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  1. Please no more grey, most of us are sick of it
  2. Nashville's logo looks absolutely adorable
  3. Djruggs

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    Beautiful. Thanks for not doubling down on the gray and going back to the old look
  4. Up next is the Ducks, pretty straight forward here
  5. Can't see the images. And we want to move away from gray because we looked better winning our other two super bowls without gray. Also there was a 40+ year stretch from the late 50's through '99 where it was just blue, white, and red. A lot of us have been begging for the color rush throwbacks to be our permanent away uniforms.
  6. Yeah that's gonna be a no for me dawg. Far too much gray (please get rid of all of it) and inconsistent striping patterns. Giants fans are looking to move away from gray, not add more of it
  7. Thanks I hate it lol Great work!
  8. Florida gives be a bit fo a confederate vibe tbh
  9. Next up I got the Kings, Penguins, and Lightning For the Kings, I based it off their third jersey and brought back the purple. Penguins: Just a collar fix and a throwback jersey For the Lightning, old school stripes return and the main crest changes
  10. Quick little update on the Thrashers now that finals are over Next up I just wanted to reimagine the Rangers and Flyers to see what would look like if they adopted the styles of their winter classic jerseys/anniversary jerseys Flyers
  11. Decided to have a go at the Thrashers
  12. Updated the Whalers, although I had an idea for the third that Utilizes the green more than white. Personally I think I like the second better, but I'm not sure. As for the Devils, the red in the crest is just the red and the circle, I deleted the outline all together. I'm not quite sure what you mean
  13. Had some downtime so I did a little update on the Whalers.
  14. Thanks, I didn't think anything drastic needed to be done, I actually like the new stripes, It just needs a waistband dropped a new hockey jersey the other day and it was on sale for black friday