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  1. It probably will happen out of necessity even though it is technically not legal with this rule. QB's and kickers are still restricted to 1-19. I still can't get my head around the fact that sometime in the next few years we will probably see a DB, LB, WR, TE & RB on a possession with a single digit number and the QB with 31, 58, or 99. Seems too bizarre but I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. I still think that this rule will have some unintended consequences. Will teams issue all of there there low numbers (1-19) if players want them or will need to hold some out of circulation so if a QB or kicker gets hurt during the season they have an available number during the season. It's not such an issue in college since you can have duplicate numbers as long as they are not on the field at the same time, plus changing numbers during the season (or in the game) is not a problem. I would not be surprised if we don't see a QB or kicker this year or next have to take a number 20-99 out of necessity. That's why if you were going to change the number rule just let players wear any number they want. It's kinda dumb to try go halfway with it.
  3. Plus the trim could have matched too. I don't understand why they didn't do that.
  4. But still don't understand how it is connected to Magic. Seems so generic.
  5. There are so many things wrong with this Lakers uni set probably the worst set the Lakers have ever had IMO. Ultimately this all falls on the Lakers since they were the ones that approved them even if Nike were pushing them to change because of low jersey sales or whatever. As far as the banana yellow goes this was an issue last year as well so perhaps the Lakers only caught the color issue too late, however they had over a year to ask Nike to fix the color for this year and didn't. Once again THEIR fault!! It's funny when you see a Laker gold shirt next to a Laker banana yellow shirt. Did they not think we would notice?? SMH
  6. I really hope someone at the Lakers HQ is reading these comments and are discussing this internally. Hopefully they now realize this was a mistake too.
  7. TERRIBLE!! Simply terrible. I really want to know who in the Laker organization signed off on these. On top of that the Purple jerseys always had white numbers. Every...single...era. The Lakers usually make a "Statement" by winning games and championships not by messing up their unis. SMH
  8. There could be teams that wear 7 or 8 different jerseys this year. This is kinda getting ridiculous. I guess Nike needs to sell some merch!! And with all those choices they still can't give the Lakers "gold" unis...SMH.
  9. Disagree. These fauxbacks are far inferior to their last set. The yellow to way off. As for the purple jersey, hopefully they barely wear them this year and change them for next season. Hopefully the city jersey this year is good.
  10. I don't get it, seriously!! Nike had this issue last season and fans complained. They launched new fauxback unis but forgot about fixing the color issue. WTH NIKE!! FIX IT DAMMIT!!
  11. Introducing the new Lakers "icon" uniforms!! It's purple & "gold" - Nike
  12. Why don't people get this?? It's the same yellow as last year. Lakers fans complained about this last year with the switch to Nike and the Lakers acknowledged it but did nothing about it. It seems like Nike wanted to save money and just use the yellow in stock.
  13. BIZZARE!!!! And not just the just the weird uniform but also the player wearing it too. Nike really like to emphasize the missing striping on the back on the jersey. What a company!!!!
  14. Hmmmmm...we don't???? Looks pretty polarizing to me. I wonder if we will get some story or background on these changes. Seems like the people responsible don't want to be known right now.
  15. Man, Nike really went full banana yellow. It should be purple & GOLD!! However Nike thinks it should be Purple, Black & Yellow. THEY SUCK!!
  16. A great look for the LSU Tigers. Maybe Nike forgot whom this was for.
  17. That's banana yellow!! Almost A's yellow like the jersey in the background. Looks at it compared to the shorts on the left that are actually gold.
  18. Totally, totally agree with you!! They updated their unis back then because they were moving into a new modern building and wanted something to match. You either stay with what you have or go back to the throwbacks (i.e. like the 49ers). I hate how people are saying the the showtime unis are back. THESE ARE NOT THE SHOWTIME UNIFORMS. As we can tell already these changes are so polarizing. I hope the Lakers know that.
  19. The side panels on the shorts are one of the iconic design elements of the Laker uniforms. They have basically had them on every uniform since they arrived in LA. They pre-date the purple and gold color scheme back when the Lakers were blue and white.
  20. HORRIBLE!!! Looks like Michigan and Showtime Lakers got mixed together. Everything about this seems to be a mistake.
  21. This is probably the change. I think those mockups were wrong. Looks like they are changing the numbers by adding a shadow and the wordmark is slighty different.
  22. Yeah, they have had the side panel as their trademark basically since they moved to LA. It's like the Yankees pinstripes. Not sure why wouldn't include them. Other issue we must face is these unis will be branded "the LeBron uniform" now. If they are not well received they will blame him for changing their look.
  23. Exactly!! Did we get the Celtics to design these? I wonder who is responsible for this disaster?
  24. I'm a bit dubious. Those concepts are pretty dramatic changes. How do we know it isn't just a color and tweak. Remember people complaining about Nike not getting the gold on the jersey right last year. Plus haven't they been using that number font on the practice jerseys a few years now.
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