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  1. Oregon State feels one step forward, one step back. I was the minority who loved the previous design and the striped facemask. I love the new logo and all. I like the striping here. I like the shoulder stripes. I despise "BEAVS" on the chest. Would be nice to see Oregon State in full length pant stripes again. Would expect a white and orange helmet as well in the future.
  2. I want to think this franchise will do the right thing for once and come to their senses in this regard. It's hard for anyone to tell me that looking at the current lineup of Jaguars uniforms and the rest of the NFL, that the teal isn't the best option. I know Shad said the black would be the new identity of the Jaguars when he bought the team, and I can only imagine he is incredibly stubborn behind the doors in TIAA Bank Field and won't let anyone attempt to change his mind. He's a business man, not an aesthetics person. There's a rumor going around that throwbacks will be worn this year and I can't get behind it. I'd love to see it, but again, I don't trust this franchise to do the right thing right now.
  3. This year's State of the Franchise was incredibly lackluster all around and felt like Lamping was grasping at straws. And I always love this event! In other news, the Twitter account posted a video explanation of the 25th logo. Ton of cheap corporate speak, but then this: "Teal is the unique signature color of the Jaguars." Yet another acknowledgement of the best color available and they STILL refuse to use it the correct way and make it the primary.
  4. They still use that font everywhere but the uniforms. It's really odd. The branding still centers around the old font, but only the uniforms are changed. The field markings are the old numbers. They didn't go all out on refreshing/changing the branding with the latest uniform like they did the previous set.
  5. Per the branding guidelines, the two fonts are named Cathedral Font and Alternate Cathedral Font
  6. Add Pitt to the small list of schools using state-shaped warning decals
  7. Pitt uploaded the new branding guidelines to their site: Couple interesting points regarding the font. They actually created two versions! The first is the primary, based on the interior cathedrial arching of a campus building. The second is the alternate with traditional sizing. I think if they went with the alternate only, this would be a homerun no doubt. As for the alignment of the characters, any character with the arching point will indeed sit higher. They don't use the point as the top of the character itself. Finally, the stripe is designed so that if it's used on two sides, like athletic shorts shown here, the lighter side will face light, and dark will face dark
  8. Here we go with Pitt's redesigns. The website is still currently locked on their teaser image - every single url. On first glance, it looks as though they took an archway/pointy-thing from a campus building and ran with it. The number font has an awkward point at the top mimicking this (especially the 2) and the pants stripe has it sublimated a bit too boldly for my liking. Overall, it's a win. Want to see more photos.
  9. The last few summers on my site, I take fan ideas for concept uniforms and mock them up. Turns out a Vancouver Grizzlies was a suggestion this past round. (More here if you're interested)
  10. Auburn baseball has added the tri-colored hat to the rotation this season. The Tigers hadn't worn this design since 2013. I loved it then, but don't feel the same today. Something feels off about it, and I typically love tri-colored hats.
  11. I too saw an odd bronze-y color on my work computer, but now at home, both editions look equally grey.
  12. Good gosh that Nike swoosh looks awful on the throwbacks. Also, Pitt Baseball and Softball finally revealed the throwbacks they've been teasing for a few days
  13. This isn't quite as in-line with paid vs unpaid work like much of the other items listed here, but it's just as frustrating. Last night I got word that an Auburn-based Twitter account had posted some work of mine. I take a look, and they had (poorly) slapped a different logo on top of my photo. The base image comes from my site and is the first mockup photo to appear on Google under "auburn basketball court." It's actually an old court, from 2009-10, when Auburn played in the old Coliseum (note the Final Season logos). On top of that, I found a user on an Auburn message board site "blanked out" one of my uniform photos to create a (terrible) template for himself. Even left my logo watermark in the background. I politely asked him not to just color over my photos. I'm very generous with my templates and would be happy to share them with him. He wasn't too respectful with his remarks either. I mentioned I work hard on my product and have built a brand with my site. I check now and see that the thread has been deleted.
  14. I've used this thread to discuss softball uniforms in previous years, so don't be afraid to share em here!
  15. There are a lot of great new uniforms this season. The beveled diamond-rip off Nike logo is going to be a sore thumb on many designs.
  16. I really like this look for TCU. It isn't perfect, but a huge upgrade. The LT collar spikes are nice- maybe a bit too big, though. They go below the nameplate, which is too much. The facemask could be fine all purple. The stripe isn't necessary.
  17. I'm well aware Arizona is a top softball program. Repeating that does nothing to further the discussion. The point originally discussed was the use of Nike Swoosh logos similar to those worn in the CFP being used outside of football.
  18. Not football, but interesting that Nike is now offering a diamond-like Swoosh logo to non CFP teams. I mean, it's showing up for the first time outside of that arena on a freaking softball uniform. Is this actually something new or something I missed? If new, will we see non CFP football teams sporting it going forward? (Arizona Softball revealed their whole new line of uniforms today. More tweets like the one below for more info)
  19. I have always thought Syracuse is one of those teams with so much untapped potential. They are the worst looking orange and blue team around and have been for a long time. I think this is a great step in the right direction for Cuse. I love the use of the script on the baseball and basketball uniforms and think it could make an interesting alternate football helmet.
  20. I really like the overall look for West Virginia. I do think the all yellow football uniform looks a bit too much like LSU. Maybe swap the blue and white stripes? The black alts are my least favorite. I thought the collarbone stripes were odd until I saw the inspiration. I think it might be better if you picked black or grey. The coal dust look could look better on field, but feels odd here.