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  1. The biggest issue with the entire set is the double stripes on the jerseys but single stripes on the pants
  2. The NFL relaxed the rules to allow for a color rush uniform as well.. once the color rush program officially ended, many teams kept their color rush uniform in rotation, so the relaxed 4th uniform rules remained in place.. I personally don't mind having an alt and a throwback, but I would limit usage to 3 times total or twice each at most.. not sure what the rules are on how often they can wear them
  3. 81 photos.. red pants make an appearance in 2 of them .. Doesn't seem like the team is very big on them at this point.. plus the black stripe clashes with every single jersey
  4. I've seen red pants mentioned more than once.. never saw them in any reveal photos.. did I miss something? Edit: nevermind, I have now seen them
  5. I think the main issue is that they tend to look sloppy in most instances.. One reason is simply due to the alignment and potential misalignment with a matching pants stripe.. if they become misaligned, it can look bad.. Also, it can often look overly designed and poorly executed.. the Patriots trying to tie a misguided side panel into a bad/phantom pants stripe is a horrible look, and the reverse on the home uniform is almost as bad.. and the overdesigned mess that the Vikings (had) and bengals have going on are problems that negatively affect the look of the pants solely due to the existence of the side panel, and trying to tie the side panel into the pants stripe.. side panels aren’t necessarily inherently bad, but there are a number of ways and reasons they lead to bad design.. it’s almost always better to just steer clear of them
  6. The number font is the biggest miss imo.. the previous font was fantastic and professional looking, and the new font is comically bad.. overall, not the direction I would've gone, and they're definitely not good, but they could've been MUCH worse
  7. Technically it’s not chrome, even though they do call it chrome..
  8. That’s probably why they didn’t go that route..
  9. I'm not trying to say anything.. I'm saying that with black included in the uniform, the pewter that contrasted a bit more with the black was a better choice.. there is no mistaking the fact that the newer pewter is essentially "light black" (the Pantone name is literally "Black 7")... Black and another black don't contrast nearly as well as black and pewter.. and operating under the idea that black REALLY worked for the super bowl set and is somewhat essential to this basic look, then choosing the colors that work best together is important, and the current pewter doesn't work best with the black (or darker red imo)
  10. In the early 2000s set, the black was somewhat necessary and helpful, and added to the look by providing a dark color for the brighter colors to contrast against, and the pewter and black served very different purposes, which both added to the overall aesthetic.. the new pewter is basically just really dark grey, and kinda goes against everything that worked with the original set.. the old pewter is a large part of what made the old set work so well
  11. Colored numbers on colored jerseys is always a bad idea
  12. There’s shouldn’t be any inconsistencies with the decal from model-to-model.. the only thing that might adjust slightly is the specific positioning on the helmet, but the decals themselves should be exactly the same from helmet..
  13. Nike's failure to produce metallic pants, or even the right color matte pewter is such an epic disappointment.. firstly, I don't believe for half a second that it's "impossible" to reproduce the old color and sheen.. secondly, the old fabrics still exist, so just use them if you "can't" use your own fabrics.. The new pewter is so ugly and anthracite-looking, particularly in the photo shoots with light reflecting the gold-ish metallic flake in the helmets.. if that's an accurate look at the helmets, Nike should've adjusted their matte fabric version of "pewter" to be a bit lighter and gold-ier..