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  1. Djruggs

    Fixing the CFL

    I'm just not sure if there should be two boat themed teams in the CFL
  2. Djruggs

    CFL Color Rush

    I cant see any of the images
  3. Ehhhhh, most of us that want green back want it instead of the black, not with it
  4. Up next is Colombia. Going with the theme of this series, I'm staying somewhat true to the kits released.
  5. I would go just a bit brighter on the pink, but overall it looks great
  6. So I decided to put the world cup teams into American football teams. I'm going try to keep the identities of the released world cup kits without losing the integrity of a football jersey. First up is Argentina
  7. That's the plan, but I'm doing at my own pace so I don't get burnt out
  8. Next is the Nets. Very similar to my concepts a few years ago, but some minor changes and a couple alts. Association Icon Statement City
  9. I decided to take another shot at NBA uniforms now that Nike has the contract. Every team will have Nike's Association, Icon, Statement, and City jersey options, but select teams will also have special occasion jerseys. I'm a Celtics fan, so I'll be starting with them as they inspired me to do this series. Not a whole lot was wrong with their looks, I just wanted to fix their Statement and City jerseys, as well as adding a St. Patrick's Day alternate. Assosciation Icon Statement City Special
  10. Rams have mismatched blues because their helmet from the royal blue era was a darker blue than their jerseys and that allows me to use an all white throwback.
  11. Last few teams, then if I get around to it, potentially some updates. Rams Pretty straight forward combinations of old and new. Chargers Combos of old sets and I brought back this year's color rush Buccaneers I didn't really know where to go with these, I just know I wanted to bring back their throwbacks
  12. As a Devils fan, I can't really say I'm too thrilled about the alternate crest or the striping pattern. The stripes feel too small and insignificant to the sleeve.
  13. They say you need to start with a concept, but I'm intrigued by this
  14. I really don't mind the Dolphins' font...