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  1. Washington looks great, very much like the classic Gophers look I love.
  2. 1. I'm glad the change is finally happening, but it's sad that it's taken so long for sponsors to apply the additional pressure needed for the change to occur. 2. The realtor that trademarked the various names is a genius and I hope he makes some money from Snyder to sell the trademark.
  3. The Falcons really told the Browns to hold their beer lmao
  4. There is so much to dissect here but oofta this looks like a major blunder
  5. The gray pants coming back would make me incredibly happy, especially if they kept the helmet black. Great concept!
  6. It was called Madden 25 because it was the 25th version of the game. Interestingly the game used two different cover players, Barry Sanders (only non current at time of release cover athlete) on previous generation consoles, and Adrian Peterson on current gen consoles which were new at the time.
  7. He was pick #9 so that was likely a placeholder jersey until he officially received a number
  8. The Amex Jersey Assurance doesn't cover the number change either.
  9. In their defense that was a completely different franchise. That said it still should have been caught in a on field testing like the Jags did with teal numbers on black jerseys.
  10. If only their identity was a white version for the Association, a Thunder Blue version as the Icon and the leaked Statement as the Statement
  11. I'm sure we will see more of the Rookies once the ones traded in draft night have their trades made official and their teams can introduce them. But here are some others I've seen.
  12. In many other sports I get why the logo on the front would be preferred for maximum visibility, but in baseball I think the sleeve is actually the better choice. When watching a game on TV most of the time you are looking at a better in profile view which means his sleeve is pointing towards you. That said the size and placement on the front doesn't bug me.
  13. You continue to do great work here. I get tingles with nostalgia looking at the Bloomington Jefferson and Duluth East uniforms, so many tournament memories of those two teams over the years.
  14. So does the jersey style and the large B logo on the chest. Black socks look better than gold regardless of their aesthetic tradition.
  15. Both the Bruins socks and the Blues numbers are improvements
  16. It's definitely a different shade of purple, I have a Teddy Bridgewater jersey that was mistakenly made in the Ravens shade of purple and it's a distinctly different shade next to the correct color
  17. Dolphins logo is fine, just darken up the aqua to the previous shade, throw white in between the orange and aqua on the helmet stripe and they have a modern classic uniform
  18. Only thing wrong with the Dolphins current look is the toothpaste shade of aqua that needs to be darkened. Otherwise the update last year fixed a lot.
  19. If by crap GM you mean one of the best... Won 8 titles as an executive, 2x Executive of the year, GM for the Showtime Lakers in the 80s, brought Kobe, Shaq and Phil Jackson to LA, turned the Grizzlies around, retired before joining the Warriors as a consultant and is credited with preventing them from trading Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in a deal for Kevin Love, and as part of the Clippers has turned their outlook of life post Lob City around and turned them into a premier free agent destination for this upcoming off season. West is considered one of the best front office minds in the history of basketball, and was a hell of a player to go along with that.
  20. Who knew the absence of two letters on the jersey would bug me so much.
  21. If the wordmark and numbers were yellow there that would be a gorgeous uniform. Very likely that I'm in the unpopular opinion side of things, but the front chest logo rather than a wordmark has always looked amatuerish to me and has bugged me more than how arrogant Curry and Thompson have gotten after that first "Splash Brothers" season when the nation/media fell in love with them
  22. Why did the NHL switch away from white jerseys at home? I prefer the white at home for hockey not because of seeing other teams colors, it's moreso that teams white jerseys tend to be the better set to me.
  23. The current set needs the Run TMC wordmark on the front instead of the logo and I'd agree, but as is it's in the bottom tier of looks in the league in my opinion.
  24. Black is in the logo thus a team color, and this was also an alternate before Color Rush was a thing
  25. Wow that number font is horrendous. Ruins an otherwise great upgrade for Pitt.
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