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  1. Actually I Googled "Disneyland" and this was the first photo I got. Didn't really know the difference. Hah! I understand that. I had the same thing pop up when I originally did the Texas Rangers sig and accidentally included the skyline for Arlington, Virginia. For reference, here's Disneyland Park: As for your continued work, it continues to be rather awesome. I especially like the Williams Street nod. Can't wait for tonight. Is it okay if you update the Angels sig with the castle, preferably the 3rd picture of the castle please?
  2. When you get the time, could I have "Anaheim" scrolling followed by the logos of the Angels and Ducks. The text can be Amber and the borders would be red & orange
  3. For a concept, can I get a Corey Perry/Ryan Getzlaf (since they are both the faces of the Ducks) on a black shirt with the colors Orange & Bronze/Gold
  4. LA Angels of Anaheim/cap logo/We are Anaheim/red Anaheim Ducks/home jersey logo/Paint it Orange/black
  5. Can I get the following Championships: "LA" Angels of Anaheim- West Division '79,'82,'86,'04,'05,'07,'08,'09,'14- Wild Card '02- AL Pennant '02- World Series '02 Anaheim Ducks- Pacific Division '07,'13,'14,'15- West Conference '03,'07- Stanley Cup '07 Los Angeles Clippers- Pacific Division '13,'14 Los Angeles Rams- NFL West Divison '49- NFL Coastal Divison '67,'69- NFC West Divison '73,'74,'75,'76,'77,'78,'79,'85- NFL National Conference '50,'51- NFL Western Conference '55- NFC Conference '79- NFL Championship '51 St Louis Rams- NFC West Division '99,'01,'03- NFC Conference '99,'01- Super Bowl '99 Los Angeles Galaxy- MLS Western Conference '96,'99,'01,'02,'05,'09,'11,'12,'14- US Open Cup '01,'05- Supporters Shield '98,'02,'10,'11- MLS Cup '02,'05,'11,'12,'14- CONCACAF Champions '00 Sorry if it's a lot. I'm one of those guys who love the whole history of their teams. Thanks in Advance!!!
  6. Name: ANAHEIM_Bound Number: 27 Team: Angels (Home) Ducks (Home) Clippers (Red Away) Rams (Home) Galaxy (White Home)
  7. Please can you do: Ryan Getzlaf #15 Anaheim Ducks Mike Trout #27 Anaheim Angels
  8. Can you do redesign the Cerritos College Falcons. Their current logo is basically the old Atlanta Falcons logo with the Air Force Falcons color scheme.
  9. I love the sets for every team, but I'm disappointed that there are 3 NY metro teams and 2 Dakotas, yet there is no love for the OC and the city of Anaheim.
  10. PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! Update your "Los Angeles" logo by taking out the Angels and create an "Anaheim" logo.
  11. Why are all of the pictures removed? And is there another way where I can get all of the MLB letters and numbers?
  12. I am actually really excited for Las Vegas AFL. I might even take the 4 hour drive to see a LA KISS vs. LV Outlaws game.
  13. I am not a big fan of the black "NO" hat and the "NOLA" hat and the roundel logo does not look good with "NOLA" in the middle