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  1. We’ve gotten a really great reaction to this series so far. Thank you! https://t.co/BU1K6hoR7P

  2. Beautiful. https://t.co/f5R8wlg741

  3. With guest appearances from sailors, painters, and plastic chairs. Man, I love doing these. https://t.co/nnZegzOgf2

  4. @jacobcristobal cheers!

  5. Not gonna lie - the best part of creating @CleanSheetCo's World Cup lineup has been designing posters. I'm really t… https://t.co/hB9riTymxT

  6. Here we go... https://t.co/KOWpv3jRB0

  7. Not going anywhere. https://t.co/yUyhqnJ2SX

  8. This was awesome. Thrilled to be off and running with the @TexelTulips project. We got even got the comic book trea… https://t.co/NKQ43SP4A4

  9. Nice! More along these lines coming in time for ‘18... https://t.co/inZXit2Viw

  10. @EaglesBoston @BansheeBoston Oh man, would totally be down for this, but I’m in Philly now! On the plus side guys c… https://t.co/zYrxt74jkt

  11. Good food, passionate people, excellent sportswriting. I’m loving it so far. https://t.co/4I3BbPPwU4

  12. RT @AOPhillyChapter: ICYMI: we changed our logo! It’s clean, it’s fresh! Thanks to the awesome @M_Willis and @CleanSheetCo! #morethanabell…

  13. @ConanOBrien Strong 2 seed. They are clear until they hit Nick Drake in the quarters.

  14. Historians will study the acted laughter in the Lee / Barkley / Jackson commercials for generations

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