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  1. I knew I wouldn't get any votes mainly because this is the best round I've seen. I should've known mine wasn't worthy enough.
  2. Waves just looks like a copy of old Astros unis
  3. Not digging the Texans helmet
  4. Well looks like I'm not getting any votes
  5. Agreed about the similar names and stuff, but I think our jersey designs were completely different. I honestly didn't even see your France team until now, I never meant to copy you or anything lol.
  6. I feel like you should have done expansion teams, like from Italy and France. But great series overall.
  7. So I recently finished last in the ESCC for Spain with four points. Just wondering what you guys thought of it. C&C please
  8. Just letting you know I'm working on a series for all the states if that's what you're thinking of doing.
  9. still wondering if you could do the Lockhart High School Lions colors: maroon and white
  10. Sorry guys, postponing new content until school's out
  11. for North Carolina, I'd stay away from dark blue, due to it being the colour of their rivals. I'd try a matte powder blue if you could