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  1. @NICKMERCS ur a good dude for making that kids day!!

  2. RT @UnboxTherapy: *GIVEAWAY TIME* Here's your chance to win your very own 4K projector from @OptomaUSA - Just retweet this tweet + make sur…

  3. @ProblemWright Send the invite

  4. RT @Drake: playing fort nite with @ninja https://t.co/OSFbgcfzaZ

  5. @ProblemWright @TopMaddenJet I'm ps4? Let's go what time and how much we talking?

  6. @RexDEAFootball That's easy money!!

  7. @RexDEAFootball what r ur suggested cfm settings? All pro competetive or all madden competetive?

  8. RT @GearsTVOfficial: LIVE SHOW https://t.co/OTyLp9apAY

  9. RT @DubDotDUBBY: Its Time. @MichaelVick GIVEAWAY!!! RT & F @DubdotDUBBY @NeedItGaming in order to win! Pick Winner Tmrw #madden @EASPORTS_M…

  10. @ProblemWright Pause and the hit start again helps speed things up also

  11. @RexDEAFootball @HOLYWOODSPORTS gets us competitive mode injuries in cfm please...

  12. @ProblemWright what time are u playing?

  13. RT @MotoOnXbox: Giveaway: 2 codes for a #GearsofWar4 Operations Pack. RT if you want one & I will randomly choose 2 people today at 3PM PST…

  14. Ok tell me or show me something..

  15. RT @ProblemWright: No nano detection will save Keenum tonight. I promiseeeee youuuuu https://t.co/uOMJVhebVT