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  1. Some questions for the WLAF historians around her: Over the last years I read the following infos... (Regarding the reasons the NFL did start up the WLAF) - Some stories said other investors were planning a international league. - One report said that Donald Trump had plans for a IFL and that when the NFL announced it's plans for their international league (also named IFL) he claimed that they had stolen his idea. Thereafter the NFL renamed it the "World-wide American Football League" and shortly after to WLAF. - The ILAF (another league or was that Trumps?) was going to start in Europe by 1990. Because of the World cup '90 in italy they moved the start to 1991, which never happened because they folded before that. - The later WLAF coaches Jack Elway, Jim Criner, Ray Willsey and some others were originally hired by the ILAF. - Another spring league was planed for 1992, the PSFL, which folded during training camp. (Regarding the NFL losing money) - the fee for a WLAF franchise in 1991 was $11m. (what happened with that money when they folded the league in 1992?) - Believe the league had 6-7 owners, the other teams were operated by the NFL. - Raleigh-Durham lost $1m in 1991, so the owner gave the franchise back. - The league lost $9m in 1991, $7m in 1992. - when NFLE folded last year that Bergheim dude said the league lost around $500m since 1995. Anually $30-40m. So the experts might now tell me if all the above stuff is true. If that's the case, I'm just wondering (I'm probably kind of blonde here): If they did run the league in Europe for 13 years losing $30-40m annualy why did they fold the WLAF in 1992 when they lost a much smaller amount and had 6-7 team owners in place?
  2. Made those screenshots from a highlight vid. Got that some years ago from a tor..., well, lets say it this way, from the web. Regulary checking ebay for some WLAF stuff and from time to time there is a dude from north of the border who sells WL DVDs. So if you are desperately looking for old WL footage that might be an option.
  3. Some screenshots from the 1992 season...
  4. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=59516
  5. As far as I know the first european club which gets equipped by Under Armour... Hannover 96 (Bundesliga)
  6. Seems you caused something... League logo has changed and those silly teamlogos have disapeared from the website. Oh, and by the way they also changed the name of the league:
  7. While you mention the UFL, what's up with it? Havn't heard anything about the league for a while now. When will they finally announce any teams? its defunct like all the other start up leagues. Maybe some input from Mr. Panthers on this? Think I read before he has a special connection to the UFL's commish Huyghue...
  8. While you mention the UFL, what's up with it? Havn't heard anything about the league for a while now. When will they finally announce any teams?
  9. 2007 MLB media guides... http://mlb.com/pressbox/media_guides/index.jsp
  10. There is a thread about it on the Scottish Claymores forum: Berlin Thunder Unused Logo
  11. But you don't want to indicate that when the AAFL canceled it's inaugural '07 season in the fall of 2006 they already knew NFLE would fold, do you?
  12. I have heard Alabama colors Red Blue and silver Seems they changed their mind: Some Auburn guys are already going nuts about this on the AAFLs message board.
  13. That's what a rumor said last summer, but has there been any substance to back this up? That whole "AFL Europe" thing (preseason games in 2008, expansion by 2009) seems to have been a pipedream...