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  1. Watching the #heismanpresentation. #MarcusMariota gonna win it

  2. MLB:Randy Johnson;favorite team,Reds NBA:LeBron;Pacers Magic;Pacers NFL:Victor Cruz;Colts NHL Wayne Grentzy;Red Wings
  3. Can you do a smaller one so I can put it as my profile picture?
  4. Can ya do a Clippers one instead of the wordmark in the logo,put LAC like the Lakers.
  5. Man this is good! Amazing! If I were an NBA team owner,I'll take the Grizziles and put the Braves back in basketball!
  6. I like this. If I were to choose,I will take: O's-New Orleans,become New Orleans Jazz or the White Sox to Indy. I love baseball but there's a AAA team there(Indy),but I really want a MLB team there.
  7. For the Lakers can ya put the logo but in the middle put LAL instead of the regular Los Angeles Lakers. On all of them.
  8. Can you please do Ball State and Purdue?