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  1. It's simply the bear logo, no modifications.
  2. Told a friend that I've always felt like Florida's field simply felt empty. Maybe it was the orange walls, but it was missing something. The orange endzones helped, but the blue boarders are such a great choice here.
  3. Directly from the team
  4. With the roo head on the shoulders, it almost feels a bit repetitive to have the full body logo on the chest. That alone would make my choice be the script
  5. Albeit the dreaded monochrome look, I really like how Baltimore's purple pops. Would love to see them utilize the purple pants much more, regardless of this style or the gold-infused Color Rush pants.
  6. Kentucky's chrome lids are so bad when they don't add any blue details. It sticks out so badly against the white jerseys and pants
  7. In regards to the DUI discussion, sometimes toxicology reports don't come back until long after the team would have memorialized a player. Tyler Skaggs' autopsy just recently was released. Should a team not wear a memorial and wait until the reports are released? What about Jose Fernandez? I understand the sentiment when stating this rule, but it doesn't really work. Grief is grief, regardless how a person died. No person deserves to die based on their life choices or circumstances. (Disclosure: I work at a non-profit that deals with unsolved homicides)
  8. Your presentation is spectacular and I love the new logos created. It's also nice to see some areas I'm familiar with get some love, especially my hometown Huntsville.
  9. Auburn Women have showcased their new uniforms. The stripes make a really odd, sharp turn towards the front of the jersey. The silhouette eagle logo appears on the "belt buckle," its first appearance on an Auburn uniform. My mockup
  10. Rather than forfeiting draft picks, the NFL should drop the hammer on guilty teams (of what, who cares) by forcing them to change jerseys for a season with no opportunity to sell retail versions. "Here's your new uniforms! But HA! You can't profit off it this time! Try again next year"
  11. Auburn has posted player headshots on the roster, which show a little bit of the new jerseys. Was able to make out just enough to do this. Confident in chest mark up, but below is still yet to be seen.
  12. This is the first time Tulane has gone mono light blue. They've worn the light blue jerseys and pants off and on with this current set, but it hasn't been the primary look until this weekend. I wish they would utilize the color more, mainly in retail, but I love the color. I was upset they went green/white/green in Auburn a few weeks ago, as I hoped the light blue would make an appearance.
  13. No Pats throwbacks. Another false Twitter rumor.
  14. The same could be said about the roster, too. Man, it's rough being a fan of this franchise.
  15. Another casualty of the new sock rule - Jacksonville with the rare white leotard look. The white socks looked alright with the white jerseys last week, but this looks is desperate for the black and teal socks originally revealed with the set. Last week:
  16. Drastic (sarcasm) change for Auburn, who is breaking out the navy socks and cleats tonight. First time wearing navy footwear since 2015. Team has wore predominately white accessories since 2010. (unfortunately the only decent photo I can find so far)
  17. Yes, there's still adhesive. No, it wouldn't affect the player at all. The shell doesn't sit directly on the head. There's plenty of clearance with the padding and all. Those state of Utah decals have some interesting "negative space" cutting out the clear space in certain areas. The outline and UU are on the same decal sheet, obviously, but the bottom left corner and the top have no clear space.
  18. Hosiery is the easy choice today. I can't think of an "addition" rule like this, but more so "subtraction" rules. I would love to see uniforms across the board be taken more seriously and not used as billboards. And I mean removing the ever present cancer awareness ribbons, military appreciation uniforms, ad patches, etc. Brands have evolved to taking entire control over their brand, except when it comes to the uniforms. Random addition of colors or patterns or all white/black Players Weekend uniforms for the hell of it - there's zero consistency from the uniform to the non-uniform brand enforcement.
  19. Now this is what I love to see on these boards! Amazing job all around. Your designs and creativity and incredible and the presentation is top notch.
  20. Auburn is hosting a white out this Saturday against Tulane and boy let me tell you Auburn Twitter has been nuts about this. I've had multiple people over the last few weeks ask if Auburn would wear white at home for this game. Since the beginning I've been saying fan wear schedules have little to do with team uniforms, as we've discussed here many pages ago. But... Tulane released their uniforms for last week's game on Tuesday. Wednesday has now come and gone and still no announcement. I'm hoping it doesn't happen, but the longer Tulane goes without announcing the more I think it's a possibility. I would be fine if teams like Auburn stopped requesting fans wear certain colors as it rarely helps here. Tuberville's orange-emphasis was really successful and the majority orange crowd looks great in the sun. But Auburn has tried navy-outs and stadium stripe-outs and it's just not great.
  21. Two weeks ago it was the Nike Fusion template, now the F.U.S.E ?
  22. Was really hoping for a brighter look from Oregon. The midnight green is nice on its own, but the brighter green would've been ideal
  23. Cincinnati's throwback uniforms showcased the 150 patch on the jersey, but the primaries won't have it, apparently. 150 decal on back of helmet however.
  24. It's the same in the *fire emoji* camps as the "uniforms don't decide football games" side of things. That's why I enjoy this forum, there's actually discussion and conversations about things. Out there, it doesn't happen that way. And I feel it will continue until the uniform bubble pops. It's bound to happen at some point.
  25. I sympathize with you Oregon fans now. Since posting anything about Oregon's uniforms and potential combination for Saturday's game, my Twitter mentions have been nothing but the same, tired rhetoric. You know the ones. "They're costumes/outfits, not uniforms!" "I bet they're ugly whatever they wear." "They changing every quarter?" It's the same remarks over and over again