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  1. This is an old concept I made shortly after my Seattle Emeralds attempt based on the original colors and logos found on the'seattle site... before the seagreen color popped up. Kind of went with a mechanical type look with the greys and the almost carbon fiber look to some of the stripes. Let me know what you all think!
  2. Black version looks a bit like the "Digital Six" Jersey EA Sports did (I think) in NHL 18 (or maybe it was 19... idr).
  3. Can we just talk about how creepy this picture is, considering its telling us to check out the day after 9/11 before the events on 9/11 happened? I know there's no correlation between those events but just a strange thing to see... I may be alone in that...
  4. Thank you. I was trying to figure out how to do that myself while editing it.
  5. I know some reports state the "Emeralds" name has pretty much been out out to pasture... And that I'm definitely not the first person or last person to make a Seattle concept, but I wanted to make an attempt. I'm not the best logo designer, that's usually kept for actual artists, of which I am not, but I feel I've made a pretty good effort at getting a decent looking design out there. I started with a logo, more specifically, the "Inaugural Season" logo. I designed it as the main logo first, and got the jersey design elements from it, i.e. the Triangular patterns. After finishing I thought the designed looked fine, but the logo looked a bit One-Dimensional. So I went into redesigning it and I think it looks a bit more respectable. I opted to re-purpose it into an Inaugural Season patch instead. Seattle is known as the Emerald City, and when I think Emerald, I think of the green jewel, as many do, so I decided to make the logo a gem/jewel styled design (I've also been playing alot of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy). There aren't alot of dual shade jersey designs in professional sports, if any, so I decided to go with a two-toned green to coincide with the term of Emerald City. I thought about changing the gold accents mostly because we just had an expansion team use Gold in their main color scheme... but I figured as an accent, and not a main color, it was passable. I also don't know what color could be used in its place. All that said, please take a look and review. I'd love some feedback and will try to test some theories out!
  6. @Steve_Dangle Will you be keeping an eye on the AHL Western Conference Finals?


  8. @TheAHL Let's Dance!

  9. Thanks for your time @Halestorm And thanks for rocking the house at the BMO last night!!!

  10. @goicehogs @TheAHL @CalleDahlstrom Was that a dig? ?

  11. @sambone73 @hockeydan99 @Steve_Dangle Strong words from a Bills Fan. Lol

  12. I liked a @YouTube video Steve Dangle EASHL Highlight Pack

  13. Mark your calendars...

  14. Still getting over that TRIPLE OVERTIME WINNER from last night. Did that seriously happen? Was I seriously there? D…

  15. @goicehogs I'm super proud of our camera people and of Brady for getting this shot. It's beautiful.