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  1. RT @EasterbrookG: Trump, who never served, demands that others salute the flag while using flags as a personal self-promotion prop. how is…

  2. @fbgchase Aaron Rodgers/

  3. RT @YahooFinance: The GOP’s ambitious college reform plan via @WSJ

  4. RT @_youhadonejob1: Most accurate pie chart ever.

  5. RT @Sting:

  6. RT @NOTSportsCenter: LeBron, when a Pacer breathes on him:

  7. RT @FitzyGFY: Patriots got over 600 yards offense in Super Bowl, gave up 41 points, so 1st two picks offense. Belichick loves Alabama play…

  8. @BigPeteThe3rd I like Mason Rudolph better.

  9. RT @AdamSchefter: Here’s what Bill Belichick did on his 48th birthday, 18 years ago today:

  10. RT @AliPlumb: I unironically love this joke.

  11. RT @BillKristol: Everyone's talking about "Trump unleashed." But the reality seems closer to "Trump unhinged."

  12. So putting a blue bulb on your porch is going to help those on Autism Spectrum with career troubles? Oh please. #WorldAutismAwarenessDay

  13. @hbkazemi33 At least it's not $30k or $1mm.

  14. RT @GameplanChicago: Sketch. Refine. Sketch. Refine. Sketch. Revolutionize.

  15. RT @SonnyBunch: It’s good that Roy Moore lost.

  16. RT @yashar: March 2014

  17. @michaelFhurley The funny thing is, Belichick literally made the 33rd pick happen out of thin air through numerous trades.

  18. @BigPeteThe3rd Eff Skip Bayless!

  19. @YahooFinance Oh please! It ain't gonna work.

  20. RT @AmyTrask: And boy oh boy do I remember when (and why) that rule was enacted - and perhaps my memory stems from an itty bitty bit of fir…

  21. @Chris_Bolin24 Hey, Negotiations 101...I go low, you go high.

  22. @jacko2323 Still the reigning, DEFENDING, Red Sox Hater Champion! John O'Connell!!!

  23. @BKRenegade @YahooFinance @SallyPancakes @Ripple Also, Stellar has IBM as a customer.

  24. RT @GameplanChicago: New Orleans @Saints and not Dallas nor Washington as the only team featuring a white home uniform. Interesting. @nfl @…

  25. RT @EasterbrookG: Trump destroys everyone around him. Was true in his TV and real estate careers, is true in the White House. He's Typhoid…