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  1. I wouldnt want it to become the rule, but I wouldnt mind the Angels legally becoming how they behave in practice. No city name, just Angels Baseball. Wouldnt want it to become a trend, but I want reality to match the legality.
  2. Know it's a bit past, but changing sponsor logos isnt terribly uncommon. Bayern Munich wears t-mobile, and wears the tmobile USA logo when playing in the US
  3. This wouldnt be a bad idea for a stickies thread so we can ask questions about buying in general.
  4. Honestly prefer teams to only have one helmet or at least only one home/road helmet.
  5. which is why I want them to use Anaheim instead of LA. Be honest with who you are and who you represent.
  6. Watching highlights on youtube, I cant tell the score on bally because the time left on the video covers up the score. I like the bar, but put it on top already.
  7. I know(think) wolfpack did but I'll gladly be corrected. I'm a union man myself.
  8. Rugby Union still, to my knowledge, has no names on the back of any major league(Pro14, Top 14, Premiership, SuperRugby) nor international as you've said. The 7s teams do but they can because short tournament. Rugby League, closely related but different sport, has names though. And a different numbering system.
  9. Orioles also use a fixed schedule. Home white/road grey Sunday-Thursday, Black Friday, Orange Sunday. That's a pretty good balance.
  10. I know I know, paying for another thing but Pacific League makes it sort of easy to subscribe to games.
  11. Perhaps I might be stretching, but I feel like California could support an entire 20 team league.
  12. They're one of the teams i'm good with wearing camo. Could be done better of course, but I dont mind it.
  13. In every leadership decision or decisions of consequence, there are going to be people that lose or are hurt by a decision. Unavoidable in most cases. That said, there's a way to minimize losses or at least know that the losses are short term and can benefit in the long term.
  14. I dont mind it, but wish it could be contained to June/juneish like it used to be.
  15. I think I'm softening on the rule. That said, I still wouldnt want it to be introduced before the 12th inning. I'd also accept 11th, but the 10th should be just the same as the first 9.
  16. Bally sports has the long bar for the scorebug, which is my preferred style. That's the only nice thing I can say.
  17. HATE HATE HATE this move. White on white is awful.
  18. I love the Mets back and glad it’s back. But should never be anything more than an alt.
  19. Mexico has a habit of releasing fantastic clash jerseys that are for some reason being used as a primary and, as such, suck.
  20. 1. World Series logos need to be designed knowing they're going to be a patch. Something can look really good as a logo, but fail as a patch. 2. Just because nike offers perforated numbers does not mean all teams will use them. Look at NHL, adidas offers it but not all teams use it.
  21. The best way of defending a champion is by comparing teams that have the same schedule and going by wins. That said, that is not always possible and you need a playoff to determine the best of unequal schedules. The more I think, the more I agree with @Ferdinand Cesarano's viewpoint. Wild card teams should not exist. Regular season is the first stage in the season, and a team that lost should not be rewarded with advancing.
  22. Let's start with the assumption that Native themed names are okay to good.(Not that I hold that view, of course) Indians have been too poisoned with Wahoo for any of it to stay.
  23. Might be the amount of orange too. Islanders use a lot more orange than the bears do, so it could impact it.
  24. Sorry, brain and keys not working. It's the reason why we're seeing a lot of the deep sales, not to mention jerseys show up in Ross, Burlington and the like.