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  1. I saw this Sunday in the Argyle Sweater comic strip: Nice to see a logo theme in a mainstream comic strip - don't know how often that occurs...
  2. Super Friends and reruns of the Superman-Aquaman Hour also helped. Being Canadian I didn't get them until we got cable in 1975 at my house, then my world opened up I am really liking Aquaman's return from "lameness". If you use the Super Friends version of ANY character, they were all bad. Aquaman was just a good target...
  3. I tend to not post very much (been coming here since about 2000, and I don't feel I have a lot to add, but I sure have learned a lot about logos, jerseys and sports from this great board), but it's cool to find other people on this board have the same DC interests I have. I visit the Aquaman Shrine daily, and I have my own very limited DC Animated website (hasn't been updated in way too long). I even tried doing a version of hockey players in that style, but I have to find them. If you want some more of the 80's guides, check out under José Luis García-López. There are a lot listed there. I'm a lifelong DC fan (since I got my Mom's comics when I was 4 years old in 1974), and it's nice to see my comic geekiness is not limited to comic sites
  4. Pinapple Crush will be a difficult thing to find in BC...I couldn't find any in Vancouver when I was there. In Edmonton you can get it (and the Birch Beer) at Sobey's. I haven't seen Tahiti Treat for a long time here...
  5. Finally getting the new design in Edmonton. Started with Diet Pepsi 2L and cans over the last few weeks, but today saw the regular Pepsi 2L. Seeing it in person is a bit different than I expected. Usually, when you see a label, the real label has a lot of extras on it (especially in Canada with French labelling). This label is very sparse, and it takes a bit to get used to. Overall, though, except for the different globe designs, I like it.
  6. If you go to or TSN, you can get the game online live.
  7. I'm pretty sure it did make an appearance up here. Our close proximity to the states usually ensures that we see all the wonderful cola variations from pepsi and coke. We did get New Coke, and then when the original formula returned we had the two versions for a while, just like the US. Like SupaDawg says, we generally get most of the Coke and Pepsi variations.
  8. There are 25 other teams in the league. While the divisional rivalries make exciting hockey, playing every team gives variety. There's no way an eastern and western team can be rivals in this system. With the Oilers alone, we had the Islanders, Flyers and Bruins, which we played more than twice every three years. Not any more. There is no rivalry between us and Carolina, for example, because we never play them. Stanley Cup finalists should have that... And as we don't get to see every team, we don't get to see every player. Because Ovechkin and Crosby are on eastern teams, the west fans rarely get to see them. How could it possibly been a positive if the Oilers of the 80's never played the Eastern conference - no one would have seen Gretzky or Messier. Why is that a positive now?
  9. There were obviously less teams then so it was much easier to schedule, but it worked well in the 80's. There were the obvious rivalries, which, for the most part are created and solidified in the playoffs anyway, and we got to see all the teams at home. Back then it was 3 games per year with the the other conference, one year twice at home, next year twice at their arena. At least two games per year (1 home 1 away) with the opposite conferences would be much better than what we have now. The 2 games against the opposite conference, 3 games with the rest of your conference and 6 with the division is workable. They played an 84 game season from 91-92 to 93-94, so it has been done. Why buy seasons tickets to see mostly the 4 other teams in your division? This isn't baseball and it shouldn't turn into how that sport works.
  10. I was at the Oilers game last night against the Panthers. I'm disappointed in the the Oiler's jersey, mostly because it's incomplete. With really only the odd stripes on the arm, it's too minimal. They look "okay" but not great on the players. They could have done better. They need at least one more element to make it better (shoulder color, maybe the secondary logo, bottom stripes, something). I keep trying to justify that that they look good, "looking to the future" in a design way, but I can't. Seeing what they did for the Springfield farm team, even for the WHL Oil Kings, they could have done better. One thing I noticed is the stripes on the arm are narrow in the front and widen quite a bit going around the back, nearly twice as large. For myself, as long as the design is good, I don't mind the extras like added piping. I like a lot of the new designs, but not all of them. The Oilers jersey is one that I'm trying hard to like but haven't yet. And it sucks because that's my team. I don't want to just "get used to it". The fans around us were all talking about them, mostly indifferent, but you could sense a little disappointment. Since most people probably don't share our interest in jerseys, it'll be their reaction that influences the team. Hopefully something will be changed, but knowing this team and it's minimal changes to it's identity, it doesn't look promising. The Panthers on the other hand, looked pretty good in their whites. They use a nice red that looks good from the stands. Too bad they went with navy on their home jersey.
  11. Whats wrong with: Boston v Montreal Toronto v Ottawa Edmonton v Calgary Because the whole point of Hockey Day in Canada is to have the "Canadian" teams play each other in the three games. With no meetings between the East teams and the West teams next year, that can't happen.. I don't like that we have to play the four teams in our division so often. The Oilers play Minnesota 6 times before the end of the season - it's almost like a playoff series in itself. Most everyone I hear from here would like to see all the teams once a year here. Unfortunately some Eastern teams would have to travel more, and they don't seem to like that...
  12. Here in Edmonton, there was a lot of talk in the papers and on TV about the new uniforms. So, at least here, it's publicity. I don't mind the uniforms, as long as teams aren't forced to make drastic changes. As for the fit, one of the players said they'd just get a larger size, which is what I thought...
  13. They're now actually talking about removing the grass. As long as I remember (since it opened in '78) they had never entertained the thought of replacing the grass. They mentioned something about cost effectiveness, but I honestly haven't heard much about it.
  14. They used a polar bear for a few years (96 to 99, I think) that was a part of the EE logo. I can't find an example right now, though... I thought that was a great idea, but the bear was a bit cartoony. --- Yay, I managed to find a site with the logo here.