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  1. This is actually what Timmy Ho's have been using on cups the past year or so...
  2. If you have the 30 minutes to watch this, I think you'll flip. Its amazing...
  3. Anybody notice that they're no using that main logo on the website, but a colorized, roman numeral version? Also, have fun changing the numbers in that URL to either 42, 43, 43, 44, or 45...
  4. Here's the old one... And here's the new one...
  5. I just saw this photo in the New York Times today... What's with the Heat putting up banners for Olympic participation? It's not even affiliated with the team! Also, whats that banner on the far right? The pic in the times is clearer, but it looks like it says "Ron Culp - NCAA Athletic Trainer" - What??? Looking for explanations...
  6. The slug is back on the banner of In the words of Deandre Cole, "What up with that?'
  7. Solid: Note the new star red line...
  8. From the Sabres' official website:|BUF|home The Buffalo Sabres today announced they will be unveiling the team?s new 40th anniversary third jersey and selling individual game tickets for the remainder of the season on Saturday, September 18, as part of ?Puck Drop 2010? at HSBC Arena. This day-long event will be an opportunity for fans of all ages to share in the excitement of the first day of training camp with a full day of events, and will also include an open practice and the Adult Street HockeyFest. Admission and HSBC Arena ramp parking are both free. Individual game tickets for the remaining 31 home games will go on sale at 9 a.m. on September 18. To purchase tickets by phone, call 1-888-223-6000, or visit or to purchase online. Visit or call1-888-GO-SABRES for more information. Tickets for the first 10 regular season games are going on sale August 21 at 9 a.m. The Sabres will unveil the team?s new 40th anniversary third jersey at an open practice that morning. This classically-designed uniform is a tribute to not only the history of Buffalo hockey, but early NHL jersey designs. The 40th anniversary jersey will now serve as the team?s alternate jersey. Fans will be able to purchase the 40th anniversary jersey in the Sabres Store beginning that day. The team is also scheduled to take part in a scrimmage following the jersey unveiling. ?Puck Drop 2010? will also play host to the third annual Buffalo Sabres Adult Street HockeyFest on the streets surrounding HSBC Arena. The day-long street hockey tournament is open to men and women ages 18 and up, at a cost of $150 per team. Each team consists of up to five people and all teams are guaranteed three games. Each team member will receive a HockeyFest hat and t-shirt. Applications are only available by clicking here. The registration deadline is Monday, September 13. Space is limited. For more information on the HockeyFest, please call (716) 855-4144. Other ?Puck Drop 2010? events include: groups of players available for autographs throughout the day; live music in the Plaza area throughout the day; food and drink available for purchase both inside the arena and outside; and a Sabres Kidz Zone featuring interactive game What's odd to me is that it talks about an alternate 3rd jersey, but nothing about a new road jersey - - I thought sluggo was gone for good....does anybody else read it that way?
  9. Disagree...I like when the logos on the banner reflect the era in which they were won. When the Sabres updated their banners in 2007, they redid them with the goat logo, even though it was gone for a year. My link In this case, though, they can put up a banner with the "silverized" old logo and it would be accurate. They wore that logo a lot this year, including the game where they clinched the division. So it wouldn't be inaccurate if they used it for the banner, even if it's not their primary. Also, FWIW, there are rumblings that the blue slug jersey is already gone forever. I'm hearing that the Sabres might only wear their white uniform and their third jersey (throwback) in the playoffs this year. Hope that's true. Oh, I'm all for them using the "New" Old Logo on the 2010 Banner. I just don't want them going back and taking the slug off of the 2007 banners, no matter how much I hate it.
  10. Disagree...I like when the logos on the banner reflect the era in which they were won. When the Sabres updated their banners in 2007, they redid them with the goat logo, even though it was gone for a year. My link
  11. Okay, now I'm confused, because I just saw this image...are there two versions of the blimp floating around?
  12. So I was looking at pics from yestrdays kids choice awards, and I saw this...flip forward to the photo of ryan schckler same thing on the 2nd slide here... The old logo! So what's the deal? Did they not realized that the old wordmark was on the blimps? Or did they just keep it for history's sake (I doubt that)
  13. I think the team just does it if they feel like it? I know the Red Wings do the same, but the Sabres do not do this (They were the "Eastern Conference Regular Season Champions" in 2007, but there is no such banner mentioning it) What about the other 28 teams...anybody got info on what they do?
  14. Can't forget about the WHA's AVCO world trophy: