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  1. Almost need to move the blurb to the top for that. Would still look great I think.
  2. Sorry, I don't have a whole lot of time to look through the comments yet... Is this template available anywhere? Love the work so far!
  3. I got 2nd in the Post2Post/SportsTemplates Vegas Jersey Concept Contest.... At least I'm calling it 2nd... 1 of the 4 Honorable Mentions... To celebrate, here's a red-less version of the Maple Leafs Concept I made.
  4. Sorry for double posting, but my topic got moved to the 2nd page and I think alot of people missed my latest updates... So I wanted to make sure some people were able to see everything now that its finished. Now that July 4th has come and gone, I'm ready to post my Montreal and Vegas Concepts. Montreal Canadiens: Maroons Throwback I've seen alot of blue concepts, throwback concepts with the same colors. But the Maroons, whom played in Montreal from 1924-1938 don't get alot of love. Yes they were different franchises but its a city that canb be proud of another 2 Stanley Cups in addition to the 24 they already have... which are noted by the thin stripes on the arms and waist line. The center lines are in the design of the original Maroons striping, but centered in the middle of the chest with the Canadiens logo to represent the team representing them now. The slogan "nos bras meurtris vous tendent le flambeau" is present in the inner collar with the Canadiens colors and stripes. Its one of my favorites and I hope the Montreal fans enjoy it as much as I do. Vegas Golden Knights: Knight Life I don't know how the logo would work (my thought would be how this season's Camo practice jerseys were made, as type of thick print) but I loved the neon idea I had to roll with it. The Blackhawks jersey I made took a BIT of an inspiration from this but I feel the look of the stripes keeps it from looking too similar. I originally wanted to spell out "VEGAS" in the neon stripes at the bottom of the torso, but A. It was difficult to do effectively, and B. Looked a bit too gaudy for my liking... so I scrapped it, but the idea lives on on the shoulder stripes with the V. I wanted to used their shoulder patch as the main crest from the start, and once the neon theme popped into my head, I think I made the right decision, as the two colors help it really pop. I then re-added the same patch design behind the main Vegas logo on the shoulder, this time exclusively in red so the gold Vegas neon popped out. So there are all 31 teams, but I had a few requests from friends to work on a couple other designs... so I'll share those as well... Chicago Blackhawks: City Edition The Bulls had one, and I love it. I was asked my a friend of mine to take the Chicago Flag and interpret it into a Blackhawks uniform. I originally had a white one, but, as you an tell by my profile pic, I love the cyan and red combo, so I went with the light blue. I added the stars on the collar like they were in the 2016 Stadium Series Jersey, but also added a couple to the arms, much like I did with the other Blackhawks jersey I made with the feathers. Added the flags of both Chicago and Illinois where the tomahawk would go to further the City Pride aspect, and even State pride. Seattle Metropolitans: I designed this a few years ago, and even shared it on these forums back then, but i t got minimal attention, so I wanted to update it with the newest template I got. The logo was taken from an image they had on their website as I am in no way a logo designer, which is unfortunate... But I was able to grab the color scheme from there, and it looked very futuristic, so I kinda went with a techy kind of look. The grey stripes are meant to look like carbon fiber, kinda with the same treatment San Jose's current stealth jersey stripes have, but with just a straight carbon fiber look, despite mine just being diagonal stripes. The "infrared" color really helps set this look apart. I made away and alternates back in the day and maybe I will re-do those too at some point.
  5. I've spent the last week trying to finish the Atlantic and Metropolitan Divisions... and although I like them for the most part... They're a bit dim and dark... So I'm including a few lighter concept surprises... There were only 3 teams in the Atlantic I had yet to design for that I hadn't already, those being Ottawa, Tampa Bay and Buffalo... And 5 in the Metro with the Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Devils, Flyers, and Penguins... Again, Montreal will be posted at the end of the Post2Post Contest along with Vegas. All that out of the way, let's get to the rest. ATLANTIC Buffalo Sabres: The Dark Days I really struggles with this one. I started trying to recreate the old Goat Head logo jersey... then tried making it in royal blue and yellow, but it wasn't working out well. I then tried classic striping and colors with the Goat Head logo, but it looked too lazy to me... I landed on black because it's still something they haven't done since they had that logo, but they didn't have one with their current scheme... After battling with logos and striping I settled on this... It's not my favorite, but I was all out of ideas with Buffalo... Its hard to make their branding work in my opinion. Ottawa Senators: Centurion I think their NHL100 jerseys that they now use as an alternate is one of my favorites of all time... And while I started to just make a white version of it, I thought I could take it one step further. I know the 50th Anniversary is usually for gold, but silver just seemed too similar so I went with the Gold (it is technically in their color scheme after all. I also opted out of the O logo after my dad said he didn't like it, so I tried it with their normal logo in gold, and I think it works very well. Tampa Bay Lightning: Thunderstruck My favorite in the current batch. I know what their current alternates were going for (I think), but it was executed poorly in my opinion... I went with a storm cloud gradient throughout the jersey. I didn't have a Front Crest originally, just a very big sublimated lightning bolt... But it seemed too... out of place? So I added the main logo crest, added some blue, and then got the idea to make it look like the crest, Captaincy Patch, and numbers were almost clear... "cloudy" if you will... I think its a clean look. I then came back to my idea of the sublimated bolt, and added smaller ones in the background so they're not super noticeable unless you're looking for them. Hockey Is For Everyone: With Pride Month upon us, I have a few friends who are apart of the LGBTQIA Community who are hockey fans and wanted to make a practice jersey, not unlike the Camo and Hockey Fights Cancer ones we see in the real world, for everyone. Obviously the rainbow is the main focus, and I wanted to keep it that way so everything else is white and black; the logos, the numbers, the patches... Decided to add the "Hockey Is For Everyone" as a patch AND as stripe, as it were, so the message isn't lost. I think it looks good. METRO Carolina Hurricanes: Storm Surge Redux I really like Carolina's current alternate, but there are things that just don't sit right. I like the heathered red stripes, but wanted to keep in line with the striping across the other jerseys so the flag stripes return, with darker reds and blacks to fill it out. I LOVE their alt logo, but agree its too massive for a jersey, so I added a triangle behind like they had with their Tropical Storm logo. I think it turned out well. The grey shoulders were ALWAYS a miss in my opinion, so I tried to fix it by making it the same red throughout the jersey, and making the patches that were once mono grey, mono red to match. I think its a god upgrade. BONUS: Carolina Hurricanes: Hartford Whalers Tribute To add more color to the VERY dark bunch of concepts, I give a Whalers colored version of the Storm Surge Redux jersey, with the shoulders removed and the front crest changed back to the primary, albeit in Whalers colors. Not much else to say, really. Columbus Blue Jackets: WE MARCH Taking the Cannon on the road. Overall design stays the same, but making a road version by swapping the navy blue with the cream. Also reverted back to the original font on the ALTS.... mostly because I don't think I have the current font. I think alot of others have done it but here's my attempt. New Jersey Devils: Season's Beatings Red with black or green trim is common. Green with red trim seems like Minnesota, yeah, but different enough to be its own is this Christmas inspired design for New Jersey. These colors split the population, but I wanted to go hard on the Holiday theme. Can't spell Santa without Satan... Can't spell Devil without... Evil.... I don't know what I'm saying... Philadelphia Flyers: Midnight Bullies I DON'T like the Flyers Black jerseys... Alot of white borders and outlines, not enough orange. I took the original design and just made it black and orange while taking out the white... Also matched up the horizontal stripes on the sleeves to line up with the stripe on the waist. Looks like they're ready for Halloween but to be honest, I think it looks a bit more menacing for a team reminiscent of the Broad Street Bullies. Pittsburgh Penguins: Steel City YES its just major inspiration from the Steelers.. But morphed into a yellow design instead of just another black one. The two teams sporting the most championships in the city merge together on the ice. I've worked very hard on all of these, and I think my creativity has been pushed to the limits. I'm very happy with quite a few, and while I agree some could be better, I think I've done justice for all the teams in trying to be different, a bit out of the box, but still true to each and every team. I will still add the other two next weekend yet to appear on the list, and I will post updates if anyone has ideas in the weeks to come. I hope you all have enjoyed looking at these as much as I have had making them!
  6. Hey Everyone! Been hard at work trying to come up with good designs for the Pacific Division and there are a couple I'm very proud of in here... I won't repost, but here's the rest of the Pacific, excluding Vegas (still waiting until the Post2Post contest is over). Anaheim Ducks: Still Mighty I love the current orange alternates of the Ducks, but I know everyone wants the Mighty Ducks look. So, I merged them, and I truly think it came out pretty well. I'm not a personal fan of the color combination, but I don't hate it so I think I still like it. Arizona Coyotes: The Desert Kachina I struggled with the Coyotes, starting with a sunset look, but couldn't get it to look decent enough to use. So I went a little basic and just made an "away" version of the Kachina, a design I'm in the minority of that doesn't seem to understand the appeal... BUT... Went with cream to look like sand of the desert instead of white to keep it consistent. Edmonton Oilers: Comet Relief I don't like their current alternates... And Orange is used as their current primary... (I thought about just re-making the current orange jersey and posting it here as a joke, but I thought it would be lazy, lol.) So I went with an old school design but touched it up a bit. Added some orange, changed the striping a bit, and BOOM. I think it looks better than the original comet design, not to pat myself on the back but... I like it! Los Angeles Kings: RETURN OF THE KING I like the logo, I do. I don't care it looks like the Burger King, it was a look into the "Now Modern" design back in the 90's and I think works. Merged a few of their past designs together to create a heritage type design that stays true to their history while also being unique. I hope you all like it. And Finally Vancouver Canucks: New Legacy They got alot right with their new alternate... The use of the Stick in Rink logo, the striping is new, but they should have made it green... Their AHL club, the Utica Comets, have one and it looks sharp as heck, and I wanted to see how Vancouver could make it work. Used part of their current alternate with a simple sleeve twist and I think its my new favorite I've done, to be honest. May look a bit like the Whalers but they stole their colors so... I think its ok. So there we are! Which division should I finish next? Metro or Atlantic? I'm very appreciative of all the feedback I've got so far so keep it coming!
  7. Took your advice on the Wild one and I think it looks better as far as "normal rotation" jersey comes into play.
  8. Thanks for the Feedback so far you guys! I'm really enjoying creating these days. I've added the rest of the Central Division here, May move on the the Pacific Division next... Colorado Avalanche: I thought the Stadium Series jerseys the Avalanche wore this past season were OK. Good in practice, bad in execution (the patch being almost a different shade of burgundy looks bad). I think they should keep them around but maybe go for a BIT more traditional route, which is where this concept came in. Overall pretty much the same design but tweaked to include the current Alternate logo. Still has the color split and the mountain center, but a little more traditional. May be a cop-out but I really think it looks better. St. Louis Blues: Yes, I know, another Navy concept. I don't know why my brain keeps going there but here we are. The yellow stripes in the middle, while reminiscent of my Predators look, I feel is different enough to pass. I initially had a black jersey with neon looking gradients but decided against it for a more traditional Blue and yellow look. I wanted the stripes to come off as the sun setting on the rich St. Louis day and into the hockey filled night... (Also maybe that the sun is setting on their Stanley Cup Run finally. LOL Only kidding! ...maybe.) Also wanted to include the Gateway Arch in some capacity. Originally just had negative space look like the arch in the striping, but opted just to use the Blue BEST jersey crest again, bringing it back from the Reebok days. I was struggling with emptiness on the jersey, and after some other stripes, decided to add the river wave stripes from the St. Louie flag to the bottom and I think it helped bring it together. Minnesota Wild: WOOF. Yes, I know its 100% out there, and I think some will think its awfully incredible, but that most will think its incredibly awful, and that's OK! I think Minnesota has one of the most unique logos in sports. Its one that has multiple images in one, and something I wanted to explore. So... Cut out the boar (bear? pig? random wild animal?), take the insides, and splatter them across a jersey coherently... I think its ok, lol. I don't know. Sometimes I see it, I love it. Other times I see it and I want to start from scratch. I'm interested in your thoughts on this one, all! So there its is, all of the Central Division alternate jerseys. There's been ALOT of blue... and ALOT of Red... I really hope the Pacific Division can get me away from that. Edmonton may be tricky...
  9. Alright, So NO, I am not creating all of these at once, I've had these done for a few days, but I'm getting a big rush from perfecting my designs and sharing them. So, while I had a them in the first post, I'm just going to post which ones I get done. No order really, but I've been asking my friends to choose which jersey I work on next so that's how they'll probably pop out. That sound fine? Florida Panthers: Here is one I don't think they'd wear too often with the sublimated type design, but I think it would look good in person. I added the Florida flag in addition to having the cross in the blue. Palm trees added as well to the design to help fill out the torso. Not huge on the gold stripes but I think it looked better than Red stripes with Gold accents, and I wanted limited white. Calgary Flames: I saw a post by I think NHL on NBC on Facebook where it asked which old logo should be brought back, and the Calgary one intrigued me so much I wanted to see how I could use it. I started by just making it the main crest... but I soon ventured insto something more out of the box, and to be honest, its now of my favorites. I may update the sleeve mountains to match the ones on the torso but I don't think it looks bad as basic mountains. Nashville Predators: The Preds should have a navy uniform. They just should. I wanted to incorporate guitars more than they are on the main jerseys, but didn't want it to bee too gaudy. The sleeves are a perfect place for the strings, and the patches that are usually on the shoulders I added to the tops of the sleeve stripes to look as if the picks are stuck in the strings, waiting to be used. New York Islanders: I wanted to do something with the Fisherman, but opted not to. BUT did take inspiration from it for the dark blue shade. Added back the original colors as stripes, and added 2 white stripes to give them four in "honor" of their four Stanley Cup Championships (because they haven't run THAT into the ground). I think the blues are different enough to work well here, done in just enough of an unique way to look clean. Washington Capitals: Maybe my most "basic" concept. Took inspiration from their Stadium Series jersey against the Leafs and edited them to make them look usable outside of a one off appearance. This is a "remaster", if you will, of one I designed a few years ago where I made a home and away set to go with this one, but I think alone works well also. San Jose Sharks: I originally had Shark Teeth in the teal instead of the gradient, but realized quickly that it did not look up to standard with the rest of my stuff. The change was made and I think it made the "Great White" design stand out. I've seen quite a few Sharks concepts with the gradient teal, even old school Sharks had it, but wanted to make sure to have it stand out. Taking a bit of inspiration from the LA Rams "Bone" coloring (wtf, Nike?), I wanted an off white alternate and thought it worked well with the theme. I repurposed the teeth into the collar design with the "This Is Sharks Territory" mantra. Winnipeg Jets: Enough of the navy. I know. I had alot early on... This is another "out there" type of design that I got into at 3AM while watching episodes of the old game show "Finders Keepers" on YouTube... That's irrelevant but everytime I see it I think back to that night. Kind of playing to their old identity as the Atlanta Thrashers, the mismatch sleeves stand out. I wanted Red to be used as its in their logo but nowhere in their main set, and everyone wanted to go back to their Heritage Classic designs. I do love them, but I need a bit of my own creativity in there, and this is what tired Jonny came up with. I don't think many will love it, but I gotta say, I definitely enjoyed working on it. Dallas Stars: This one was straight up spite. I'm a Hawks fan, and Dallas just straight up copied the Hawks designs, with like one fewer stripe on each. And, while I like the Stars new identity... If they're gonna steal the Hawks stuff, they might as well steal one that makes sense. "Everything's Bigger in Texas", goes the saying, so I took inspiration from the 2016 Winter Classic Hawks design with the big stripes on the arms and changed it to be more Dallas looking... Literally the whole inspiration.
  10. Updated based on your feedback! I think you were right on both accounts. The Skyline may have worked for a one off jersey I think but it looks cleaner without.
  11. Hey everyone! I submitted an NHL jersey design into Post2PostProduction's Montreal/Vegas Jersey Design Contest and it got me wanting to make an Alternate Design for every team. I've got all the Original Six done but I'm going to hold off on Montreal until the contest is over, as well as Vegas because I don't want to spoil what may have been my design, but I will add it in after the winners are revealed. Here are the First 5 Original 6 teams: Chicago Blackhawks: I saw Neil from P2P review a Hawks design I thought had a neat idea but wanted to try my own hand at it. The four colors represent the four feathers from the Hawks logo. Speaking of the Hawks logo I put simplistic versions of them on the sleeve stripes. The idea to add the skyline came really late but I think it adds a bit more character and I think it came out really good! Boston Bruins: Pretty self explanatory. Yellow version of their Winter Classic with most Bruins fans preferred alternate logo. Not much else to say Detroit Red Wings: I'll be honest, I had alot of trouble figuring out what to do with a team with only 2 colors in their history... So the only obvious thing to me was BFBS (Black For Black's Sake)... The logo I'm a little proud of because I'm not very good at creating my own logos... So the fact I was able to get the wings part of the logo on a modern "D". As for the uniform I wanted to make it look like their '09 Winter Classic but modernized with black as the main color. Like I said I struggled New York Rangers: What's the one color in their scheme they haven't had a jersey made for yet? Red, That was the basis for this one, really. Take their most unused color and try to make it work. I didn't want just a simple recolor, although its mostly what it is. Toronto Maple Leafs: Leafs had red in their logo for I think one game before, but I wanted to see what would happen if the Leafs played into that. Originally just added red to their normal design but thought Leafs fans would think it would be blasphemous... So I wanted to show the red taking it over like maybe some Canadian pride is overtaking the Leaf Blue... IDK, I like it. So that's it so far. I'm excited to get some more up here soon. I have some ideas I got floating around in addition to the Golden Knights and Montreal ones I designed.
  12. This is an old concept I made shortly after my Seattle Emeralds attempt based on the original colors and logos found on the nhl.com'seattle site... before the seagreen color popped up. Kind of went with a mechanical type look with the greys and the almost carbon fiber look to some of the stripes. Let me know what you all think!
  13. Black version looks a bit like the "Digital Six" Jersey EA Sports did (I think) in NHL 18 (or maybe it was 19... idr).
  14. Can we just talk about how creepy this picture is, considering its telling us to check out NFL.com the day after 9/11 before the events on 9/11 happened? I know there's no correlation between those events but just a strange thing to see... I may be alone in that...
  15. Thank you. I was trying to figure out how to do that myself while editing it.
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