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  1. I know the old green jerseys had a white "W" and Tail. I like the white tail better, but it's a small detail. I think it's a good jersey that features Pucky.
  2. They are called the Jets, and yet there isn't a single jet to be found in their logo, nor uniforms. I think the skyscraper would be great for the Giants, but for the Jets, the logo should involve a jet.
  3. For the shoulder patch on the Whalers' alt, try making the whale tail white, so the negative "H" can have a little more pop.
  4. When you have this logo, you make it work In all seriousness, I really enjoy your work.
  5. San Diego & Orlando gets an NHL team over Hartford??? Colin Turner was never my friend!
  6. Is there a way that you could put a dot on where the new area is? I think that was a cool feature of the old logo. I do like the 4 stripes on the blade of the stick.
  7. I think the dropshow on the 49ers uni's would be great if it was white.
  8. The Nebraska Helmet, it's hard to make out the red "N" with the state that is also red. I think doing an red outline of the Nebraska State shape, would work much better.
  9. Gold - 1 Silver - 2 Bronze - 7 I feel bad that I could only give 3 votes. This was really tough to decide.
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