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  1. RT @SimonMaloy: my son Clamp, age of three, just glanced up from his Herodotus and said "papa, the special counsel has but one mandate: the…

  2. RT @ev_sporer: Friendly reminder that Vegas has $24.8M in cap this offseason and a combined 8 picks in the first 2 rounds the next 3 years.

  3. RT @billwurtz: on tinder i matched with an entire symphony orchestra

  4. @mpduncan75 @s_landino https://t.co/46g5YohJQe

  5. @s_landino Apparently more than you already have.

  6. RT @HockeyGods: The Capitals actually did it.

  7. The Eagles won the Super Bowl

  8. @FredwinaD I want a fork knife.

  9. @_Karlzz_ So much truth

  10. @phaney15 He's just kind of bad

  11. RT @FakeWIPCaller: I was told there’d be no more losing

  12. Will never ever ever understand how the Caps traded him https://t.co/W7hFKHm72a

  13. @ScoffingYayap this is kind of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen https://t.co/uXj7jwb3Om