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  1. Could I get this logo http://concord.chs.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/498192/Image/HS_LOGO.jpg
  2. Most midfield logos go from 43 to 43, also I would recommend making the lions logo just the white outline on the blue field, no helmet
  3. New England Revolution Home Gullage 22 Unites States Bomb pop jersey Gullage 22
  4. Could you do old patriots word mark with the super bowl champions like the one you did with the packers
  5. Could you do Marlins, Patriots and celtics please?
  6. Thanks but that says NFC south champs, other than that it looks great
  7. Patriots 2001 2003 2004 2014 super bowl champions regular could I get all four of those titles on same banner? And http://concord.chs.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/498192/Image/HS_LOGO.jpg this logo with 2003 2004 NHIAA D1 Lacrosse champions
  8. Can I get Patriots blue #10 Browns orange #2 Oregon Ducks yellow #8
  9. http://concord.chs.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/498192/Image/HS_LOGO.jpg Could you do this please?
  10. sorry, didn't mean to come off aggressive, thanks though they look great
  11. Could you do a T G with a 55 somehow?
  12. Can you do Patriots, Red Wings, Red Sox and Warriors?
  13. Name: Gullage Number: 55 Teams: Red Wings ('14 Winter Classic) Golden State Warriors (Christmas) Red Sox (Road) Patriots (late 90's) if possible
  14. Can you do the Oregon vs. FSU playoff helmets?
  15. Played there this year for football with the state champion CHS Crimson Tide
  16. yeah but your name is rather long so the logos will be a little small like when I did Alex's Well I am glad you think so. Because here is yours. hope you like it. That would be great
  17. That was awesome, could you possibly do Peyton Manning if he had gone with the 49ers instead of the broncos?