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  1. Make those stripes a bit narrower and slide that logo into the proper place, and you've got the makings for a nice modern Bucs look
  2. I wasn't commenting on the existence (or lack thereof) of shiny pants fabric.. I was simply stating that I don't recall any major manufacturer specifically commenting on the impossibility of creating shiny high-performance pants
  3. I don't know for sure that they've ever officially claimed that.. I may be wrong, but I think it's just a trend
  4. To be fair, only purple is listed as an official color (pms 268) on their athletic website's licensing page..
  5. I'm a fan of the orange, but maybe it would be best served as an alt? I'd be interested to see the initial set you did, but with the sock striping to match the sleeve/cuff somehow.. maybe lower the overall striping pattern a bit and run the bottom black stripe down to meet the white? Or perhaps use the bottom half white section as the center white stripe, so directly above it would be the orange and black?.. just spitballing ideas
  6. Definitely getting better.. like others have said, try using pen and paper.. get a more refined image before going digital with it, particularly if you're stuck in the world of paint.. if you hit a home run with the logo on paper, we can help you get it into the computer.. but make it EXACTLY what you're trying to make it before trying to bend a program to your idea - as it normally works the other way, with your idea bending to the limitations of the program (or your limitations with the program)
  7. And my stance is that logos, big AND small, aren't really obstructed at all by vents, and aren't obstructed by straps any more than they've always been.. My opinion regarding the Bucs helmet logo has nothing to do with the vents or straps, but if vents and straps are an issue, a bigger logo certainly isn't the solution
  8. Then making the decal bigger and more prone to vent/strap interference is the wrong direction to move.. Also worth mentioning that the vents really don't affect side logo decals much at all.. certainly far less than people here like to suggest.. and the straps often have alternative buckle location options, or at least alternative methods that can give you more wiggle room with the decal..
  9. I also think it looks bad, but mainly because it overpowers the helmet color and from many angles, you can see both logos, which gives an odd Rams-esque feel, like the tips of the sword are horn-like or something.. also, the brighter red is a touch too much on the pewter imo, but that might be rolled into my first point a bit..
  10. If I had a pair of the newest pants from each of the three main apparel providers and an accurate enough scale, I'd get you an exact answer.. however, I unfortunately do not.. so all I have to go on is the material makeup each company uses..
  11. I can assure you that our brand new shiny pants are among the stretchiest I've ever felt/witnessed.. and greatly preferred by our players over our previous PrimeKnit pants
  12. But 10 years ago, the dazzle uniforms were already old, compared to the brand new speed machine uniforms that your school bought to replace them, correct? So the dazzle uniforms have likely had nearly 15 years to make an advancement.. Also, Nike's use of giant mesh panels, minimal pockets for padding (which they've pushed to newer, more intricate -and presumable heavier goodies), and dropping formerly standard features like flys and belt loops might go a long way in why they felt so different back then.. none of that requires matte fabric though
  13. FWIW, I checked into the materials for pants (since we're on the topic of Tampa Bay and pewter and dazzle/matte, etc), and found some interesting info.. I previously posted a photo of our (Newberry College) new silver pants that have a nice dazzle sheen to them, and there was some discussion/debate regarding "performance" materials and what Nike (+Adidas & UA) could produce, so I decided to compare tags from a known "dazzle" garment (our pants) to known matte garments (UA pants and Nike pants).. Interestingly, our Adidas pants and the UA pants I had are both EXACTLY the same.. 92% nylon 8% spandex.. the Nike pants were 88% nylon 12% spandex.. So, while I realize that 4% difference in composition and possible differences in manufacturing process might account for some slight variation in sheen, I think it's reasonable to assume Nike could produce a performance fabric that is at least roughly 96% as shiny as our new Adidas pants (which are very much like the old "dazzle" pants).. So, my opinion is now reinforced that Nike is simply chasing trends and dads with this whole "matte" fabric kick they've been on recently..
  14. The current uniform and especially helmet are massive downgrades.. the helmet color now looks odd - particularly with the silver facemask, and the uniforms are a trainwreck.. the matte brownish-grey yokes with asymmetrical sleeve logos are overdesigned garbage, and "iconic jaws of husky stadium" are fad-chasing gimmicks that look awful.. the triple-outlined, reflective, alarm clock numbers may be the worst detail ever included on a football uniform.. the Super Bowl set was a modem classic and looked fantastic and professional.. the current set looks like a college team and an arena team had a one-night-stand..
  15. After following the discussion yesterday and hearing the arguments for a white helmet, I toyed around with a couple ideas, and this is essentially exactly what I came up with.. the only real difference being the way you tied the striping into the black cuff (nice touch).. I think there would be other options for helmet logo (not saying the flag isn't the best option), but I think something in this vein would be the best possible option for them.. it's basically just reusing the super bowl set with a couple very minor tweaks, and somewhat blending some creamsicle era elements into the identity (particularly the white helmet and sleeve stripes).. this exact set here, with orange alternate and creamsicle throwbacks would surely be a big hit with the fan base, while safely reeling the uniforms back in closer to the SB set.. While not the most creative direction to take them, possibly the best "new" option that ties in the different era.. bravo
  16. EXACTLY.. and even if you think the stripes are a touch too thin, you can widen them inward a bit towards the collar, leaving the full sleeve for numbers and the swoosh (no, I never suggested moving them to the shoulders.. teams can make the swoosh and numbers fit on sleeves now, so it shouldn't become a problem when the sleeve isn't affected)
  17. I think the definition of what proper shoulder loops are has always been a bit loose.. the way it "should be" still is the way it "should be".. there's no reason a better solution doesn't exist yet other than manufacturers trying to cut corners and cut costs.. but I don't think "full wraparound loops" ever needed to be the standard.. the goal is to achieve a certain look, not cram design elements where they don't fit.. the Colts understood this in the 50's and 60's.. why can't we figure it out now? I've actually suggested this type of solution here before.. although I'd run the stripes more into the sleeve panel than the body panel, but same basic idea.. you'd run into part of the extended cuff with the cap sleeves, but it wouldn't affect the look at all.. seems like a solution that not only would work on modem templates, but stays true to the spirit and history of the aesthetic..
  18. While the Panthers' jerseys are a touch busy, there is plenty of room on the shoulders for bigger numbers than the tiny ones they used last night.. there's easily an inch or so on either side of the number, so the numbers could be increased by about an inch without really encroaching on the collar or stripes
  19. While the Panthers' jerseys are a touch busy, there is plenty of room on the shoulders for bigger numbers than the tiny ones they used last night.. there's easily an inch or so on either side of the number, so the numbers could be increased by about an inch without really encroaching on the collar or stripes
  20. Yeah, Lennard HS out of Florida will be getting a new logo..
  21. Georgia has one of the best uniform sets in all of football imo.. standard helmet, pants, home & away jersey, and single alt jersey (that's an official school color).. everything looks great together.. great color balance.. simple look that accomplishes any uniform goal you could ask for.. near perfection imo
  22. I don't think there should be more than an inch or two variation from player to player.. it's a standard, team-issued part of the uniform.. it should match.. I'm ok with players preferring to accomplish the uniform goal in different ways (for example: if a player wants to wear solid color tights with crew length white socks instead of knee-high socks that are colored on top and white on bottom, I'm ok with that, because you can't tell the difference from more than 5 feet away), but it should still look uniform.. players already have their own individual number, their name on their back, choice of gloves, cleats, and other accessories, etc.. they should at least be expected to wear their socks properly..
  23. Correct.. a decal should never rip hair out.. under any circumstances
  24. So would a buzz cut.. but the vast majority of players don't wear a skull cap.. it's not a big enough issue to really care about.. as evidenced by the fact that most people have never even seen it