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  1. I Love your Orlando Magic logo! I'm working on one for them now using a silhouette maybe we could joint work on something.

  2. I don't have any good uni template. Can't seem to find one anywhere. Do you know where to get one?
  3. Well i was thinking that you should color in the bottom part with either white or silver(or even one and one) because as is with the negative space it takes away the 3d look and takes away from it looking like a hat. So what i propose is using more of a highlight to mold the M than a cutout as it currently is. So something like this Note the highlights are positioned to where you can potentially turn that into an M. Hey I appreciate your help shaydre1019! Lots of people leave feedback but not many go as far to actually help out. So, let me know if I'm understanding you correctly. Do you want me to make the "M" into a highlight instead of a cutout as it is now? I like that idea, but the only problem is the trend in NBA logos don't use highlights. Almost all the teams like to be able to use their design in 2 to 3 colors, and if I make it a highlight that would restrict them. Thanks for the feedback! I like it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Any ideas on how to improve the execution?
  5. Hey guys, Let me know what you think about this design! This design features a magic hat/top hat, whatever you want to call it. The thing that magicians pull rabbits out of or whatever. Should be self explanatory from there, but the design on the right has the top hat with a ball coming out. The design on the left has the top hat without the ball, but the hat is made up of the letters O and M. The design in the middle has the ball coming out with them bottom half of the top hat made up of an M. The O is technically still there, but it is hidden from the ball. The thing about this design, is that the top hat also looks like a rim and net with the ball flying through it. So the design in the middle combines a top hat -signifying magicians-, a basketball, a basketball rim, stars -like the other Magic logos-, an O, and a M. In my opinion, the M in the middle design makes the entire thing look even more like a basketball net. Does anyone know what font the current Magic logo uses? Also, does anybody have any other font suggestions? I'm trying to put this entire logo together, text and all, but I'm having trouble piecing it together. Any suggestions are welcome!
  6. I think I see what you mean. What if I made them both black?
  7. Thanks for the feedback! Is this better?
  8. I agree with you guys, the font needs to be changed. Do you guys have any ideas on a new font? I just have a feeling that the cursive in the current logo would look out of place in my design.
  9. Hey guys, I decided to rebrand the Los Angeles Clippers. I decided to go with a nautical theme for the logo. One of the top three logos (where it says option#1, #2, and #3) would be the main logo, while the bottom two would be alternate logos. If you could, please vote on one of the top three logos. I could not decide which one I liked best, so I thought I'd leave it up to you. Leave feedback on any of these! Also, I would like to get some ideas on how to improve the court design. Especially the center court logo; it looks a little weird to me. Thanks guys!
  10. I don't like these at all. Just kidding, these are unbelievable. Wow.