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  1. really sick, wish it was the actual teams logo.
  2. yeah agreed, I honestly can't think why I had the way before where it wasn't connected
  3. On the sashes, I went through and counted I have 10 sashes, thats regular single diagonal sashes (not including crossed sashes, vertical sashes, crosses). I realize its probably more than most people see in a league, the premier league this year has 5 sashes. So i get that having 10 sashes might be a little too many, but I like'em and I think I have done a good job of mixing up the design elements of those sashes some fade some are multiple stripes, and some are two colors. So I think its fine in the end and on that note... ANOTHER SASH!!!! YAY!! Sporting Colwich and here is the last team New Albion FC
  4. Gotta agree with this 100%. Awesome stuff. Only question I have is why the castle on The Castles's crest is cut off at the bottom and doesn't extend to the outline. I was wondering that as well, I don't know why i did that and now that I look at it I think it should be moved down Here it is updated, and the thing is on the kits the castle was connected with the shield.
  5. thanks, I think the home kit and the third kit are my personal favorites
  6. yeah, the look is ended up looking similar them although it is a scottish based team, hence the scottish flag in the crest and a thought green would be a good complementing color. Not until I got to the kits did I get the wolfsburg vibe especially with the vw logo The Castle
  7. Here is an update of vogesen Heights Western Highland Athletic
  8. I think I agree with both of those suggestions. For Vogesen would green work better maybe just an outline of the shield in green?
  9. No I do get it, and its comments like this that cause "lashing out" you have no need to post this comment in here, but you do anyway because you are trying to antagonize me. Ok, thats it, its done. St. Francis Vogesen Heights
  10. thanks for the feed back, question for the two blues do you mean the light blue of the home kit and the dark blue of the away kit? or do you mean both blues on the away kit? I think you are talking about the first one. to be fair the light blue is pretty light, I know this year man city played everton and both teams wore their home kits which each have a blue top, so I think the coloring should be fine
  11. So this is over now. We are going to leave it, because I'm not gonna keep fueling a huge comment war in my own concept. Fair enough?