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  1. I know this photo is black over silver...but I miss Panthers in silver pants and Saints in gold pants. Only tweak needed is fixing the Saints pants stripe to match the helmet.
  2. The Marlins should take a page from the Miami Heat vice jerseys. Black jersey with neon blue city name and neon red numbers (keep the same Marlin fonts and shades of blue & red). It would achieve the neon vibe while making it more legible.
  3. There was a mini trend of “non-traditional” helmet stripes in the late 90s with the Titans and Ravens (both two stripes tapering to points) and the Broncos. Not many since that I can remember - although the Titans have a single stripe taper on their current navy helmets.
  4. I know the navy Rams helmet is the traditional color but I wonder how it would look slightly lighter - like the Giants blue. The Giants used to have the same issue of the helmet navy blue not matching the blue jerseys until they brought back the NY helmet with a lighter metallic blue color in 2000.
  5. Ravens. I know they have 2 SB with this set, but its dated in a 90s way. Not a fan of the cartoony birdhead with the 90's style swooshy "B" and the goofy numbers with multiple outlines and shadows. The Maryland flag inspired shoulder logo reminds me of a police uniform. Its very fussy and then ironically they added plain black yoga pants to it. I know the original shield "B" with the wings was a copyright issue, but I could see an iconic motorcycle-inspired logo featuring wings with a stylized "B". Simplify or get rid of the helmet stripe and simplify the numbers outlines. If they use a custom number font, maybe something more angular? And stripes on the black pants.
  6. I agree - dimensions aren't the issue. There are plenty of excellent helmets with more horizontal logos. My issue is that wordmark looks so generic. Yes, it's condensed, italicized and underlined to give a more "giant" effect but it's still generic and bland. People who like the "GIANTS" helmet are just nostalgic for the 80's. The NY has a bit more personality and works better as an icon/logomark.
  7. That's cute but not an exact analogy. "Raven" in the dictionary is also defined as an adjective for the color black - i.e. "Raven colored hair". So the Ravens didn't just pick black because the bird is black. The word "Raven" literally means "black". This is what makes all-black unique for their branding more than any other team.
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