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  1. I'm not an Angels fan, but am a Disney fan. Surprised you went with California Adventure rather than the iconic Disneyland Park.

    Actually I Googled "Disneyland" and this was the first photo I got. Didn't really know the difference.

    Hah! I understand that. I had the same thing pop up when I originally did the Texas Rangers sig and accidentally included the skyline for Arlington, Virginia.

    For reference, here's Disneyland Park:



    As for your continued work, it continues to be rather awesome. I especially like the Williams Street nod. Can't wait for tonight.

    Is it okay if you update the Angels sig with the castle, preferably the 3rd picture of the castle please?

  2. Can I get the following Championships:

    "LA" Angels of Anaheim- West Division '79,'82,'86,'04,'05,'07,'08,'09,'14- Wild Card '02- AL Pennant '02- World Series '02

    Anaheim Ducks- Pacific Division '07,'13,'14,'15- West Conference '03,'07- Stanley Cup '07

    Los Angeles Clippers- Pacific Division '13,'14

    Los Angeles Rams- NFL West Divison '49- NFL Coastal Divison '67,'69- NFC West Divison '73,'74,'75,'76,'77,'78,'79,'85- NFL National Conference '50,'51- NFL Western Conference '55- NFC Conference '79- NFL Championship '51

    St Louis Rams- NFC West Division '99,'01,'03- NFC Conference '99,'01- Super Bowl '99

    Los Angeles Galaxy- MLS Western Conference '96,'99,'01,'02,'05,'09,'11,'12,'14- US Open Cup '01,'05- Supporters Shield '98,'02,'10,'11- MLS Cup '02,'05,'11,'12,'14- CONCACAF Champions '00

    Sorry if it's a lot. I'm one of those guys who love the whole history of their teams.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  3. Thanks for the C+C. I originally thought the multicolored pinstripes would hurt the look, but as I was putting them together, it really struck how much it tied the two eras of the Hornets together (I support sending the history back to Charlotte, and leaving the NOLA stuff in NOLA, as if the NOLA Hornets were always the Pelicans). Now, onto two teams who receive significant changes, and may prove a little controversial.


    Going into this, the only thing from the current uniforms that I knew I was going to preserve was the color scheme (obviously without navy blue). The logo is based on this center court image, and the return of the Lebron-era scripts means that the secondaries can be used again without looking out of place. The court goes back to its general appearance, with some color blocks in the free throw paint to hint at a uniform element.



    When doing the uniforms, the only sure thing I would do was the implementation of the wine/gold color scheme. Everything else was in flux. So, I went with a combination of the Lebron era, the inaugural look, and the color blocks. So, I used the Lebron era's scripts and side panels, with the inaugural look's piping scheme, and I placed the color blocks in the side panels. This look not only tributes the history of the Cavs, but keeps some of their most identifiable elements around (without looking bland, or like Knicks clones, or whatever the hell this is).



    Now the alternates are both gold uniforms. One in the style of the white uniform (the gold could easily become the primary home uniform, like it was in the 70's), and another as a hardwood classic to their first gold uniform.



    In the next post, the Mavs!

    I wonder what the primary logo would look like if it had a basketball in the middle?!?