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  1. For black jersey, one word: Perfect!
  2. I want this template! Thanx!
  3. BOTH versions at ! Thanx
  4. The white jersey is very Leafs! Good work, i buy your concept
  5. Very good work! Maybe an blue alt on the futur?
  6. Good work randyc! The red uniform are very very very nice
  7. Yeah, the first is very impressif but the second...
  8. I really love St.Louis Blues and New Jersey Devils jersey, especially Devils's logo. Good work, as always! J'aime beaucoup l'uniforme des Blues de St-Louis, très bonne initiative de mettre une partie du logo comme ligne en bas! Pour les Devils, j'imagine très bien ce chandails sur la patinoire. Bon travail, comme toujours
  9. Thanx guys, i appreciate @Le Québecois : Pense pas non !!!
  10. I wish to see this jersey on ice on "Hockey Town"