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  1. You could make the argument that these aren't "orange stripes on black pants", but rather "black stripes on an orange panel on black pants".. this would make them them "accurate" as far as the mascot.. But either way, neither is as offensive as the "white stripes with black outline on an orange panel on white pants" option
  2. It seems as though there's a bit of missing info floating through this thread. I'll try to fill in the gaps I'm aware of: For starters, the helmet is not silver - it's "Texas Blue".. find an old photo from the 70's and you can really see the color as it originated.. almost a metallic powder blue.. the finish of paint has improved and changed over the years, and especially the finish of materials and fabrics, so the color has evolved a bit.. but to get a good comparison, find a recent photo of the cowboys vs the raiders, and you can see how much more blue is in the cowboys' helmets. Next, the real reason the pants are mismatched (at least with the home set) is the appearance on television. The greener version of the blueish silver pants appeared to match the true blueish silver (Texas Blue) helmets much better on TV. Also, Navy numbers that matched the star on the helmets appeared black on TV, but royal numbers appeared navy on TV and matched the helmet decals better.. so these changes are implemented in the 80's, because only a small portion of Cowboys fans were actually at the games, but millions of fans watched them on TV, so they tailored their look to suit their larger audience. So, they made the decision to use 2 "silvers" and 2 blues so that it would actually look more like 1 "silver" and 1 blue.. As for the "road" (dark) uniform, the only explanation I can think of, is that the navy jersey made the greenish pants appear either way too green or way too blue, so they went with standard silver - likely due to the difficulty securing large custom dye-lots and the potential visual issues already encountered by the greenish pants.. and with regular silver pants and a silver-looking helmet, they used regular light grey numbers/striping on the jersey, to sort of "match" as well as possible, but it actually resulted in more mismatching (Texas Blue helmets, metallic silver pants, silver-grey jersey striping -- 3 different "silvers" on the dark uniform) So the cowboys have nothing that actually matches their helmets, and with today's HDTVs, it's not just obvious to the fans at the stadium, but to everyone. If I missed anything or made any errors, please feel free to chime in!
  3. How exactly do single digit numbers help represent that? I really dislike this new rule.. it reinforces much of the nonsense at lower levels - like defensive ends and linebackers wearing single digits.. it looks ridiculous.
  4. The short-sleeve black top is on fanatics listed as a jacket
  5. Adidas makes other templates.. blame those schools for choosing the techfit stuff, not Adidas for having the option..
  6. The logo is on the uniforms though
  7. Do you have any photos of the Panthers doing this? I haven't found any evidence of them ever wearing 4 differently colored elements at once.. and I guess you're correct on the Rams on a technicality (they only referred to their blue as "blue" and didn't consider the helmet to be a "different" color, although we know it was)..
  8. They don't have 4 different colored elements. That would be like white helmet, royal jersey, red pants, navy socks.. they don't do anything of the sort.. Dolphins use aqua, orange, white, and navy, Ravens use black, purple, gold, white Etc.. I'm referring to teams with 4 differently colored articles of clothing (3 + helmet)
  9. Not sure where to post this, but I can recall discussions in the past talking about teams using 4 differently colored elements in the uniform (helmet, jersey, pants, socks).. Not sure how many teams have done it in the past, but the current NY Giants (blue, white, grey, red), and 97-13 Bucs (pewter, red, white, black) are the only ones that come to mind.. interested if there are others..
  10. Maybe the average American NOT from actual Dixie.. those of us actually from the region likely don't view it through the same lens as everyone else.. but everyone else thinks we're all a bunch of backwards rednecks, so I'm not sure what to say.. Georgia is in Dixie and voted for Biden, so the general opinion of "Dixie" is about like an a$$hole, everyone's got one, and they all stink.. Now, if you want to judge the place that held mock slave auctions accordingly, do it on THOSE merits.. but not because of some unrelated and unofficial name
  11. That's only because nobody on their team wears the skill cut or the QB cut.. every single player wears the lineman cut, which is somewhat designed to be smaller and suck up snug around the pads.. I'd argue that Nike should simply make the yellow middle stripe go all the way around even on the lineman cut, but either way, it's a nice aesthetic imo..
  12. With all the alternate uniforms, double-printing certain numbers, and a variety of other things that contribute to large quantities of jerseys, you could have literally hundreds of jerseys hanging on a rack.. having a nice TV number on the sleeve or shoulder makes finding the exact number much quicker than having to reach in and either space two jerseys apart enough to see the numbers or pull one out to see the number.. with no TV numbers it's guess work.. and the amount of extra random times people request jerseys is pretty staggering - from recruiting, to photo shoots, to public appearances and interviews, to events and displays, and obviously game day setup.. not to mention putting everything back away doubles all that work - which is essentially guesswork.. may sound lazy or silly to you, but when it's a huge portion of your daily routine, it adds up quickly.. it's like getting a deck of cards that's in a certain order, and trying to "pick" a specific card.. you can probably get within 3 or 4 of the right one, but very rarely will you be able to just snag the 8 of clubs on the first try.. and that's only 52 cards.. they deal with about twice that many per set.. also, it's not what they "signed up for", especially if they "signed up" at a place that had TV numbers when they signed up, then got rid of them.. taking pride in doing a great job and going the extra mile to make certain things special is great - and it's much easier to do if you're not being slowed down throughout the other parts of your job.. and that job is pretty extensive.. there's a lot that equipment managers deal with behind the scenes that nobody knows about or thinks about.. pretty much anything that can be called "equipment" often gets dumped on their plate.
  13. Makes life hell for the equipment staff.. even simple things like quickly snagging a jersey from the rack takes longer without TV numbers..
  14. I also couldn't stop staring at those jerseys... Mainly because I was watching the game
  15. To be fair, they've been wearing grey pants at least since Archie Manning..
  16. The newer 2D logo (without the wings) would've been much better.. the triple-wing-that's-really-supposed-to-be-his-cape-thing looks ridiculous..
  17. I was pretty clear about where I wanted the TV numbers.. on the sleeves, not the shoulders..
  18. Yeah the bolts are a bit too short.. they could stand to be lengthened a bit as-is, but would benefit further from shifting up a bit more onto the shoulder, which would create a better overall look IMO, as well as give the bolts a bit more real estate to be properly proportioned.. I guess their previous set with the awkwardly angled sleeve bolts made them think this is ok.. ideally, the shoulder bolts should follow a similar path to the Texans' shoulder inserts.. that would open up the sleeve for the TV numbers as a bonus..
  19. There isn't an "R" in the Ravens' logo..
  20. I agree.. move the TV numbers to the sleeves instead of the helmet, slide the bolts up slightly on the shoulders to make a bit more room for the sleeve numbers, and maybe change the facemask color to powder or white.. they got it so close, but agree that it's not perfect
  21. I DON'T get why it's different.. it should match the ORANGE helmet.. there's actually even less reason to make it different..
  22. Dear God, I hope not.. orange numbers on the navy jersey would look like trash and be nearly illegible live
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