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  1. That striping is bad.. boring is better than another overly-designed, reference-to-some-random-building-on-campus-that-I've-never-heard-of, trendy look.. I can't wait til that trend dies
  2. All are designed to disguise the pitch and look like a generic fastball, so picking up spin and discerning between them is difficult even without shadows, so the differences are less of an issue.. And as far as the number of options, sinkers and 2-seamers are essentially the same pitch, and cutters are only effectively different from 4-seamers if the batter bats opposite the pitcher's throwing arm (opposite is the case for sinkers/2-seamers), plus fastballs don't move as much as slower pitches, so it's really a non issue.. see fastball; swing at fastball; if it's 90+, you're lucky to make solid contact even if you DO know where it's going..
  3. If it's coming in at 90+ mph, you don't need to pick up the spin.. it's a fastball
  4. If you think the Saints have yellow numbers, you need to see an eye doctor.. There's a big difference between any of the colors mentioned and orange.. orange does not contrast nearly as well as you think it would.. there's a reason they went away from it in the 80's, and there's a reason they wear their current brown jerseys as rarely as they can.. it simply doesn't work.. using a still photo as evidence doesn't support your claim in the slightest, as football is a game played in fast motion with crowds and piles, where numbers need to be readily identified and easily visible.. orange on brown doesn't allow that
  5. There's a reason EVERY team in the NFL uses white/gold/silver for their numbers on their colored jerseys.. it's the only thing that works. Colored numbers on colored jerseys are 100% impractical.. they're miserable for coaches, broadcasters, athletic trainers, spotters, fans who follow more than just the ball, and anyone trying to break down film.. they're not functional, which defeats the purpose of them existing in the first place. They're simply NOT great uniforms full stop.. they're trash.. they were designed to be worn once or twice a season as a gimmick.. Browns fans like them because they got excited for new uniforms a few years back, only to have their hopes shattered with overdesigned garbage, so the Color Rush uniforms were welcomed as a return to a simple, traditional look, not because they're actually decent uniforms. Just better than the horrible uniforms they wear on a more regular basis..
  6. It looks pretty bad, so that's a low bar.. wouldn't take much
  7. Gridironfootballhelmets.com
  8. The Browns don't have a single decent brown jersey
  9. I don't disagree with this, although the solution offered earlier about flipping the navy/powder strokes would help.. I also think the font hurts them additionally (both in terms of being a crappy font, as well as not supporting the additional stroke very well).. And, my top two issues with this set: Fix the sleeve bolts by making them shoulder bolts again And figure out how to handle the outer stroke/background issue with the bolts for consistency across all uniforms (something the 90's set got right)
  10. Yeah.. it's wild
  11. I didn't reference anything you mentioned.. he harped heavily on the number of strokes on the bolt logos and on the numbers.. they are exactly the same on the set he claims is the best and the set he claims is the worst.. if the amount strokes affects the look of the uniform that much, then there's no way these two looks can be so far apart.. Point is, stroke number is what affects these two sets the least imo.. I'd suggest it's many of the other issues you mentioned (as I also mentioned previously)
  12. The issue here is the template chosen.. they all use a sleeve-less template.. it's just an extended shoulder yoke that runs from the collar to the cuff.. basically like the old Titans' jerseys.. the issue is that some teams tried to give the manufacturer a design that was obviously designed for sleeves, thus making it look ridiculously small and narrow.. this manufacturer has other templates that have sleeves, so it must've been a league choice to go with this template..
  13. I live an hour and a half from Asheville, and I had no idea... I know it as a nice place, beautiful area, mountains, a bit hipster-ish, and what Goth said, but had no idea it was so beer-heavy