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  1. Pretty much anything that looks white/silver is chrome (player name/team name).. Anything that looks like a metallic dark grey with some hints of brownish-bronze is pewter (helmet/pants)..
  2. Excellent rebrand.. similar enough to the original to avoid alienating the fan base, yet different enough to eliminate the negative connotations associated with the current nickname.. very solid logo package as well.. I'd be very interested in what the uniforms might look like.. curious as to how the spear might be incorporated.. striping perhaps? Looking forward to seeing what's next.
  3. Agreed.. the tonal striping on the jerseys makes perfect sense and looks great due to the way it helps the contrasting numbers "pop".. but on the other uniform elements, the pants should match the helmet with contrasting striping.. the way the white helmet and pants look with the bold purple striping is great.. and white striping on the purple pants would look great as well.. Also, your Adidas template is about 5 years out of date.. their current template has both shoulder yokes AND cap sleeves.. modifying your current template shouldn't be too difficult though, as the adjustments are pretty straightforward.
  4. ATL 100% works.. it has been popularized into ubiquity through numerous avenues.. it's to the point that it is often referred to as "A.T.L." or "The A-T-L".. as someone who lives near-ish to Atlanta (and Charlotte), I can say without question that ATL works.. CLT is close to working and is much better than "CHA", as "Charleston" is also in the region and part of "the Carolinas" as well.. Not to mention, these abbreviations already exist in a VERY official context, so it's not like they're just reaching here (ATL in particular)..
  5. If that group of people collectively owns something, then it's fine.. like "where is y'all's house?" Otherwise, it seems odd
  6. I always understood the apostrophes in those cases to denote the omitted letters as in other contractions, such at "can't", "won't", and coincidentally, "y'all"..
  7. "Y'all" is already plural.. the "s" at the end makes it weird imo.. speaking as a very southern individual who says "y'all" quite often..
  8. I can't get behind "Lady whatevers".. the only time I like a distinction is when the nickname is gender-specific.. I actually really like how Oklahoma State has the Cowboys and the Cowgirls.. but simply throwing "Lady" in front of something is ridiculous..
  9. Prices can get down-right outrageous (up to $500+ per helmet for certain chrome options.. But we pay around $50 per helmet, which includes reconditioning, recertification, fresh paint, and re-dipping the facemask.. as I stated earlier, we use a standard color.. other colors and finishes can add up to about $40-$50-ish per helmet before you start getting into the crazy costs
  10. So, basically raw plastic is either clear or milky-white pellets.. they are mixed with a colorant (either a liquid or in concentrated pellets - often the pellets, as they can be used with all the plastic-weighing and dispensing machinery) generally before being melted into the liquid colored plastic that is to be injected into the molds.. then the helmets are molded with solid colored plastic (white, light grey, black, scarlet, cardinal, maroon, orange, yellow-gold, kelly green, forest green, royal, navy, and purple).. if a team opts to use one of these colors, paint is not necessary, although it is also an option.. For example, we wear standard "light grey" helmets, but we use the standard light grey paint, because it's a closer match to our standard light grey facemasks and our light grey pants (a shade darker than the light grey molded shells).. but we purchase the light grey shells to minimize any appearance of chipping and help make the color match easier.. for example, the KC Chiefs paint their shells, but I'd assume they use a standard scarlet shell beneath the paint (there's no upcharge for colored shells vs white, only a small upcharge for special paints and finishes).. Also, it's important to know that finishes can be achieved without the use of additional paints.. for example, it's possible for a team like the Packers to use a standard yellow-gold helmet, and simply have it coated with a glossy clear-coat that contains the metallic glitter flakes (although I'm pretty sure this isn't how they do it, they actually do paint it with metallic paint on top of the yellow shells, just giving an example of what a team could do).. Another interesting concept is how various manufacturers achieve their finishes.. for a matte finish, Riddell simply uses matte paint, but Schutt uses standard paint with a matte clear coat.. same result, different method.. As for the Jets example.. I think their finish is the result of metallic paint coated with multiple layers of glossy clear-coat that are tinted from darker to completely clear.. tinting clear-coats is a great way to add depth of color and achieve certain "color-shifting" looks.. this would explain why it so rarely achieves a "uniform" look in terms of a single color.. Needless to say, I've had several in-depth conversations with our helmet reps and satisfied much of my curiosity around the topic of helmet colors and finishes..
  11. I think you're correct, but I think it's a black helmet that gets painted black first, then painted orange
  12. Yeah.. I guess it kinda has a double meaning..? At least in my mind... First, the way the color is put into the raw plastic material (before the molding process, as opposed to painting after), And second, injecting the melted plastic into the molds to get a helmet that doesn't require further coloring.. I guess..
  13. I don't doubt this statement, I just didn't expect it.. surprising that one of the white helmet teams doesn't use a standard shell.. or maybe the bears.. jaguars.. Texans..?