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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I agree the sizes are a bit out of whack. I was torn between representing the idea and losing resolution. That aside, TB 3rd is based on the flag of St. Petersburg giving it the unique color combination. The Giants 3rd is supposed to be a play on the Tie Die popular in the Haight Ashbury district SF is famous for. The Royals actually have Asics logos on the sleeves, not Nike. I can see how that isn't clear. The Dodger's Keeper is based on the flag of Los Angeles. Again, I appreciate the feedback.
  2. I really enjoy the general design of Soccer (Football) kits. Personally, I like how the primary kit remains consistent but there is freedom in the change/3rd kits. This is an exploration of what MLB teams my look like as soccer clubs.
  3. The Deluth Eskimos are the team that "Letherheads," w/ Danny Ocean and Jim Halpbert, is loosely based on.
  4. Technically Ocho Cinco would be Ochenta y cinco so... Anyhow, the Brooklyn Horsemen were one of two brooklyn teams that merged before folding after the 1926 season. They were named after Norte Dame's four horsemen of which two were signed to play for the Brooklyn Horsemen.
  5. The Pottsville Maroons may or may not have won the 1925 NFL Championship. Locals belive that had the NFL awarded them the championship that Pottsville would have kept its team and become an "East Coast Green Bay."
  6. The Akron Pros were a team that existed in the early days of the NFL:
  7. Making the Cheifs look like the Chiefs was definetly intentional. Kearse was supposed to be the 8 man for Tenn. I had a brainfart, its fixed now. I forgot to upload the Colts, they're there now.
  8. ArsenalGnnr

    What if....

    I started this about 2 1/2 years ago. Sometime in the early 1900's American Football and Rugby began to institute rule changes that diverged the games into two different sports. But what if American football had remained consistent with rugby? What would the uniforms look like today? Here are my brainstorms: I made that one well before the umm... dog thing. I should probably change it but the file is messy.