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  1. @Rosenbergradio All the NY/NJ sports venues took 2.5 years so it’s really only a 6 month difference #michaelkayshow

  2. RT @nyknicks: Only 150k RTs (?) to make @kporzee a starter. Few hours left to vote! STAND UP NEW YORK!!!! #NBAVOTE

  3. @danyellnicole18 @danyellnicole18 maybe because you don't have a job ?

  4. @BrookeNovello Can we please do this next year?

  5. @Jimbo_Slice37 he's a glass boy #wheresthebeef #bulkup #gotmilk?

  6. "There's an e in Brooke so there's an e in vanilla!" -@BrookeNovello when discussing how to pronounce vanilla #ilovehersomuch

  7. The flags thrown on Antonio Brown for 2 pumps shows how inconsistent the NFL referees are #keyandpeele #excessivecelebration

  8. When you have a conversation with your group on google doc, while doing a project in google slide #21stcenturyprobs

  9. @Jimbo_Slice37 I took in 100 packages in the rain for 80 bucks. Not even $1 per package #lolatmylife

  10. See you Friday salve! #weekendgetaway

  11. RT @espn: J.J. Watt played 2015 with a severe groin injury and a herniated disk — and still won DPOY:…

  12. March Madness is here. Thursdays is now for watching games in class #sorrynotsorry

  13. I just don't get the @NHL. A deliberate elbow is a three game suspension but a deliberate punch to the head is no games, both causing injury

  14. RT @totalgolfmove: Happy Gilmore came out 20 years ago today if you weren't already feeling old

  15. When yours and your dogs heads collide ?