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  1. These are really nice. If they made the alternate, I would buy it. Really love the old school logos then the Chicago Blackhawks alternate jersey with the new logos. Overall: 9/10
  2. I love this series. I am a big disney and hockey fan, so this series will be one of my favorites For the Underwater Tritons Hidden Mickeys: Eric stands for Prince Eric and 89 is when the Little Mermaid came out
  3. A lot of people forget about the city of Pittsburgh and their hopes of a NBA team. 1) They have a beautiful arena, that is used by 1 team (2 if counting AFL) 2) There metro is at #23 while Sacramento is at #24 & New Orleans at #42 3) There would be another set of rivals with in-state team Philadelphia 76ers 4) All of there other 3 professional teams have good fan bases so it shows that they can have another team
  4. Also, the Honda Center still needs more renovations(I.e. The UGLY and outdated jumbotron) to hold a NBA team. You are right, Anaheim really isn't on the expansion list anymore, but it is a good arena for a relocation. The best shot is the "ANAHEIM" Clippers, but Donald Sterling doesn't like the idea of the Clips in the OC and they recently signed a new lease with Staples Center, so it will take time before they start crawling to Anaheim.
  5. For the Oakland backstory, make them temporarily play in Daly City, CA at the Cow Palace