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  1. I personally dislike this Vanderbilt look. I like the chain idea, but hate how they use it. I think Vandy has great potential and used to look amazing, but they've missed the boat lately. Matte helmets don't work well for Vandy in my opinion.
  2. Give me that cream Peach hat right now please
  3. We've gotten to the point where "fans wearing certain color" schedules mean little to what the team actually wears. Take Oregon for example. Rarely does it correlate. Not saying it has absolutely zero bearing on the team uniforms, but not as much as it did years ago.
  4. Disagree with the husky head. I think it's a rather weak logo for UCONN and is fine as a secondary. The block C is a lot better, but like Syracuse, could always be more. I think this set looks really good, just what I'd expect to see UCONN wearing. UCONN and Syracuse are really a lot alike in my mind as they both have struggled to have a great look over the years, even with using very common color schemes.
  5. Truly enjoying this so far and can't wait to see the rest of this series.
  6. I like having the Auburn - Georgia Tech rivalry back. That is sorely missing. I like how the SEC was managed. The Central is rather solid, the West is unchanged besides Texas (which I think is an odd addition), but the East is where I get excited. Having Florida, Florida State, Georgia, and Georgia Tech together would be mayhem. Miami and UCF add great road trip potentials and more historic matchups, especially between Auburn/Alabama and Miami.
  7. To expand on Auburn's inclusion in this topic, the University did use a separate logo until two years ago, where they dropped the Samford Hall (main building on campus) silhouette logo for the AU. More: In the article I mention Auburn University-Montgomery, as they have a similar silhouette logo and a separate athletic logo. I haven't heard any news since about any logo changes for AUM.
  8. Important to note that Russell has recently attempted to exit the uniform-manufacturing business. They stopped with college, planning to do just high school. They've dialed it way back due, I assume, to inability to compete with the other companies.
  9. Not Hardcore enough to have a good aesthetic eye, Mr. Husky.
  10. Whether or not Nike goes out of their way to highlight their logo is one thing, @oldschoolvikings. I think it's more of a discussion that Nike has to leave their mark everywhere they go. Whether it's the FlyWire collar of the Seahawks teardrop. Nike doesn't seem able to restrain themselves from making sure everyone knows it is a Nike uniform. A friend recently purchased a game-used Vapor Untouchable jersey, and noted that the mesh area on the collar is actually sewn over in the back, removing any potential ventilation that Nike could (if they didn't already) claim would boost performance. I don't think it's all too far-fetched to think Nike does design uniforms with the idea of showcasing the swoosh better stuck in the back of their heads. Nike comes first, then everything else.
  11. Pretty silly to have anthracite and a dark grey color option. One is enough.
  12. Oregon State feels one step forward, one step back. I was the minority who loved the previous design and the striped facemask. I love the new logo and all. I like the striping here. I like the shoulder stripes. I despise "BEAVS" on the chest. Would be nice to see Oregon State in full length pant stripes again. Would expect a white and orange helmet as well in the future.
  13. I want to think this franchise will do the right thing for once and come to their senses in this regard. It's hard for anyone to tell me that looking at the current lineup of Jaguars uniforms and the rest of the NFL, that the teal isn't the best option. I know Shad said the black would be the new identity of the Jaguars when he bought the team, and I can only imagine he is incredibly stubborn behind the doors in TIAA Bank Field and won't let anyone attempt to change his mind. He's a business man, not an aesthetics person. There's a rumor going around that throwbacks will be worn this year and I can't get behind it. I'd love to see it, but again, I don't trust this franchise to do the right thing right now.
  14. This year's State of the Franchise was incredibly lackluster all around and felt like Lamping was grasping at straws. And I always love this event! In other news, the Twitter account posted a video explanation of the 25th logo. Ton of cheap corporate speak, but then this: "Teal is the unique signature color of the Jaguars." Yet another acknowledgement of the best color available and they STILL refuse to use it the correct way and make it the primary.
  15. They still use that font everywhere but the uniforms. It's really odd. The branding still centers around the old font, but only the uniforms are changed. The field markings are the old numbers. They didn't go all out on refreshing/changing the branding with the latest uniform like they did the previous set.