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  1. Might be the Flyers Stadium Series Jersey
  2. I love the Phillies Players weekend jersey!
  3. because i dont think they didn't want to use two different colors of blue, the baby blue and the royal blue of the helmet
  4. It looked like a twill was shinny too
  5. In that it says they made it bigger because the red jersey has the outline around it, ummm but so does the cream jersey they have had since 08, so why make a change now?
  6. I think the script outlined in the blue like it is on the red jersey and the cream would look so good on the pinstripes and Grey jerseys
  7. Phillies said they will at least have the new Jerseys on sale this Friday....i also talked to Lids and they said they wont have them till mid-end of the month
  8. Looks like the All Star hats are navy (NL), red (AL) and have the team's logos on them
  9. Is it me or is that the old majestic logo on the sleeve
  10. Yeah, I remember seeing off-colour Avs jersey all in blue, and a Red Wings jersey all in black. Here's a Flyers one that I randomly found. Also a starter jersey. Thats my picture from my facebook page lol
  11. Can someone tell me why they are selling some all black champs hats and some that are black and gray, like i am trying to find a black and gray eagles one but no one seems to be selling it
  12. After seeing som clips from the past few days, some teams look good in white/grey caps and some dont. The best in my mind: - Cincinnati home with white - NYY road with grey - Oakland home with white - KC light blue alts at home with white - Houston home with white i thought the phillies looked really good with the gray and red brim
  13. reds are cubs are
  14. Phillies going with Home pinstripes today for the home opener for the 1st time for a day opener since 08
  15. As i have heard it will NOT be used as an Alt, and i think that sucks
  16. Thanks for sharing that vid. Those look really really good. The fit looks awesome. Super tempted now. Packers have one for sale yet the Eagles dont!
  17. They the 1987 Eagles Home and Road uniforms. However, the green looks a little dark on those uniforms. Also, they have a Home Teal jersey for the Jaguars back when they looked good, but they don't have the matching throwback white pants, nor any throwback white pants at all. I do stand corrected, as I did see the Eagles 1987 set, and I agree it looks like a much darker green. The white set looks pretty good. And the wings on the helmet look a little strange, but I'm just glad they have them. Haven't seen the Jags throwback yet. i have had the eagles wear the nike jersey with the 87 silver (if you can call that silver) pants, since the green is darker it kinda matches. really think the birds should go back to silver pants
  18. yea i overreacted because the one on was wrong. but yes they have the right P and even the numbers are outlined in white like they should be. also on a side note the hats look alot better too, they didnt go with that HUGE P they went with last year
  19. So is selling the 1991 throwback the phillies will wear tonight, if that is the one they will wear tonight its the wrong one. in 91 they had the ball stitching inside the logo on the chest like the cap does. it looks like its just the same jersey from last years 80s throwback and even that was wrong because it had no zipper nevermind, just saw Tommy Greene and he had the right P on the Jersey. looks like they just have the wrong picture up on
  20. Eagles added a GR sticker for Andy's Son
  21. cant be ALL is the Eagles dont have it on He said equipment, not jerseys. Check the gloves and shorts/pants yes i know its on all of them but he said ALL Practice Equipment and the Jersey is part of that. i was just trying to bust some balls thats all
  22. cant be ALL is the Eagles dont have it on
  23. The Eagles do not have the old NFL Equipment patch, they have nothing at all on the neck