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  1. the royals aren't in the AL West now, they are in the AL Central.
  2. That symbol behind the tomahawk and feather is the sun symbol used by the zia people of New Mexico. That is a southwestern Native American symbol, it is not a Native American symbol of Kansas. The feather and tomahawk are just two hard to read and don't really work. Look at the scout statue that over looks the city. That's what they used for the old scouts logo, maybe u could do something like it, but Kansas City needs to change
  3. I don't know how u get gibbon from that. I like the design, I do agree u could maybe do more to make look like a sea lion, and maybe angle it down, the angle of the lion is conflicting with the angle of the letters. I really like to see where this goes
  4. I started on a puma template today. I want to do a few more and test it because I made it last night and I could have missed something major.How are the socks? That was something I wanted to ask because I had to really go from scratch. Make sure to get new balance. For the socks and shorts I wish there was more dimension to both, but they look good
  5. When do you think you'll be able to post the full template?
  6. I think there is still some work to do, this template seems so boxy, square and rigid. Your previous template is a little more life like, but it's a little to thick in some areas. Maybe find a middle ground between the two. I look forward to using this template myself in the future
  7. Love the presentation and the jerseys, but just a couple suggestions. 1. work a little more on the crest ( have it say more than just MIAMI, and maybe not the old school soccer ball that looks like a volleyball) 2. try to avoid the orage blue color combo because frankly its just the Miami dolphins colors 3. size down the ad its a little to big I think the jersey designs are cool especially the second one
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