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  1. I miss the days of the reebok NFL jerseys, and think the NFL looks better with mesh.
  2. I hate the sounders and have bad memories of that jersey. that said? It’s a wonderful jersey and I love the color combo.
  3. My only complaint are the numbers. it’s a world where having black numbers with yellow outlines(the normal numbers) would have looked better to me. And that’s weird to say. i also just dont like that particular font.
  4. I feel like the pendulum will swing back eventually. Not sure how long eventually is, but it will.
  5. I really like these. Might be the first ASG jersey I buy
  6. I like it either way. I did like the pinstripe Sunday vests back when these uniforms are new. I LOVE the pittsburgh script, and it likely will get me to buy a new jersey despite not wanting to pay nike prices. If these uniforms reduce the alt black hat to only home games in black, i'll consider it a win. Hate that cap.
  7. Are you a HOF? Yes- Vote for them No- Don't That simple
  8. I'm a huge fan of the mets black alts, but i really like this as well. I think i just like royal blue on a black jersey
  9. We should require that people put their old usernames in their signatures or somewhere public. A board I used to frequent had the same policy, and it was quite helpful.
  10. Yeah, I'd bet it's not as well. That said? 49ers, you have a primary road jersey. Wear it.
  11. One nice part about soccer jerseys changing as often as they do? You're not stuck with something awful for more than a year or two. Same time though, you're only with something amazing for only a year or two.
  12. I think, for reasons in your edited post, this makes things EASY. 4 games every week, and just eliminating bye weeks(if they were planned). Just plug in Ottawa where byes were going to be held.
  13. The new Ottawa team has no impact on the USL-C. The USL Fury team is dead and gone(with franchise rights sent to The Miami FC), and this new team would be expansion CPL.
  14. Yeah, this isn't a shocker. I'm glad of it. I love that, even with people I think are 100% wrong and hate their opinion, that we remain a good and civil board. He had no desire to ever be a part of that.
  15. I think there's room for both. I LOVE the cartoon bird, and think it should be full time cap/social media logo. That said? I like realistic bird and like it on an alt cap and as the primary logo.
  16. I think the Stars are in that magical point where they could go either way. Be a 90s team, as when they started in dallas, or go traditional with being a 67 team. I liked the star jersey, and wouldn't mind them going back to it or using it in some manner. I also like the current jersey, though I wouldnt mind them adding gold or gold/yellow into their look. I nitpick the green(would love to see it look more like the new jets green), but they look like the stars wearing either.
  17. Sabres white traditionally share the same tripe design as well. Without the grey bits, they still do.
  18. I also wouldn't be shocked if there was no change from previous years replicas to this year. Fanatics owns Majestic, so I dont see them reinventing everything just because. Slapping their logo(or no logo, in the case of NHL breakaway) yes, changing it all nah. I also dont know what the MLB contract with nike stipulates in regards to replica production rights.
  19. I want the Titans, and I want them wearing white. I want to see either the green packers or the red 49ers. Worst case senario is titans in blue.
  20. I dont actually mind the helmet, and the bills need to go back to those socks asap.
  21. Yeah, count me in as not being a fan of the boat logo. I LOVE the A shield. That said, I'd love to see a new boat logo
  22. Is it possible to Cleve-jack a thread about the browns ? i think we just did.
  23. likely grasping at straws here, but why not. The pants stripe on the white set matches the white jersey. Yellow (pant shall, outer parm), blue (inner stripe/beginning of horns) white(jersey mody/middle) and the reverse