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  1. RT @Polemicuf: Oggi circa 110 (malcontati) tra tweet e retweet di @gasparripdl. Una giornata intensa al senato?

  2. RT @darcytwarog: What's Portuguese for "Honey, move the Volkswagen. Now." #BRAvsGER

  3. Looks like a freaking hockey jersey with the hemstripes. And the crest is awful. Any reason why they use it on the away kit? It's not a new AC Milan crest, it's just the logo of Casa Milan (their new headquarters/museum). They used it on the away kit to promote Casa Milan. In the home kit they put the city's crest. The actual AC Milan crest is only on the third.
  4. I hope it as well, but I'd put my money on total blues VS total white...
  5. I am not sure why Spain-Netherlands would be a problem in black vs orange. All of this is ludicrous.
  6. This is the best kit you've had, I think.
  7. I was wondering how you guys from the US would feel if your away kit had been picked as the home kit. In my opinion it would have been the perfect, long-awaited, iconic, charismatic US jersey that still does not exist instead. I know, the red color for the home has never been yours... but despite this it is a 100% american shirt. What do you guys think?
  8. Not sure why everyone here is hating on Mexico's kit. The pic above sure seems taken from some superhero comics. I think they fit for both teams. No irony here. The one thing I don't like about the US set is that home and away have completely different styles and feels. They are both nice looking jerseys. But one goes the elegant, sober way; the other goes the colourful, energy way. I don't like this type of inconsistency.
  9. I still think the white shirt needs thin red stripes similar to the 2008 kits. In fact they could have added blue trim similar to '08 as well: By the way, I'm planning on getting a jersey for this year's World Cup, and I want to get it customized. However, I'm having a hard time deciding who to put on it. I feel like if the USA performs poorly, it would be bad to get Donovan because he will likely not be around in 2018. Jozy Altidore went to high school near me, so I thought about getting him, but he's been playing poorly as of late which makes me wonder if he'll even make the World Cup roster. Julian Green is intriguing because of the whole USA/Germany thing considering we'll play them, but he's probably too young to get significant minutes even if he does make the final cut. Finally there's Dempsey (which everyone has), Bradley, and Wondolowski. I'm not excited about any of them. Thoughts? Your most important player is by far Michael Bradley.
  10. I agree. That's a nice kit, it's just not Germany's home kit.
  11. Good idea, people are clearly overthinking this light/dark kit distinction here. This was their dark kit Yeah but my point was that Mexico (despite wearing their own light kit) were the darker side on the pitch. It was wrong anyways. The beer was good.
  12. When the US went on the road to France (who wore their usual blue/white/red) we had to go with our traditional white/blue/white. France wasn't in monochrome but their white shorts made us go to colored shorts. Good catch. I guess we will eventually see what they do. I know for the last work cup, Netherlands had black, orange, and blue shorts. So it is possible to have 3 shorts. It can look really bad when you mismatch home/away shorts though, like Argentina last WC (no idea why they wouldn't wear their normal black shorts in this match up) I wondered the same thing at that time and the answer I gave to myself was that in that match Mexico's was the dark kit, and Argentina's the light kit. So, wearing black shorts would have made Argentina be hald light half dark. But then... I realised that Mexico (the dark kit) was wearing white shorts. So I gave up and had a beer.
  13. Am I the only one who hadn't noticed the pinstripes in the US home kit?
  14. Fine. We can close this thread now.