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  1. The Houston logo is close to being good. the DC logo is really good and I actually think the LA logo is kind of rad
  2. Toronto won the NBA Championship and the World Series and Baltimore took the CFL title all since the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup
  3. Give me a St. Louis Blues 2019 Stanley Cup Champions 30 for 30
  4. Looking forward to seeing Bobby Orr's goal multiple times a day for the next few weeks
  5. Pep Guardiola is arguably the greatest football manager ever at this point
  6. Vince Mcmahon built the wwe tv empire buying weekend tv time like his shows were Ronco infomercials The xfl tv deal is interesting because of the number of eyes capable of viewing and the networks pay production
  7. true crime podcast series, sports podcast series, book, and documentary about the Alliance of American Football
  8. The Jets new uniforms look like they came straight from arena football
  9. Maybe Dundon can sell Canes to a more competent owner to get his money back
  10. Glad the Rapids fans get something for sitting through that rotten weather
  11. If an AAF team gets moved to Raleigh hopefully more success than Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks
  12. XFL makes a big splash by hiring Bob Stoops
  13. Hell of a deal for the AAF They’ll have 4 games a week with 2 on NFL Network 1 on CBS Sports Network and 1 on BR Live
  14. No more navy and gold this season. True fans got their way on the uniform topic and LA colors will be worn in Super Bowl
  15. It is important to note that many CFL supporters from Atlantic Canada have been attending Grey Cup events under the "Schooners" banner for years
  16. Indiana State should be in over Lamar or Incarnate Word
  17. I didn't expect season tickets for the same seats to be more expensive than UAB season tickets
  18. Did the Rangers not want San Antonio? Or were they caught sleeping while the Brewers were aggressive?
  19. finding and attracting a new ownership group should be the singular focus of the Save the Crew movement
  20. Looking forward to their derby matches against Austin Light
  21. this is part of what's wrong with the Arena Football League
  22. The World Cup Final trophy presentation has turned into a Year 6 Disco
  23. England fans should be proud of their run to the Semi Finals and they should be very confident going in to Euro 2020