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  1. Trouble

    Lion Concept

    looks like a bear with a mane. The eyes are OK, but something about the mouth/nose just doesn't look lion to me. Other than that, I like it.
  2. Although I liked your previous version, this is definitely better. The eyes are wider and the sharper nose send a "Tougher" message and give it the look a mascot should have. The M is better and the definition in the nose is more authentic. As I mentioned before, we too are the Mavs and would love to see this in our colors. I think my AD would really like this better than our current
  3. I am really glad you did this. I teach at a HS that has the Mavericks as our mascot and I hate our current logo. We have used the longhorns and a couple of ugly bull designs, but I want to use something like you have here, but I am not proficient at making one. I am very interested in what you design and the final result you create. Our colors our green/orange (U of Miami). Please post your developments to give me ideas.
  4. I like ST Paul's. ON the Hollywood kit, I ove the colors, but dont like the half hoop jersey. Make the whole thing hoops and it will be great. I like the socks, so maybe bring the hoops up to the shoulder line and have the white just across the top of the shoulders to match the socks.
  5. The UCLA bear looks too comical (Disney). Try a meaner/tougher looking bear
  6. Our mascot is the Mavericks and I like your design. Can you make it in orange and forest green (like U of Miami)? Thanks
  7. Tornto Freeze St Louis Arch New York NYGHTMARE or Nations Nashville Rhythym Cincinnati Rifle Charlotte Tread Denver Horizon Jacksonville Jinx Houston Derricks LA Crime Seattle Pilots