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  1. We’ve gotten a really great reaction to this series so far. Thank you! https://t.co/BU1K6hoR7P

  2. Beautiful. https://t.co/f5R8wlg741

  3. With guest appearances from sailors, painters, and plastic chairs. Man, I love doing these. https://t.co/nnZegzOgf2

  4. @jacobcristobal cheers!

  5. Not gonna lie - the best part of creating @CleanSheetCo's World Cup lineup has been designing posters. I'm really t… https://t.co/hB9riTymxT

  6. Here we go... https://t.co/KOWpv3jRB0

  7. Not going anywhere. https://t.co/yUyhqnJ2SX

  8. This was awesome. Thrilled to be off and running with the @TexelTulips project. We got even got the comic book trea… https://t.co/NKQ43SP4A4

  9. Nice! More along these lines coming in time for ‘18... https://t.co/inZXit2Viw

  10. @EaglesBoston @BansheeBoston Oh man, would totally be down for this, but I’m in Philly now! On the plus side guys c… https://t.co/zYrxt74jkt

  11. Good food, passionate people, excellent sportswriting. I’m loving it so far. https://t.co/4I3BbPPwU4

  12. RT @AOPhillyChapter: ICYMI: we changed our logo! It’s clean, it’s fresh! Thanks to the awesome @M_Willis and @CleanSheetCo! #morethanabell…

  13. @ConanOBrien Strong 2 seed. They are clear until they hit Nick Drake in the quarters.

  14. Historians will study the acted laughter in the Lee / Barkley / Jackson commercials for generations

  15. Copperplate Gothic : beer festival :: Papyrus : flower show

  16. Ho hum, just Brighton casually outplaying & taking 3 points from Arsenal in Premier League play. A feeling I’m comp… https://t.co/DYYViUtYm3

  17. @davisjsn one-period hockey goalie a la JCVD in SUDDEN DEATH

  18. On some alternate timeline, the Jordan Morris ACL news has everybody flipping out over the 23rd #USMNT roster spot.… https://t.co/fHfng8Omsz

  19. @i_zzzzzz blazon hot comedy

  20. @drewmagary hey man. I respect & enjoy your work. You’re a purposeful writer with a good voice. Sorry about the game. Glad you are around.

  21. @WilliamIWells1 @CleanSheetCo This is so awesome! Thank you William!!

  22. RT @CleanSheetCo: The People’s Jersey needs a Hail Mary. Let American soccer twitter know how important this project is! We won’t back do…

  23. American soccer has an incredibly diverse, multicultural player pool, fan community, and future. It so closely refl… https://t.co/zGBTaFBqUi

  24. Can't say it enough. We're going to do this. https://t.co/xtbxyrjEfv

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