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  1. Uniforms are intended to evoke memories of the 1940s... Last time Olympics were in London was 1948 - and that was the take. Berets are to generate some kind of hoopla like the Canadian berets did in the past Olympics. I think they look like Judge Smails... "Spalding"
  2. I can't find a picture on line, but my Alma Mater (Northeastern) has its hashtag (#GONU and it's twitter account @nuathletics), PLUS the Twitter Logo just outside of the center ice circle on our hockey rink.
  3. If you lived anywhere near Boston, I'd send you to my framer. He does wonderful things with tickets, posters, athletic events memorabilia. He's framed my tickets/media passes from: - 1999 Ryder Cup - 1999 All Star Game - 2006 Women's Final Four - Entire Ticket Strip from 2008 All Star Game Weekend - Ticket, Pin, Pin Card, "I was there" Pin from First Game at New Yankee Stadium - Ticket, Piece of paint from wall, final season patch, final seaoon pin from Last Game at Old Yankee Stadium - Front page of SF Chronicle from Barry Bonds' 600th Home Run, Commemorative Pin, ticket (you can see me in the background of the picture) He's simply amazing, and the things he does with color...I asked him what he would go with, and he said "black and a silver/platinum" - so you may be on the right track. I'd go with a dark frame however, to make the white and blues really pop. Bring your stuff to the framer, or bring color copies, and a good framer will actually lay it out for you to see what you like - and don't scrimp on the frame.
  4. In the 80s and early 90s Vermont had their state at center court.
  5. I hate Illinois Nazis (since we're mentioning Joliet, and I always thought that team should have been called the Jakes).
  6. I think I read somewhere (I can't find the link readily available) that the players selected for the ASG will have the game patch on their game jerseys for the week before the game (July 5-11).
  7. I've got a close up of a jersey (A friend is trying out for the Suns), but don't know how to post pictures!!!
  8. 78 was my football # in HS (And the number they gave me in college before my knees precluded my college career). If I had to pick a # for college hoops and go by the accepted numbering convention, it would be either 32 (Dr. J with the Nets), 35 (Reggie Lewis), or 21 (my favorite player on my college team). Baseball - 15, Thurman Munson, easy.
  9. I remember that vividly. I also remember when Little Caesars first came to my 'hood in Connecticut. They had the two pizzas they put on a small board and put it in a bag, not a box - which was akin to blasphemy in Greater New Haven.
  10. In the "play on words category" UConn Huskies.
  11. Sorry. I agree with you there. I don't get a lot of Baylor football out here in the West. My mistake, those are simple and classy, just the way I like them. Looks an awful lot like William & Mary's uniforms - which they've had for a long, long time.
  12. Well, since every business he's run (but the Yankees) has gone under, they could have called them the Chapter 11's. Here are some other thoughts Felons Pardons Evil Empire I'd love to see the Warrior mascot with a white turtleneck, grey trousers and a navy blazer.
  13. .....you picked the color scheme for your Bar Mitzvah in 1983 because you thought the Michigan Panthers colors were pretty cool - then you wrote the team asking them for the exact names/shades of the colors so the party planner could get the right colored tablecloths, napkins and balloons, and the team sent you a bunch of SWAG because of it ... and because of that your office at home is done in Champagne and Burgundy, and you convince your wife that Champagne, Burgundy, and Hunter Green are great colors for your master bedroom.
  14. Ironically when the new Owners (shysters, shylocks, marketeers, pick your favorite word), they said they would be going AWAY from the navy blue jackets, batting practice jerseys, etc. because they wanted a separate identity from the Evil Empire. Conventional wisdom was that the con artists (I mean owners) did it to sell merchandise, and now, after everyone's loaded up with red - and Boom, they go back to Navy. It's all about selling merchandise. They didn't raise ticket prices this year, and are trying to milk their lemmings, I mean Red Sox Nation Fans for all the money they can.