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  1. The lime green looks good, but there needs to be more of it, especially on the helmet. The lime green eye is tiny and is hard to see from far away. I do like the helmet and the connecting logo; I like it better than I thought I would. The helmet just needs more green to fit in with the rest of the parts. Totally agree. I wish the lime green was represented more than just on the Seahawks' eye on the helmet. And I do love how the new connecting logo resembles a totem pole. Can you explain this further? Where on this image are you seeing "totem pole"? Thanks for your response.
  2. Funny, they had white pants they could have worn with the last set and they never wore them as people said how bad they looked with blue helmets and blue jerseys, so why do these look any better ? There is no right or wrong here, just personal opinion. I personally think the scuba-steve monochrome look is tired and old. I have been a Seahawks fan since 1979 my favorite set of theirs was their original royal blues. For me, breaking up the deeper darker blue with white or gray pants just makes it look better. Its taking some time for these to grow on me, but in my opinion the best combo so far is to match any jersey with the gray pants.
  3. Seahawks rookie Robert Turbin wearing the new uni. Looks so much better with white or gray pants IMO.
  4. Me. I would love navy blue & grey please. For the name, "Seahawks" would be great. Thanks!
  5. How about the new Seahawks logo on the new blue jersey (grey would be nice too) background? 1920x1200 Thank you!!
  6. So basically, whoever posted this mock-up (I apologize for not giving proper credit but it was somebody on this board)was pretty much accurate..... I dont mind the the navy blue helmet color, but the silver needs to be darker because it gets washed out when on a bright background. I love gunmetal gray...I have a truck in that color, and I wish they would have went that route.
  7. On the first picture (white hat) the silver is too washed out. Wish they would have made it a darker shade of gray. The black hat appears to have the old pacific blue color for the logo bottom stripe? Either that, or I am getting old and that is a darker shade of gray...but that wouldnt be consistent with the other images.
  8. No logo on the sleeve? Worst news of the day. I was hoping for the return of the old-school large wrap around, but would have been satisfied with a larger version of the current sleeve look. That sucks.
  9. As a 30-year Seahawks fan, this picture is the exact reason I cannot wait for the primary color change. I have 2 authentic jerseys, over 10 replicas, and none of them look the same. The jersey in this picture is nothing like what the color should be.
  10. Thank you very much for the Seahawk versions. Great work...thanks!
  11. These are very cool! Great design. Could you do a Seahawks new helmet & vintage as well? Thanks!
  12. Thank you very much for the Seahawks versions. Their Awesome!
  13. Seahawks Thank you very much. That is awesome!