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  1. These were the best uniforms the Bruins wore. I loved the gold rim spoked B on this jersey and the black rim on the whites. These (and the whites) jersey's are "to the point". The current uniforms are too busy. Everything is tripled outlined. Hockey jersey's look so much better without shoulder yokes. I know Jocobs is a moron when in 1995 he took what was a classic original six look and turn the Bruins into a Winnipeg Jet's looking expansion team. The current uniforms are only slightly better.
  2. Somebody at RBK had to justify there job. Nothing wrong with what the refs had before. I hate it when people think they need to change something that doesn't need it.
  3. Again, I said this the day I first saw the current uni's unveiled back in 1995. I could not believe they were retiring the classic Original six uniforms for those current overdone expansion uniforms. I also can't beleive the Bruins have held on tho the current uniforms for this long.
  4. Well I have a few personal reasons.... They ended Cam Neely's career, it wasn't Samuelsons hit to his hip, it was these god awful jerseys. Lackluster play, no way around it. They just have not played like the Bruins in these. Nothing matches, it's terrible. The white sweaters I can deal with, but the darks, well.. they suck. They're just ugly, the huge white stripes at the hem, and running down the sleeves look terrible. Just a poor design. Their 60's/70's jerseys were a thing of beauty, and then their 80's/pre-fleetcenter jersey were even better, and not only do they knock down the Garden, but they give us these pieces of junk. Harry Sinden can burn in hell, along with these jerseys. I want my childhood back, bring back the Neely Era jerseys ASAP. I grew up watching them in these and have about 7 or 8 of them in my closet, they're beautiful and need to come back. I couldn't have said it better myself speedy! The mid '70's through 1995 uniforms WERE the Boston Bruins. Those uniforms were classic and did not need to be re-designed. Not only did they redesign the to the current home/aways, they totally tore my heart out when the unveiled the Winnie The Pooh 3rd jersey's......The Bruins I knew were GONE! The Bruins haven't been the same since October 1995 as you can tell they've pretty much hit rock bottom now. I hope we are in for a good suprise for next year's uni's (solid white/solid blacks??)
  5. I think the gold spoked B is great. The current B on the current black jersey looks nasty. Unless your up close, it looks like a blacked rimmed spoked B on a black jersey - YUCK!
  6. It still boggles my mind as to why the Bruins retired these.........
  7. I bought one each of the Neely solid white and solid black jersey's back in 1995. To this day, I haven't bought any of the new style Bruins jersey's. Could not stand how the B's went from an Original Six look to an Expansion team look ---ACH!! I hope to hell that they are going back to a Neely/Bourque era jersey as there home/away with the Vintage '72's as the 3rd. This franchise needs it badly!!
  8. Boston Bruins - Go back to the solid white/solid black uniforms -- Pre 1995 (get rid of those awful shoulder/arm stripes -- YUK).
  9. I think the Bruins ruined there logo back in '95 when they went from actually having two different spoked B's, one home and one away. The gold spoked B was awesome. I'm one for the Bruins to go retro and back to there solid white and solid black uni's. They need that Original Six look back!!
  10. Thanks. I wasn't sure if it meant that it pertained to only specific horizontal striping. I hope this isn't true. The NHL jersey has to keep some of that traditional look to it. It could be a disaster!
  11. Can someone please clarify what is meant by no more horizontal striping?? It seems to me that most jersey's have to have some sort of horizontal striping......
  12. I can't believe the Bruins went from what they were wearing until 1995 (very Original Six uniforms) to there current non-Original Six look. Every other Original six team has that old school look but the B's. Just another part of the destruction of this once proud Original Six Team!
  13. I'm really hoping that the Bruins go back to there more classic Original Six uniforms (solid white & solid black) worn until 1995. I, to this day, have never gotten into the current, predictable jersey templates (stripes going down the sleeves). They need that "classic" look back, not Winnie The Pooh -- ACH!
  14. I've never cared for the over-the-shoulder-and-down-the-arm striping. I hated it when the Leafs wore it and it certainly has done the B's no favors. Guess that style turns you into a loser. Try Boston's old striping in dark brown and gold. That would make a sweet sweater. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The current Bruins Uni's have been the death of this franchise. The passion has been gone since day one (10 years now!). I like the idea of trying the old striping with the brown and gold.