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    North Carolina Tar Heels(Secondary), NY Mets(cap-logo), Kentucky Wildcat (UK-logo), Green Bay Packers, Indiana pacers(just the P-logo)
    St. Louis Blues,
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    used to be Seattle Supersonics.

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  1. When I put it on the right background and change the outline to white it looks pretty good! So thanks for the tip. I will post.
  2. Thanks! I agree. I did get rid of "36 Annual". so i can see that it may look a little bit strange now that you say it. I will try the words in other ways.
  3. I am working on a project. I redesign some old NBA All-Star Game logos. In this case I did Teo versions. One in the original logo, whit NBA logo colors. I also did one version with the Dallas Mavericks logo colors st the time the game took place. The red and blue are my favorite. And feels more All-Star in my opinion. Let me know what you think
  4. I am working on a project where I do some old NBA all-star logos. I clean up (in my opinion ) and do them the way I wish they would look. Let me know what you think
  5. I am with you about the basketball lines. But the windows are too much for my taste.
  6. I want The too teams to go back to basic and rename and change logos
  7. I made an update concept of an old favorite logo. I thought it was too much things going on in the old version. so i cleaned it up. i took the font on the crown and used it as a main font for the logo
  8. I thought the Bullets old jerseys were a bit too messy. and that their 90's jerseys were too red and unpleasant for the eyes. so I tried to do something in between. Their court I thought had far too much empty space and too small logos. so I pulled them up a bit. and I fixed some angels on the primary logo.
  9. Seattle Supersonics 1975/76 - 1994/95
  10. I Want some sonic boom back! Here's an Seattle Supersonics concept I made
  11. here is two logo concepts and uptate I did of 1990/91 - 1996/97 New Jersey Nets logo. logo. I´ve always thought it was an excellent logo. But the colors and finish were awful.
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