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  1. The Bagwell logo is a little off. Bagwell didn't start wearing that look till they went to space age blue and gold. It wasn't in full effect until the current colors.
  2. Dmore55

    MLB 2009

    This isn't bad, but I remember seeing some with Enron on them.
  3. 39-33 65-21 Funny how you have to quote the scores of two games and I can get my point across with one. I'll drop it at that. I'm tired of OU fans are saying that Texas fans are crying over all this. I'm more upset at the BCS and the Big XII. The argument that the regular season is so important in the BCS that they are the playoffs is bull.
  4. all i can say is yuk. but that is for personal reasons I was waiting for someone to say it! It burns!
  5. The interlocking UT, isn't used as much. Everyone just uses the longhorn.
  6. This season so far it has been open every game. You can make the same point about hats and lights for every team.
  7. I know that its really important that the nation took part in earth day with the patch and such. I would like to add to what other people have stated before about the Astros. The Astros are really dedicated to going green. They were the first stadium to put recycling bens around the stadium. On top of that they didn't just put a patch on. They had green hats...
  8. Its to my knowledge that the starting pitcher picks the uniform color. Roy for the most part wears the red, I think it might have to do with the game six NLCS in 2005. He wore the red and killed the cardinals. The red will always be worn on Sunday except when the opposing team also wears a solid color on Sunday. I didn't realize you were on the team as well?
  9. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking on ebay.... This is the real logo...
  10. Whoa whoa whoa....these are arguably the most successful rebrands within the past 10 years: -Dallas Mavericks -Cleveland Cavaliers -Memphis Grizzlies -Atlanta Hawks -Denver Nuggets -Portland Trail Blazers -San Antonio Spurs -Phoenix Suns Not so much: -Indiana Pacers -Detroit Pistons -Charlotte Bobcats -Seattle Sonics -Houston Rockets I have to say I was most disappointed with the Rockets, because of the fact that all it does is tie itself in with Toyota. Anybody remember my concept for the Rockets?: The new jersey design came before the Toyota bought the naming rights for the arena. Second of all, I would still prefer the current logo. I think of it as a successful rebrand.
  11. I have a Blue and white jersey. I've want a red Andre Johnson jersey. It would be great if they could pull of a stadium full of red.
  12. You got to have the star on the blue side