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  1. Does anyone know of a site that summarizes the uniform rules (number of pants, what colors can be used on what jerseys, etc.)?
  2. I know the obvious answer to this is merchandise sales, but why the "city edition" ones specifically?
  3. Why do the essentially all NBA and MLB primary logos surround their central element, often used on its own as a secondary or partial logo, with a roundel or the team name, whereas the NFL and NHL just let that main emblem stand for itself?
  4. https://imgur.com/a/BbwaWyf Not claiming it's any good or took any skill with photoshop. Just a personal project I thought I'd share, and get some C&C. Cal logos and shade of gold, blue is UCLA Powderkeg blue.
  5. Grey football uniforms, if grey is a team color and the right shade is used, look awesome.
  6. That'd be perfect. I hate how disliked grey uniforms are, as I think the color actually could look terrific. The only reason they turn out poorly is that teams who don't use grey in their color schemes have a grey alternate, or they make the color too dark, "anthracite". The Lions would finally buck this trend with a silver jersey.
  7. I know there was a thread like this somewhere, but I think it's worth bringing up again. What are some of the best looking matchups uniform-wise you can think of? I'll start off with two CvC CFB rivalries, UCLA and USC and The Battle of the Carolinas. Also, The Keystone Classic is a good one.
  8. Perhaps the only good thing to come from the color rush program is the wide-spread use of colored numbers. For many of the jerseys, if the stand alone, the dark numbers make the look. This Browns' get-up, though I still think they should go with their classic uniforms for the most part, is no exception.
  9. The real question is, is the lettering actually raised?
  10. Just noticed that New Era has a Steelers hat with an "S" logo I've never seen before. I also remembered that the Cowboys have a "D" logo and the Bears have a "B" logo, both of which I've only seen on New Era Sideline hats. Are these three actual alternate logos, or are they just designed by New Era for their products, and if the latter is true, wouldn't that be a huge violation of the style guide and teams' branding?
  11. The team that has beaten the Matt Ryan-era Falcons in the playoffs has gone on to play in the Super Bowl 2008- Warner's Cardinals 2010- Rodgers' Packers 2011- Eli's Second 2012- 49ers in the Harbaugh Bowl 2016- Let's not talk about this one 2017- Eagles
  12. Bucs: The numbers are abrupt and illegible. Between the shoulder yoke, orange trim, and asymmetric sleeve logos, it's an attempt to look modern and sleek that comes off clunky and cluttered.
  13. https://theathletic.com/95711/2018/08/27/the-wreck-of-the-edmund-fitzgerald-trophy/ Came across this article today, and realized that something college football rivalries have that NFL rivalries don't are names and trophies for the game and the game's winner, respectively. In general, NFL rivalries hardly stand up to those in CFB, and maybe the lack of "characterization" of the games has something to do with it. This thread is basically brainstorming names and/or trophies for NFL rivalries. Keep in mind, teams don't need to play in the same division to be rivals, but when they do play every couple of years the game could still have a name. Don't necessarily need to involve just two teams, could be who has the best record of three, like the Commander in Chief's Trophy. Ideas off the top of my head- Established Rivalries: Rust Belt Battle (Ravens v Steelers) Battle for Ohio (Bengals v Browns) Cowboys and Indians (Redskins v Cowboys) Southern Showdown (Falcons v Saints) Non-established: East and West (largest cities on each coast) (Giants/Jets v Rams/Chargers) The Brawl in a Blizzard (coldest and snowiest stadiums) (Bills v Packers) 3 or more teams: Dixie Shootout (teams located in traditional Deep South (Falcons v Saints v Jags v Titans) The Cat-Fight (Panthers v Jags v Bengals v Lions)
  14. Aside from the obvious large metro areas, I go for Salt Lake City
  15. Off topic I know, but is Rice changing its primary helmet color to white? https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/texas-sports-nation/college/article/Three-potential-sleepers-to-watch-for-Rice-13162024.php
  16. My take: it depends what the "Point of Emphasis" is on the uniform, usually a unique element that defines the brand. If you have a helmet like the rams, a logo on the sleeves like the falcons, or a color scheme like the jags, you should design the uniform around that element, make that the focus, with minimal but effective striping, if any at all, like UCLA. However, if not, focusing on the stripes can make the uniform great, i.e., Kansas City. EDIT: POINT MADE
  17. Doesn't help that it's such a hideous number font. Big AND thin AND rigid-looking? Yikes.
  18. Please tell me Metallic numbers isn't going to be the next anthracite or whiteout trend.
  19. Inspired by @WavePunter's "bad design that works" What are the most distinct and identifiable elements on uniforms? Examples include UCLA's Clarendon numbers, Michigan striped helmet.
  20. Would Blue Jays split numbering and lettering count?
  21. 1. UCLA. Powderkeg blue and gold are distinct and identifiable as UCLA and for SoCal in general. 2. Washington. Also very distinct. 3. USC. Maybe slightly more common color scheme, but they own it, and it looks great against UCLA. 4. Wash State. Grey is a great color, but is not used correctly with anthracite get-ups. I know the cougs have an anthracite combo, but for the most part they rock with grey helmets. I personally think that when it comes to grey uniforms, Air Force had a nice alternate a while back. 5. Cal. UA makes these look awesome, and though I think navy is overused, cal has a darker shade that makes the gold pop nicely. 6. Colorado. Fairly common, but safe choice. 7. Oregon State. See above. 8. AZ state. Very Arizona, would be higher if they weren't always using black, grey, or going whiteout. I can live with the sand unit. 9. Stanford. I guess it's a classic with Stanford. Overused though. 10. Arizona. Another overused scheme, without the benefit of Stanford for being a storied program. More copper though, adjust identity? 11. Utah. See above. 12. Oregon. talk about a lack of brand consistency.
  22. Love the split numbers. Miss the "smoke blue", but the uniforms themselves turned out awesome.
  23. I've never really understood why, when it comes to certain defunct teams, the now dead franchises appear to have a ton of fans, but from outside their former home region. Probably the best examples are the Sonics and the Whalers. People who have nothing to do with Seattle or Hartford, and didn't care at all about the team when they were around, suddenly have an interest and are always telling you how the team should be brought back. I don't know if it's the gear worn as fashion, or what, but do any of you have any theories?