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  1. Florida is releasing Ring of Honor merch for each inductee during the next few years. It's a merch drop, highly doubtful they have any connection to on-field uniforms. They also dropped a Jack Youngblood jersey alongside the Emmitt Smith
  2. Between 1996-97 and 1999-2000, Auburn basketball wore these orange uniforms with striping on just one side of the uniform
  3. I really like this! I too would love to play with it.
  4. Arizona is currently one of those teams that can do nothing right when it comes to their uniforms for me. I don't know what it would take to make them look right again. But you nailed this approach to the gradient sunset! It's prevalent but not overbearing, which they've failed to do numerous times now.
  5. This looks like an interesting series! I like your start here with UCLA, especially the B on the helmet. It's personally odd to see UCLA without the traditional UCLA shoulder stripes, but I don't hate the usage here.
  6. This has great potential, can't wait to see it play out!
  7. More of a template change than a design change, but Auburn went to the dreaded truncated stripes look foll
  8. The branding release from last week had an image of the new hat rack logo on the collar
  9. Ah, USA, finally! I've tracked South's football uniforms for a few years now and have a decent relationship with their equipment team. And boy could they use this redesign. After hiring a new coach two years ago, the Jags have only worn 2 different combinations. I called them the "Oregon of the South" a few years ago after they had a different combo every single game of the season. The tapering stripe fits perfect with the Jag head logo. I love how you utilized that. I'd personally like to see something other than the Houston Cougars italic number font, but that's been a favorite for South lately and I can't argue that here. Well done!
  10. Some over seas online store is selling basketball court rugs and used an image I created for my site from this last season. They have a handful of other courts, mostly NBA, but I'm sure they came from other creatives and potentially users from this site.
  11. Those new jerseys were debuted last year. Nothing new for 2020 so far.
  12. With the current state of the world, some fear football season will be affected. Hopefully, things will blow over by then, but here's a comical idea for what we might see this fall. Introducing Quarantine Ball! In order to protect athletes, all on-field personnel will sport team-colored haz-mat suits! Each "uniform" consists of a full-body jumpsuit with a newly designed helmet that connects at the neck. No exposed skin for disease transmission! The following designs include each of the 14 SEC programs with their football uniform on the new haz-mat suit. Each helmet has a nice space meant specifically for team logos. The connection between the helmet and neck-collar features a stripe design to better connect the two pieces. The base image for this series comes from the Propstore of London. This design was used as Harry's Red Hazmat Suit in the movie Evolution from 2001. If anyone's interested, here's a link to the template I made with this image. This whole thing was just a silly project with a funny idea. I have had zero creative motivation during this whole ordeal and this helped get something going. Hope you enjoyed this fun little break from everything else going on in the world. Hopefully we won't have to take drastic measures like this soon!
  13. I love utilizing the Dallas concept for SMU. My only critique is using the mustang logo underneath the Dallas script. It looks a bit cluttered. I think you could get away with using the D-circle logo on the back of the baseball jerseys or shoulders on the hockey sweaters.
  14. I got you, Randy. It's the same as my baseball template but without a cap.
  15. I wasn't a big fan of it originally, but now living in Jacksonville, any time I see the old head it is incredibly jarring. The change originally looked like minor tweaks and polishing, but in hindsight, it was a much bigger thing than I thought. Side-by-side, I still prefer the current head.
  16. Auburn debuted their new pinstripes last night, which are a big time upgrade with the new orange details added. Previous version The Tigers also resurrected the white-crown hat that has been mothballed since 2013. All these years later and I still hate it. As much as I love white helmets for football, I despise white headwear for baseball. Thankfully the white batting helmets didn't make a return as well.
  17. Oh man I already love this. Great inspiration and creation of these logos! I can't wait to see what else you have. The one thing that bugs me is the Atlanta logo. Having the team name on the top and city on the bottom just reads weird. I get why you did that, with the flag and all. Maybe it would differentiate itself from the flag a bit more if that was swapped?
  18. Can't imagine it has anything to do with the 100th anniversary. The Pro Bowl lost the red vs blue following the 2013 season, just to resurrect it in 2017 and 2018. Nike looks to have free reign over the uniforms here. 2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019:
  19. The Auburn logo was mentioned on page one. It's still a hot topic on Auburn Twitter, so I tend to stay away from it. But the news on that now is... there's no news. It does appear that Auburn changed the logo inside the new basketball locker room. They used to have an all white "new" logo, which I can't seem to find an image of now, naturally. They now have an orange and blue version, which looks to be the "original" logo
  20. Those logos and that helmet were made by Steve B.
  21. Looks like a mix of the old Explorer logo and the Firefox logo.
  22. Busy afternoon for me - drove to Tampa for the Outback Bowl and then Auburn decided to announce something new. The Tigers will wear #7 decals on the left side of the helmet to honor 1971 Heisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan. Sullivan passed away on December 1 from cancer. Auburn will also sport grey facemasks. This is the first time the Tigers have changed the uniform design (not counting 3D bumpers, chrome-ish stripe, etc) since 2007. Auburn honored the 50th anniversary of the 1957 national championship team against Vanderbilt wearing logo-less helmets and grey facemasks. Minnesota will be going with chrome helmets, white jerseys, and maroon pants. Wish they had gone with gold pants. And the field design for tomorrow's game. A bit bland, but thankful for some color.
  23. Jerseys wont change, according to the Cal equipment Instagram story