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  1. I spoke with the PR guy for the team last night and he told me that they have a firm working on a logo and it should be introduced in February or March.
  2. that area at the top right of the circle bothers me...seems like a cutout, but even if, id think it would all be in shadow. and id assume he would be bald under the jag head if that is skin. overall, a very nicely rendered logo!
  3. VERY crude quick mock to make it more basketball like
  4. i've done a few over the years... this one is my name and when flipped, my sons name and this is a ben folds song title and for a company named damage
  5. i've been using doteasy.com for many many years. it's super cheap...you can do a 100MB Free Web Hosting space, 1GB Free Monthly Data Transfer, 10 Email Accounts for $25/year. theres no ads or anything.
  6. make the eyes and nose and snout bigger...exaggerate the features. also make your logo much smaller and look at it that way. people always make a logo 8" wide with all these small details. and when it is viewed at 2"-3", everything is lost.
  7. haha... so jersey had to expand the island via landfill to make it theirs.
  8. flare the back out the neck out...not in and move the ear up...the ear usually goes from the eye line to the bottom of the nose.
  9. please, oh, please connect the letters using a script font...especially since some letters connect and some don't other than that..very nice
  10. wow, please tell me that's not you... HELL NO!!