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  1. Forgetting all this about how little sense the logo makes, from a design standpoint it is too dark. The details of the logo get lost in each other. Also, clean it up a little. The poor quality of it now makes it resemble something from an 8 bit video game.
  2. While I hate how overly complicated Oregon is in real life, this is far too plain. I would add some sort of shoulder design, perhaps what they wore in 2011. That would work here.
  3. I really don't like the secondary logo in that first Bills concept. I would rather see a revised version of the logo they scrapped in 2002. Other than that it looks great!
  4. The 2002 Chicago Bears played an entire season in Memorial Stadium in Champaign Illinois (Hardly 3 miles from my Urbana home) while Solider Field was being renovated. Memorial Stadium was also in Madden 2003 because of this.
  5. I'll take a Cowboys one with the number 46 or 14 and Wright as the name. Also me the a Rangers Fielder one or a Mavs Dirk one. Thanks!
  6. I wonder what NBC will roll out for NASCAR season.
  7. I really like Dillon's Bass Pro Shops car, though I don't much care for him as a driver
  8. Seating bowl design reminds me completely of the State Farm Center (Or Assembly Hall if you will) used by the Illiniois Fighting Illini. Great job on this!
  9. I have never attempted a concept before and only have MS Paint, but would like a school to design just as a self assessment of my design talents if possible.
  10. Oregon's uniforms. I agree completely with anybody who says they are terrible (and they are) but something about the colors and style I kinda like. Their helmets ecspecially.
  11. I'm fairly tired right now so this may or may not make sense. Try rotating your logo so the nose faces directly ahead instead of down. It would help your logo stand out a little more from St. Louis's logo. But great job on this it looks decent
  12. Stars fan here. I think Gold would be a great color to introduce to the Stars again. It was a huge part of their color scheme from 1993-2013 so it should defiantly come back. The other comments above me are pretty spot on so I would listen to them and make the necessary changes. Go stars!
  13. Agree with more contrast. Everything just bleeds into each other too much. Good potential here though.
  14. I'm another to agree with the opinion that the Cavs shouldn't have a skyline. When I think of Cleveland I don't think of its skyline at all because it's not iconic so much as the skylines of Chicago, Dallas, NYC etc. Wobderful presentation though.
  15. Comic sans must go, as others have said. Get a sleeker font, make the numbers on the shorts bolder and larger and only on the front. Also, take the pac is back off the jersey as it makes no sense. As this is you're first post on the boards it's all good, just follow the cc and you'll get better. Good luck and happy designing!
  16. The number 55 wouldn't fit on these very well, try to make the number smaller or less wide. Other then that I like these. Good job
  17. Do Illinios next! Great work on Penn State Illinois should translate perfectly into that template
  18. Gotta agree with the above comments. Feels a little too paint-bucket like for my tastes. Maybd try a sublimated honeycomb pattern on the shoulders or gradients on the numbers to make it look less plain. Sleeve stripes wouldn't be bad either. Less is more, but nothing at all isn't a anything. Basketball is good though and I like the templates. Keep it up, tweak the football uni's a little and you'll get there!
  19. Not a huge fan of the orange In the broncos set. A more reddish orange would look better
  20. Those edits make it look even more like the Wikipedia uniforms (I would post them if I knew how to from my phone)
  21. Just a few paint bucket fills from the uniforms on the Red Sox Wikipedia page. The only differences are the addition of the sleeve patches and some minor color tweaks.
  22. Griffinmarlins I backed you up on the bills giants post
  23. Can somebody link me to him? I would but he blocked me (I was the one who called him out). He's even taken to stealing watermarked concepts so something has to be done