the uniforms will be changing. Not sure if they are leaving Nike or not, they made a big deal of being a NIKE experimental school when they signed up, and they've had nike for a while