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  1. Watching the #heismanpresentation. #MarcusMariota gonna win it

  2. Can ya do a Clippers one instead of the wordmark in the logo,put LAC like the Lakers.
  3. For the Lakers can ya put the logo but in the middle put LAL instead of the regular Los Angeles Lakers. On all of them.
  4. I forgot to ask you the page numbers the teams are on!
  5. It's the best thing since sliced bread! So I think you are going in alphabetical order?
  6. Konrinsky,can you do a guide where all the teams courts start on what page on the first post? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey Pepman sorry What about a Lakers one like the Hollywood Nights jerseys,like what you did to the Sunday home alts.
  8. Warriors: Use the 69-70 logo with a blue/yellow scheme in center court,and in the middle put "1947,1956,1975 NBA Champions" and at the bottom of the court put:"3-Time NBA Champions-1947-1956-1975" Pacers: My recommended court no.2 and at the bottom:"Indiana's Sport.Indiana's Team." With outline of court with blue. Knicks: Use 1978/79 alt logo but replace the NY logo with the Knicks logo. And at the ends put "New York Knickerbockers" in Bambi from dafont.com.
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